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Old 27th September 2006, 12:43   #16
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Bird hitting is quite common . Just two days back i saw a crow being hit by a tempo right before my eyes. One thud and that crow fell dead on the divider. Its not just birds but even animals who fall victim.
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Old 27th September 2006, 12:49   #17
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@elf, was your friend Colin McRae's navigator?
Coz thats what he did when a bird flew in from the roof air went.
The dude just grabbed it and pushed it under the seat or something. Colin did not notice.
It was on the Cam inside the car.
the Navigator says, did you see that? Colin says : what?

PS: I dont remember wether it was colin McRae or some other driver, it was on WRC couple of years back.
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Old 27th September 2006, 12:57   #18
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Default Bike bird hit (?)

This happened on my bike ride from Bangalore to belgaum.

Three spotted doves decided to take off the moment i approached them, i slowed down (hate to have anything happen to animals and birds) and one of them hit (gently brushed against my thigh) continued to be there for a second or so and then gathered speed and flew off.

Unhurt but I'm sure shaken. I'm glad the birdie took off like it did!

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Old 27th September 2006, 13:20   #19
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Worli Seaface. Few years ago. Was doing 120 in my Escort and this crow was busy feasting on a rat in the middle of the road.

It saw me, took two steps back and was actually clear of the car. Then for some reason it decided to fly forwards and get smacked by the grill.

I figured the unfortunate avian wasn't going to be alive after that, so I kept driving.

For a few hundred yards I saw feathers coming out from under the car in my rearview mirror. Then eventually the crow also plopped down and got run over by the car behind me.

Poor, dumb birdie...just wasn't his day.

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Old 27th September 2006, 15:02   #20
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OK this happenned on a month back on Greater noida expressway, enroute to our farm. I was driving at 120kmph not much traffic on the expressway so i was on the middle lane, giving way to an indica. Just as the indica overtook me i could see a dark thing hitting the windsheild BAMM!!! there was no blood or damage to the windsheld. i think it was a Indian Myna bird. Spoiled the trip as i was feeling really bad for it
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Old 27th September 2006, 17:52   #21
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So it does happen often enough - now all I have to do is forward this to my sceptical friends
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Old 27th September 2006, 17:57   #22
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Default About being on I-70 ( slightly off topic but...)

Originally Posted by condor
Not a hit, but :

Was driving up from Arches NP, UT towards Rocky Mountain NP. Went up 191, and turned east at Cresent Junction, onto I-70. Not too long after that saw a sign board saying 'Eagles on Road'.

Has anyone seen this particular sign? Wonder what it was abt. And how I wish I had shot that sign.
Condor's comment reminded of my trip from Canyonlands NP, UT -to Phoenix - oN the way came across a town called green river I think - and just beyond it saw a sign saying - Next 110 Miles - No lodging, no gas, no food - wow - that's like going from Delhi to Agra and having nothing in between - probably could put this in another post - whats the longest stretch without civilization u have come across - I am sure there will be some of those himalayan/ african rally folks here who would be able to share their experience
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Old 29th September 2006, 11:47   #23
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Originally Posted by tsk1979
... @elf, was your friend Colin McRae's navigator? ...
Not that I know of, but shall check . He told me this story many moons ago, under the influence of some rather intoxicating substances...

Also, don't think Colin McRae's navigator would be a Tamilian lawyer. Nothing racial, just seems a bit far fetched.
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Old 29th September 2006, 12:10   #24
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while coming back from jaipur to delhi doing around 120-130 when a low flying bird comes across from the right hand side (there are some bushes on the divider) hits the front of the bonnet & goes over the top of the car. since i was fast i didn't even risk evasive action but did manage to tap the brake a little bit.

felt very sorry for the fate of the bird but life goes on.
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Old 30th September 2006, 17:15   #25
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were u flying a jet or what ......it happens all the time

P.S: no offence meant
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Old 30th September 2006, 19:05   #26
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dear all,
just saw this thread. 4 days back, i was going from nashik to mumbai at moderate speed (bad, no actually sad roads) when i had this small crane-like bird (sorry i am no zoologist) come from my left side, strike the wind shield on the driver side, bounce off & continue to fly!! i did not even have the time to brake (or needed to tahnk God...i had just overtaken a bus at speed & it was right behind me!!)

that was a lucky call of sorts!!
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Old 30th September 2006, 23:25   #27
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when i stopped and looked back i saw the poor bird was injured...
Did u take it to hospital??
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Old 1st October 2006, 12:21   #28
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a crow dived into my fog-lamp grill of my matiz once; a bat hit the wiper blade of my maruti800 last week - and on both occassions had remained stuck there, dead.
felt very sorry for the birds both times.
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Old 3rd October 2006, 18:59   #29
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Arrow 3 Small Birds

Hai all,

Sep 15th on my way back from Jaisalmir, stopped at Deesa for tea break. My son got out of the car and screamed, "There's something dead on the grills". Went near and saw there were 3 small birds (looked like sparrows, don't know much about birds) splattered on the front grill, amlost grilled and sizzling. Looked around, found a stick to pierce them out, there was blood and ghore....yak....yak...yak.

Took a bucket of water from the hotel and washed my grills thoroughly... people were looking strangely at me... wondering who's hurt more; the birds or the car!!!!

I felt sorry for the birds; hope their spirits will rest in peace......


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It happened today momrning when driving to office.
An owl dived in front of the auto in front of me and got injured severly. I had to weer left suddenly and could see the owl was still alive but badly injured.
I thought of trying to save the poor thing but could not as traffic did not allow me. I am feeling guilty .
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