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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

best is to check with local new car dealers as to whom they use for car transport. yes it will not be cheap but atleast your car will arrive without damage and missing parts.

if the quote is too good to be true, thats the first warning sign.
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

This is some crap! I believe quality always comes with a price and a cheaper remuneration always comes with it's own headache - like you just experienced. Probably, they ran the vehicle as taxi to get the money to offset the difference.

I'd always prefer to drive a car even if it's 2500 kms. Atleast I'll be sure it's not being abused and the silver lining is the places to see enroute. But then, it's probably my age speaking now. I am sure to find a couple of guys who can accompany me on the drives too.

Anyway, it all ended well. Just curious, once you sign the sale letter, the car belongs to the new owner right? So my understanding is that he can file a case as it's his car now?! Or does he have to wait till the ownershipp transfer has been completed?

Once I came across a truck transporting a Figo. Though the vehicle was tied well, there was still a lot of swinging inside the truck's loading bay. The truck-wallah goes over a speed breaker and I see the car bounces of the platform, lands with a thud banging the boot on the truck's boot door. There was absolutely NO protection on the sides or the rear of the car - no padding, no covers. Seeing that, I could imagine the plight of the car by the time it reached the destination (especially if it's a long distance one).

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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Most of the folks involved in the movers & packers business are transporters or friends of them because the packaging & labour cost is insignificant compared to the actual transportation cost. These guys are one of the worst of the lot and very few of them are scared of cops. They deal with cops day in day out.

Agarwal packers & movers is suggested by a lot of you but you'd be surprised that there are more than 100 Agarwal Packers & Movers in Delhi itself, maybe even more.

DRS group is the group that launched the brand Agarwal Packers & Movers and then Dayanand's brother Ramesh launched his brand of Agarwal Movers Group - http://www.agarwalpackers.com/

Both are just about ok and you are actually at the mercy of the Manager who handles your case and is present in person to supervise the shifting. If he's a good guy you'd get everything as promised, maybe better managed transportation too but if your luck runs out, then even these guys can give you a nightmarish experience.

Then comes groups like Leo & Santa Fe who would charge a hefty premium for their services but its all worth at the end.

Read this (Packers & Movers: Post all queries here) and the next page to know why paying such premium is worth.

Driving long distances are okay if you have the time else hire a good driver who wouldn't crash your car in the 2500 kms he drives. Goes without saying, keep your car insurance up to date.

Originally Posted by drmohitg View Post
What I am unable to understand is that what was the exact motive of these guys?
Originally Posted by drmohitg View Post
Well more I think about this, more I feel that this was just a trick by these scamsters to earn some extra buck by hiring out your car as a Taxi and probably cite all kinds of reasons to you for a delay. After sometime they would have probably shipped the vehicle. That is the only explanation I can think of which can explain them not changing their contact details and still staying in touch.
You answered it!

When transporting a vehicle, either get the truck called to your place or be present when they are loading it. These guys obviously create a situation which makes it difficult for us to be physically present but no matter what happens, you need to ensure that this condition is met.

Lastly, if there's a damage or if there's issue around payment etc. and you are a regular Joe with no contacts, then simply try and settle it because you wouldn't be able to match up with them and things can get pretty ugly for you.

EDIT: About the concern that your property indeed starts moving on the day of loading is something that one can rarely ascertain. If they wish to abuse a vehicle before transporting it then they'd do so and there's little one can do about it and this is where reputed packers & movers make sense.

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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

I have heard of similar sounding quotes by people who got their cars transported to Bangalore. So I really don't know if 12k is unreasonable. When I had to take my car from Delhi to Bangalore, I chose to drive it myself, after all thats why im a member here, cost me 21k in fuel over 3000kms (Del-Jodhpur-Mumbai-Goa-Blr).

Even if we make sure the car is loaded in front of our eyes, you don't know if they'll unload it next day. Have an in car GPS or well, keep the keys to yourself, or just drive it down

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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

I have realized that it is better to handle the process yourself.
After a couple of bad experiences with packers and movers when relocating from chennai to tvm, I figured out that the best option was to use a local packer team for packing, then engaging a professional transporter - I use parveen Express , and then taking care of the logistics yourself at the other end. Most Packers & movers, if asked to do an end to end move, charge an exorbitant rate for a dedicated vehicle promising you a quick turn around time, then get you stuck with no updates, and further fees for unloading.

With this approach, the costs are much cheaper, and you will know where your stuff is (My dad worked in the transportation industry, and he still has contacts everywhere in the organized sector).
For my car, I thankfully still have a pool of gearhead friends who are always up for a fully sponsored road trip

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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Wow that is a scary experience indeed. You are lucky you got your car back!

