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Originally Posted by tacho View Post
So, what does B-TRAC stand for?
What i read online is that it stands for Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project. Although I feel the acronym does not rhyme with it completely. I feel Bangalore TRaffic And Congestion improvement project would be more apt! At least all letters in the acronym get accounted for
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there you go another jargon used by the administration to dupe innocent citizens of B'lore.
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Originally Posted by chanapli View Post
btw is elections are nearing?. I saw this with CM's photo. did not read though.
Corporation Elections for all BBMP wards are now due to be held in March as per the latest HC order. This was slated for Feb 21st previously, but was postponed by one court to give time for reservation but now another court has ordered it to be done next month.

I have been trying for years to get people to vote. But I keep hearing excuses about how they tried but their name is not on the voting list. It is ironic that the most educated members of society are the ones who do not go out and vote. Each time I went to vote in my polling booth for the parliamentary and assembly elections, I didn't even find 5 people there.

Please check if your name is in the electoral roll at http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in/indexw.asp . If it isn't, please follow the instructions to enroll yourself. Try and get a Voter ID too, but in this election you could get by with other proof.

Originally Posted by spadival View Post
What we need first is SMART drivers on the road and not smart a$$es who treat the road as their ancestral property.
Amen to that. The drivers have absolutely no road sense in Bangalore. Bikers routinely cut red lights and cars routinely block the free left-turn lane. I sometimes wish Bangalore was a bit like how Bombay used to be (don't know how it is now) where one got pulled over and fined for such shenanigans.
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Originally Posted by mkc15 View Post
5. For parking violations, puncture all tyres (simple and does not cost anything). They dont need to do this regularly; once in a while (surprise checks) is enough to make people think twice before parking in no-parking areas.
I'm sorry, but I hope you were being sarcastic. Because it is a parking violation if you are not supposed to park at a particular location. Puncturing all the tyres will ensure that the vehicle is in that location for a much longer time, causing greater inconvenience.
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Blog post from Praja.in below (BTRAC, it is 2010 - report card for Traffic? | Praja)
BTRAC, it is 2010 - report card for Traffic?
2 March 2010 - 10:49pm silkboardBangalore

BTRAC-2010, does the phrase ring a bell? It is a Rs 350 crore (max) worth project funded 2006 through 2010 to reduce congestion and better manage traffic in the city. 2010 is here, how has BTRAC been so far?

Wait. Don't jump in with mere opinions. It will be good to look at their stated objectives. Here they are, straight from Bangalore Traffic Police (acronym BTP) website's BTRAC section (http://www.bangaloretraff...).

Stated Objectives
Operational Objectives :
  • Reduce traffic congestion by 30% in central area
  • Reduction in Pollution
  • Reduction in accidents by 30%
  • Improved parking management
  • Set up accident reduction and trauma care system
Institutional Objectives :
  • Co-ordinated and planned traffic management
  • Robust revenue model based on traffic fines
  • Legal and institutional reforms
  • Capacity Building - modern Traffic Training Institute
  • Strengthening of traffic police by augmenting infrastructure
And, the status ...
Do we have enough data in public domain to measure above? I think not. So we will have to use a mixture of opinions, observations and data to rate them.

Reduce traffic congestion by 30% in central area: No official way of measuring congestion, but going by driving times on certain corridors I frequent (old airport road, bellary road, Hosur Road, Old Madras Road, Outer Ring Road) and discounting for Metro work, congestion has come down. by 30%? I don't know. Mixed
Reduction in Pollution: Going by KSPCB data definitely not. On traffic front, we still don't have autos off 2-stroke engines, its been 8 years now since the plan to switch to CNG (and 4-stroke as well?) was announced. No
Reduction in accidents by 30%: Thankfully, there have been no personal observations to report on this aspect . But data says there is reduction (not 30% though). Observation wise, vigilence levels have definitely gone up, and would have shown results by way of fewer accidents in the night. Mixed
Improved parking management: Some work done, there are corridors where I see impact. But overall parking enforcement levels (despite the new sign boards everywhere) are not yet strong. Mixed
Set up accident reduction and trauma care system: Was this setup? I recall an announcement at Nimhans, and some work with Janaagraha, was that it? No
3 mixed verdicts, and 2 No out of total 5.

Talking of institutional objectives, what do we have there?

Co-ordinated and planned traffic management: Lot of work done here to introduce automation based traffic management. Can tick this one up. Yes
Robust revenue model based on traffic fines: Revenue from fines have gone up (by 80% 2009 compared to 2007). Without a numerical definition of what "robust" means, this too will have to be ticked as yes. Yes
Legal and institutional reforms: Anything in last 4 years that could count as reform? No idea. No
Capacity Building - modern Traffic Training Institute: Nothing new has been setup. No up trend in numbers at existing TTI (see http://www.bangaloretraff...). No
Strengthening of traffic police by augmenting infrastructure: Vague one again, but I think this is where lane markings, better signages, road medians, signals etc come. Visible work done, and did have an impact on many corridors. Mixed
2 yes, 1 mixed verdict, and 2 No out of total 5.

Added up, my Verdict
So, all in all:

out of 10 listed objectives, you have
2 yes, 4 maybe and 4 Nos
This is in my book though. How about yours? Avoid general bitching, read BTRAC website, recall last 4 years, and then ... vent.

BTW, it will be really nice to sit with traffic police to look back at BTRAC-2010 and take forward some learnings.
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