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Default Re: 30,000 Kilometers. 3 Years. No Flat Tyre. When did you have your first?

Originally Posted by Gansan View Post
My car completes 4 years and 17500 KM with nil punctures! Running on stock MRF tyres with tube. Before this I had a pre-owned Sipani Dolphin during the mid 90's for three years / 12,000 KM, which ran on re-treaded tyres. Same story there as well!

Come to think of it, in more than 25 years and 225000 KM of riding over four different bikes, I have had a total of about 6 punctures overall!

I usually can see a nail and avoid it while driving / riding, and no body believes me when I say that! But it is true!
How on earth can you see a nail lying on road and take corrective action? Man, you must be having some super eyesight.Guess during the night time you are plain lucky of not having punctures

Originally Posted by jacs View Post
That is unbelievable Gansan. Tyre workshops in your locality would eye on you if they see this thread.

Thats really sad. And with bike, we have no choice but bring some Tyre wallah or take the wheels to them which makes it a difficult task.

Thats why tubeless tyres on a bike are more are a boon! When i had tube type tyres on my pulsar for the initial 22K kms, i always used to have this fear of the tyre getting punctured when i am going to somewhere important/urgent. But thankfully the tube type tyres never got punctured even a single time. But the irony is , after changing to tubeless, i have had some 5 - 6 punctures till now
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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

My first puncture was at about 10K kms. That time my car had tube type OEM JK tyres. A few years later, the same tyre, in fact the same spot. The previous repair job gave up & hence the air leak.

Then changed to Michelin tubeless. Flat tyre the next day! In fact, that was a faulty valve. The pin inside the valve was changed and thankfully no flat tyres since then.

My bike came with tubeless tyres but once got punctured by a long nail at about 8K kms. I realized that after about a month's time. Rode to the tyre wala and he charged Rs 100/- for the fix. With the small time & effort he had to put to repair it, I thought tubeless repair should be cheaper.

BTW, thinking to get a tubeless tyre repair kit and an electronic inflator.
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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

I am one of those with fewer punctures than what seems to be the average here.

My Laura has completed 35,000 kms with just one puncture. I can't remember when was the last puncture on my other rides!

My recipe...
1) Always maintain correct air pressure. I don't rely on pump gauges and carry around my own gauge. I've also got a spare gauge and check readings with both gauges every once in a while to make sure that the main gauge has not gone out of calibration.
2) Factor road conditions and load while deciding on pressure to be maintained.
3) Scan the road surface and avoid going over 'suspicious looking items' and take the safest path which will keep the tyres, alloys and suspension happy.
4) Keep off extreme ends of the road and keep to the centre of the road as much as possible. The sides is where a lot of debri is often swept up, esp in the rains. Overtaking can wait!
5) Slow down for potholes and craters.
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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

^^ Exactly what I do! I check the pressure once a week, and keep 2 PSI over recommendation (4 PSI in my bike).

I am not exaggerating! I CAN see a nail or any metallic object most of the time, though not all the time! Perhaps my usual speed (50 - 60 KPH for bike, ~ 80 KPH for car) also helps!
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Default Re: Sharing my experience

I got my first flat tyre at 8000kms, it was the front right tyre which lost air while the car was parked in the parking lot. The culprit was a gel pen tip which was recovered from the tube, so it was probably an act of vandalism.

The second, third and fourth punctures were found on the same tyre (rear left). They occurred at different locations in Delhi and occurred approximately 7-10 days of each other. I wasn't able to ascertain that a puncture had occurred in time and ruined the tube on all three occassions.

To this day I have a phobia and feel that the rear left is punctured and I stop the car on the side of the road to check on all 4 tyres.
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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

I have had very few punctures in the last 7 years but few of them are memorable.

One is when I was going to Raigad with a friend of mine. Those familiar with the road will know that almost 5km of the ghat road is very poor and since there was a lot of dust rising we were travelling with the window panes closed. Suddenly two bikers started gesturing us to stop. I was taken aback since I had not caused any harm to anyone. Then one of them said that your left rear tyre has a flat.
Now wanting to stop on the ghat road was the next problem. Yet we found a wide piece of road and stopped there. Just as we were about to remove the jack, a heavily loaded truck arrived and went ahead but apparently it could not go any further due to some issue with the gear shifter. It stopped just ahead of my car and it started rolling back !! We gave a good holler and it stopped. The cleaner got down and put a large boulder behind the rear wheels. We quickly changed the tyre and got on our way.

Another time was when we were travelling with friends from Sangli to Pune. Just after Satara on the highway the right rear wheel went blop blop blop. I stopped immediately - we had a flat and no jack ! To our luck this happened right in front of a petrol pump across the road. We crossed the road but the tyre shop there was closed. Then we thought that let us try and request any similar car to lend us their jack. This was more difficult than we thought it would be since most thought us to be some thieves or unscrupulous dupers.
Finally an elderly person in a maruti relented. The jack was fine but the spanner kept spinning sometimes since it was worn out. Still we managed to change the tyre and the good man went on his way in the other direction. It sure feels good whenever you meet good helpful people.
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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

I have been driving with a screw lodged in one of my rear tyres for a month now. Hopefully it hasn't pierced deep enough (tyres are 40K kms old Acceleres) or is plugging the hole by itself.
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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

My SX4 has had another puncture after quite some years!! The Screw (not sure what is it, since it looks like a bolt from the top) had punctured the rear left tyre. Looking at its size I was surprised how it had missed the front and punctured the rear.

2 of my friends and I had taken the spare out, loosen the nuts and was raising the vehicle, when a good samaritan, looking at the way 3 of us were doing it, volunteered to change the tyre. He raised the vehicle quite quick and replaced the spare. I really thank him, since he it quite quick. We tried offering some money, but flatly refused. Glad to see all is not lost, and people do help!!
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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

Had the first puncture of my elite i20 at 15.5 kms. Had just exited my office, and had barely driven for 2 metres, that I started to hear a clipping kind of noise, I thought might be some plastic or something that has got entangled.

Got down, checked all tires, no puncture no sign of anything else. Then I saw it, a 1 inch screw, the kind which holds the cat eyes together had pierced the tyre.

However no air was leaking, did not find it prudent to drive with it, that too over BETL :|, took the nail out, the air started to leak, changed the tyre, and went to Michelin tyres at HSR 27TH main, I think the shop is Tyre empire, got a mushroom puncture done, cost me 321!, Using the same tire now.

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Default Re: Your experiences - Punctured Tyre

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Around 2 years before, I took my Palio to Madiwala for picking up my brother. While coming back, car is started dancing slightly like some stone is attached in one Tyre with some noise. Got down and checked it, couldn't find any in the dark night. Started moving again with the same dance, it is started wobbling heavily and I have to stop the car again to check it thoroughly.

I just placed my hands on the front left Tyre, only to get some punctures in my palm and to know all the steel wires came out and the Tyre looks like decorated with fish bones. Not sure how that is happened.

That is my first puncture / Tyre bust experience and that night I learned how to change the Tyre in cars.
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So my first post on this forum and it is to do with a sidewall cut. Just noticed a cut on the sidewall of the left front tyre. This is on an old Hyundai Accent. I am still running the original tubed Bridgestone tyre the car came shod with and I noticed this cut today. Does it seem dangerous or should I be replacing the tyre?
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