Our experience of Agarwal Packers and Movers has not been great either. My aunt had to get her Mercedes Benz W203 C220 CDI transported from Bangalore to Delhi and the car was in top condition in Bangalore but when it came here, and tried to unload it , alas! The car would not start. Battery was dead and starter motor was dead so it was a sign that even after the battery died, these idiots kept trying to start the car. They got it towed to Patel Auto and (added the cost too) and got it fixed. They refused to accept anything and pay for anything. My aunt bore all costs to save herself from some headache but this experience leaves a sour taste in our mouths.
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Believe me I would rather prefer to drive the car and deliver it to the buyer myself. Unless the buyer takes responsibility of all the Logisitic. These days even a human who gets lost is only considered when he/she is highlighted in Social Media/ Print Media/Digital Media, this was just a car. You are lucky brother
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

I had an experience almost similar to the one quoted above. I had booked my car Swift Dzire for transport from Lucknow to BLR through Krishna Transport. The price Quoted in 2011 for it was 16K and was to be transported through a Vehicle carrier. Since I was not present to get the car loaded I had asked my father to ensure the loading of the Vehicle.

The vehicle was loaded by issuing a LR Copy and that made the basis for the advance payment. They were always insisting for 100% advance but only 12K was paid. Remaining amounts were to be paid at the time of delivery.

10 days in transit the driver started calling frantically one day out of the blue. He says I have been caught in MP where some cars did not have appropriate documents, I have to pay some money to police people could you send some money. I refused. Then 2 days later the driver calls again that the vehicle is there in BLR come and collect.

I call up the original transporter that the deal was that the vehicle is to be delivered at the doorstep. He says that the Lorry driver is fed-up of all the travel and harassment during the trip (I am like what am I supposed to do with that??), and I should go and pick the vehicle from the spot mentioned by the driver. He also says that the driver does not have a License to drive small vehicles and will be a problem. I tell him to do hell with that and plan to pick up the vehicle anyhow. As I reach there i see that the vehicle is parked on the side of the road. Clearly has a dent on the left rear skirt and some scratches to the door. No other visible anomaly in the interiors as ICE is prefixed in ZDI. Driver says " as I was unloading the vehicle I miscalculated the ramp turn and had this scratch on the skirt." I am like its not a scratch its a 10 mm deep dent. He starts making up stories and asks for the remaining money + some "kharcha" for paying the police man as the vehicle was caught for no PUC certificate upon unloading.

After all that haggling and some 1.5 Hrs negotiating I pay him the remaining amount and get the keys. The Lorry Driver disappears in no time. I getinto the vehicle and thats when I notice that the vehicle is driven some 300+ Kms. As I call up the transporter, he mentions that during transit in Delhi the vehicle might have been driven. Even confronting him with all details about average distances in Delhi, he casually mentions "You should be happy that the driver was kind enough to keep waiting for your vehicle delivery for 2 Days".

That's when it dawned on me that my vehicle was already there 2 days back or so and was used for joy ride.. I was sort of helpless now and in deep disgust that after all that haggling. Decided to give my mouthful to the transporter and drivers earful. That was the least I could have done.

Drove back home and checked all the vitals, battery etc. all was fine..

Decided not to transport any vehicle through any transporter. Will prefer driving them across.

Lessons learnt.
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Let me add some positivity to the thread:

I had transported my M800 (Chandigarh registered) from Chandigarh to Mumbai through FAIRDEAL PACKERS & MOVERS around 2011.

I delivered the car at transporter's yard at Zirakpur and even got to see the trailer that will carry my car & also met the driver. Every details, dent & scratch was noted on my LR. They clearly informed me that my car will be delivered on outskirts of Mumbai or nearest to my given location & I agreed. I had paid 8K at that time.

7 days later I get call from the driver that my car will be unloaded at Ghodbunder road. I went to pick the car and was pleasantly surprised to find my car wrapped in bubble wrap. Even Maruti would not transport the car that way.
Driver and two more guys unwrapped the car, I checked the essentials and found nothing amiss or even a small scratch. Invited driver for lunch and had nice conversation over food. Took the car and bid him goodbye. NO extras asked or paid.

Same agency has transported two more vehicles for me in last 5 years and so far no complaints. 2012 - I paid 9.5K & 2015 - I paid 10.5K.

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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Thanks for sharing, this is really an eye opener!

Everyone keeps talking about Agrawal Packers, but one needs to be careful here as well, since there are lot of fake/duplicate Agrawal packers as well.

