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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

A first right step in the right direction for this country. These pioneer projects may or may not succeed (theft, space, willful damage to cycles etc) but they are laying the ground for future success some years down the line. The biggest risk to these initiatives and to the cyclists remain our traffic conditions and that sadly will be the slowest to change. I compliment these folks and wish them success and lady luck.
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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

A great initiative to try and get motor-vehicles off the roads and help reduce the carbon-emissions in our already polluted cities. The only concern I have is whether these PEDL stations are guarded because our cities are full of miscreants who will show up with tools to steal these good-looking bikes

The other concern of course is for cyclists themselves on our roads. I have been riding to-from work daily 25-30kms/day for the past 2 years which comes up to almost 12,000kms in Pune city and I have a letter of request to all my fellow motor-vehicle drivers/riders which I have collated over the 2 years of experience on our roads

1. I am fully aware that you hate the fact that I share the road with you all. However, you also would be hating the trucks, PMPML buses, cabs, 6-seaters, Piaggio Apes and assortment of other vehicles too. So, please ask yourselves, do I cause traffic jams on my cycle or do these other folks? Then why the hatred ... all I need is about a metre on the left-corner of the road which I am sure you can spare

2. To my 2-wheeled brothers/sisters, please try not to overtake a cyclist from the left. I am already trying desperately to stay on the left-most corner of the road so as not to face the ire of your monster-machines

3. To my 4-wheeled brothers/sisters, I am forced sometimes to use flyovers (like the Holkar bridge) or underpasses (like the several near the Mumbai highway) and I am aware that I cannot climb at your pace. However, please also try to remember that while your cars are powered by 1.0L+ engines with almost limitless power, I am powered by a 100cc human heart and 500cc human lungs (not a doctor and not sure if proportions/volumes are correct here). I am trying my best and coming right behind me and honking will not increase my rate of climb

4. When I am on the left-most corner of the road (with no room to move further left) and you honk like there is no tomorrow, what is the expected action/response from me? Please clarify so I can do the needful

5. If I have to merge into traffic at a T-junction turning rightward, then please let me quickly slide away to the left corner of the road once I merge. I am not trying to be in your way but desperately trying to avoid your huge, heavy vehicles

Sorry if this sounded like a rant from a cyclist or if it was , but please live and let live. I am not the cause for your traffic jams and hence should be considered your friendly neighborhood non-emitting buddy
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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

Good go-green initiative from the firm.
Wish we come across the service soon in Delhi-NCR region as well
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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

Does anyone know the brand of these cycles and where can I buy one of these? For a relaxed ride around the smaller towns this would be a good buy.

I like the simple Unisex designs, easy adjustable seat height, upright handles, disc/drum brakes, no gears and the most important airless tires.

All these probably mean lesser maintenance. As a kid and now as a father, I remember that the most time in the maintenance of a cycle is spent on
1) Puncture
2) Brakes (V or rubber shoe type) that just do not serve the purpose or rubbing in the wrong locations.
3) Chain to be tightened or the gears do not slot in correct position

I have found some cycles with double disk brakes and no gears, but then nothing with an airless tires in <15k.
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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

In Calcutta, Rajarhat and Salt Lake area this service has caught up now. Mainly available near tech parks. Mostly used by the employees during evening for joy rides, and some by remote housing colony dwellers to catch late night movies. And, its free. By free I mean we are getting Pedl bikes for Re 1.00 for half an hour.
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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

Thought of sharing a pic, I had taken a while back during my morning walk. Doesn't it make a pleasant sight?
Wide roads, extensive tree cover, more walkers than cars on the road and ready-to-hire cycles? Picture perfect

Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service-20171221_064328.jpg
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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

Originally Posted by CANPUSH View Post
Does it have intermediate temporary locking option?

For example, if I have to go to a grocery shop 1 km away buy something and come back. Does it allow me to lock the cycle while I am in the shop so that nobody runs away with cycle I have hired?
You can very well do it. You just have to park it, lock manually and continue with your shopping while your trip time would be still running. During this time, the bicycle will be unavailable for others. Once you are done with your shopping, you have to unlock via the app/ website and continue your trip. As your trip ends, you have to manually lock the bicycle and tap on 'End trip' on your app/ browser. Your account will be debited accordingly and now the bicycle is available for others to use.
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Default Re: Zoomcar launches PEDL - a cycle sharing service

Well, PEDL has been providing cycle sharing services in Palava City (outskirts of Mumbai) since 2-3 months as of now, though I do not recollect the exact date of commencement.

I have been using this cycle services intermittently and find there are a lot of takers in this region. The service provider has denoted certain stations where these cycles are parked. One has to hold a valid paytm account to start using these services. There is no dedicated pedl app as of now. Instead one has to enter into the website www.pedl.in using their smart phone browser and link your Paytm account. The website helps locate cycles around you by using GPS. Once a cycle is located it can be unlocked by scanning the QR codes affixed on the rear of each cycle. One has to end the trip by keying appropriate button on the website and lock the cycle. Amounts are deducted directly from your Paytm account. The present rates in Palava city are Re 1 per slot of 30 minutes.

Overall a very smooth affair once the process is understood. I am very happy using their services.
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