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Default South trip/ My horrific accident in Kerala- my second life

I was on my mid semester vacation to south. On 14 Jan i landed in Bangalore and next morning itself i was off to Chennai by road for a two day trip to attend some function at my cousins place. It was all fun there which included a midnight drive to the beach n to Pondicherry and back the same night. The first two days of my trip couldn't have been better. It was like a dream......

Then i was back in Bangalore for the next six days. In which i got in touch with a few tbhpians to meet up n they obliged . What more JK started a thread Quickies @ bangy for me...For the meet it was a good turnaround @ CCD MG road though..Meeting Psycho was a pleasure but sadly couldn't see any of his creations that day..In those six days in Bangalore i also went to Shimoga n Jog falls another 400+kms drive...The falls weren't upto my expectations though n the roads didn't exist at some places....

On 23rd i left for Trivandrum in a brand new Black B7R...It wasn't a first Volvo ride for me but it still amazes me with its relentless torque n capacity to swallow the bad roads with ease.

On 25th i had to attend my cousin's marriage at Sivagiri ,Varkala but after reaching Trivandrum on 24th morning i come to know there's some strike announced in Kerala for the next day. This started creating doubts in my family n every possible idea of transport to Varkala was being discussed like Bus, Train or the Old Fiat Padmini..leaving only the 2year old Alto....The night before the marriage me and my cousins somehow convinced uncle to take his Alto for the marriage. The next morning we were all set and done to leave for Marriage with stickers stating the purpose of running the car on a strike day.

The drive to Varkala was smooth with hardly any traffic due to strike. We reached Varkala earlier than expected. Then we attended the marriage had the traditional lunch in a banana leaf. At 1:30pm we started back for Trivandrum. From Varkala everone left in a procession of cars n buses but after reaching the highway junction we turned towards south to Trivandrum while most of them went the other way towards Cochin..Again I was driving with 6 people and my cousin at the side without seatbelts. When we reached a place called Thonnakil almost near Trivandrum there was an ambassador in front of me with an indicator on to turn left, so i stayed behind for a while then in the next left turn it started slowing down to take the turn. So i change the lane to overtake him but to my surprise the amby without looking anywhere turns towards me and literally blocks me with a KSRTC superfast heading towards as they always do...Instinctively i steer n brake to avoid the bus but nothing worked as tyres locked up n went straight into the bus head on 40kmph i guess. That moment i heard only three noises tyres screaching, my sis screamed n the big BANG into the bus...Damn..!!! i cant forget that for life....

After the shocking impact i look around in the car there's blood and shattered glass pieces all over and the Bus front grill is within my hand's reach. I immediately try to break free and come out from the car but cant because my side door got jammed n the dash, steering have all been forced towards the driver to engulf me with very less space to move..So i had no other way than to break the driver's window which was already shattered but holding up due to the tints...Finally got out of the car through the window....
The cops where there within 5mins n they immediately rushed all six of us to the Medical College.TVM..My cousin who sat next to me was heavily bleeding as his face hit the windshield by the impact. My two aunts also were bleeding with facial bruises. Thanks to the seatbelts i came out scratchless n my sis who sat on my uncle's lap right behind me gave them no place to move which enabled them to come out unhurt...At that moment out of six three were badly hurt...By evening i came to know my nose is swollen n badly out of shape, which later was diagonised as a Nose fracture. My cousin who was bleeding badly suffered only facial bruises no fractures n all ...All three people were discharged from hospital within two days of the accident. But my aunt suffered with a hip fracture and was advised eight weeks bed rest..which is turning out to be very harsh for the working lady at the moment....

Immediately after the accident no one saw the car up close to analyse the damage. After two days we had to goto the police station to get the vehicle released from there to the MASS....so It was shocking to say the least when i saw the car at the station
Extent of Damage analysed by me:
Engine Head totally scraped off , Bent roof, Cam shaft lying on the dashboard was the most shocking, I think it got detached n fell down so someone picked it up kept it inside the car, Steering Wheel was facing upwards, Dashboard was ripped apart, Driver Seat back rest broken into half which still gives me back ache.......

Anyways now the car has been made a total loss and its no more a part of our life
To sum of everything i think it was my error of judgement or lapse of concentration at that moment which caused it all n we survived all that is all God's grace....

My sincere thanks to Nash(art of zen) , Karthik and Zak for their instant help n concern

This is how it went for marriage n sadly never came back home

After accident

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Darn!!! I got a chill as I read your post. Just happy to hear that all are ok without any long lasting injuries. Don't worry about the car, it can and will be replaced soon enough.
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Thank god, nothing serious happened to any of you man, that was a bad one.
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Thats an experience that shouldnt repeat itself in a lifetime. Glad that all of you are unscathed in the long run - and sorry abt your aunt's fracture. That car's a goner though
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Thats one horrible experience. Makes you value life a little more. Very glad, there weren't any serious injuries. Don't worry about the car, it protected you the best it could.

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Sorry to hear about your serious accident, kpzen. From your description it appears that you would have been better off ramming the Amby, moving in your direction, rather than swerve and hit an oncoming bus. But it is easy to be wise after the event. Glad that you and your kin came out of this one safely and relatively unharmed.
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Forget about the car. It is good that most of you have come out practically unhurt. I wish your aunt a very speedy recovery. Just a look at your mangled car's picture is enough to send chills down the spine.

On a different note, I was in Kerala last week and I agree with your comments on the state road transport buses. They are driven very rashly. As a sheer coincidence, I was supposed to go to Calicut mid of last week, but there was a bundh in that district. People advised us not to venture into Calicut district and we returned from Lakkidi back to Bangalore via Ooty. That is a different story though.
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kpzen, sorry to hear about the accident.Thank God there wasnt any serious injuries caused to you or your family members.Wish you and your folks a speedy recovery bro'.
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Damn damn damn, thats one bad accident. Thank god no major injuries.. The car looks as if hardly anyone would have survived.. Anyways Car can be replaced but its more important that you survived.

All the best for your recovery & I hope you have a fast one
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KPZEN - shocking accident, but good to hear you're okay even if a bit shocked. For a minute I thought it would be a lot worse after reading about the ALto heading for a speeding KSRTC Bus, but it turned out to be a lot better (if one could call it that).

Buses in Kerala, KSRTC or otherwise, are a law unto themselves. Might is right is their motto.

I hope everyone gets well soon. Thank god for your lives.
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o damm i get the chills when i read your post but now that you are ok and your family are so everything is good.
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Glad that everyones ok. Seeing everyone in the hospital and running around in the medical college is sure a hard thing. But in the end, everyone were pretty safe and thankfully nothing much happened. Take care dude, recover from it and hope the others too as well.
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That was a scary read! I'm really sorry to hear about the accident. It is a relief that the injuries were quite limited, considering the fact that there was a KSRTC bus on the other end, and that this was a head-on (and that the car was packed with people).

I hope you have recovered (mentally as well as physically) from the bad experience.
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Kevin - This was a long time coming, I remember talking to you on the phone & learning about the incident. As I said then these things happen on our highways & you were just unlucky that it happened to you but the positive part is that everyone survived & the car did its job. Seeing the extent of damage to the car now is even more frightening then when I first heard about it from you & zakko.

Don't let this incident scare you in anyway, I'm sure this will help you become a more safer & cautious driver.
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Thank god you are safe. That was scary. What about the Amby fellow? Deserves to be thrashed.
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