Another idea would have been for seller and buyer to meet midway between Delhi and Gurgaon ( This way both of them would be driving around 1200kms only ).
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Appreciate your bring this to the 'press'. Scary in deed. We used Aggarwal packers and found them to be sound. Proper documentation plus followups and good customer service. Of the whole lot of my households only a ganesha idol was broken. Seeing the cost, it seems too much- i would have thought 8-10k would be reasonable.

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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

I had used DBRC and Aggarwal Packers & Movers to transport my Eon and Honda City. DBRC was not at all prompt and the car took an extra 2 weeks to reach Dehradun from Kerala and they drove it from Delhi to Dehradun. I had filled full tank of petrol and by the time my brother picked the car from Dehradun the fuel was almost empty. Aggarwal on the other hand was prompt but the car was really dirty and they asked me to pick the car from a location that was around 90kms from my house. Their excuse was that it was a new Honda City and that the driver was afraid to drive it ! I had to send a driver to pick it up and the interiors of the new City was so dusty that my driver was sick the next day !!
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Guys, the way car carriers work is - they have contracts with manufacturers, say Maruti or Hyundai to specified regions for delivery of new vehicles. It is on the return trip empty, that they manage to carry our vehicles. The tactic have used successfully is to hang around the dealerships or stockyards where cars are delivered, locate the transporter I think might serve my destination and talk to the senior folk. I would always insist that I would drive the vehicle up myself when ready to load on truck (usually middle of the night, I am afraid), track the carrier, and be there when it is unloaded. Have done this many times, from Delhi to Madurai, Goa-Delhi, Delhi-Mumbai etc., without too much trouble.
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

Was in a dilemma when getting my car from Kolkata to Hyderabad. I was strongly advised to use the services of a packers and movers to get the job done.
Everyone from my parents to relatives were against me driving the car all alone for 2000+ KMs. Sadly, none of my friends were available as well to accompany. However, read thousands of horror stories and did not want to leave my beloved car at the mercy of some hooligans.

Finally took a leave of two days --> packed my bag --> flew to Kolkata --> topped up fuel and air --> put the bag in the trunk and my 60+ old parents in the front and back seat(they would just not leave me alone :P) --> drove 2500 KM to Hyderabad in two days, that was the best family time we have had for the last 6-7 years.
My parents were pleasantly surprised as to how the quality of roads in India have improved. It was an eye opener for them

I strongly believe that unless strictly unavoidable DO NOT leave your cars to the mercy of these packers and movers. We can surely find some time for the one thing we love so much (hence we are here in this forum).
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Default Re: Car transportation fraud - Om Sai Packers & Logistics, Gurgaon

The business ethics aside the best way to transport your car is as below.

Buy ratchet straps. These are 3 feet long nylon (some high strength plastic anyway) straps. It has a tightening mechanism. Each is rated for 2000 kg approx.

Get the car on to truck.
  1. Remove half the air in the tires
  2. Keep in neutral
  3. Tie 4 ratchet straps to non bendable parts of the cars' underside
  4. Tighten fully to hooks on the side of the truck
  5. Fix 4 cross straps, that is left first strap is fixed to a point on the truck on right side of car and so on
  6. Total of 8 ratchet straps
  7. Then put into 1st gear; Or P if it is an auto model;
  8. Apply hand brake hard or push button type brake (e-brake) on some cars
  9. Tighten straps bit more on front or rear side to take up the gear slack

Step 9 before 8 above.

How do I know? Friend and me transported a badly damaged S class Bangalore to Delhi on a TATA 709.

What not to do:
  • No chains please; it will scratch the painted underbody;
  • Don't fill it with fuel; max. 1-2 liters; no point car and truck becoming a fireball in case of a rear ending accident;

Why not empty the air? Because you need some natural suspension.

With this method the car won't move sideways or forward on braking or rearward on hard acceleration.

Somehow tape styrofoam (thermocole) to the head lights and rear lights. This won't help much. Maybe 1% extra safety. Depending on your car model remove its antenna (not always possible) and obviously it's music system.

Then put the car cover on. Tie it tightly using a sailors knot. It is a guarantee that the trucker will carry a few "parcels" as so much "wasted space" is available.

Keep a cheap GPS phone in the boot. You do get phones whose battery lasts 10 days. You will know if the truck is headed the way you want or not.

In all cases, supervise the loading yourself. Or send any known person to do it if you are busy.

In retrospect I would do 2 more things:
  1. Remove wiper blades
  2. Use plumbing thread to seal tight all caps - fuel, engine and brake oils, battery, coolant and gear box
  3. And tape shut the air intake and exhaust pipe

No PTFE/PVC tape for item 2.
10 points for first person who answers why not!

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