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Originally Posted by DriverR View Post
Sorry to hear of your experience. Sometimes people are plain suicidal. I had a similar case. I was traveling at night at around 12 midnight on the Abids Road. The road was mostly empty, with little traffic. Was going around 60-70 kph. Suddenly a group of youngsters in full josh (laughing and in a masti mood) ran across the road from the other side of the road
Had a similar experience on the road connecting Sion-Panvel highway to Ghatkopar, at about 9-30 PM. As usual I was doing a healthy speed and cut to the right lane to get past a lorry. A group of youngsters were on the right side of the right lane and one of them apparently got irritated for some reason. He made a move towards the road and my foot was on the brake even as he started. As my car slowed, he stopped and laughed!! Would have been mighty close if he had gone through with it; think I might have just about managed to stop. But if these guys were to have been blocked from my view by another vehicle, I would have stood no chance. Pretty sick joke, I must say, but it served to warn me about what might have happened.
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Very sorry to hear that mate. :( It must be a horrible experience for you. Atleast there were people to support you. I hate those locals who were getting heated up - people nowadays are a law unto themselves. Take care and keep your chin up. You will get through this.
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Sorry to hear about the death, this accident, and the ensuing incidents. Brace yourself because it will be a long journey. Also, ensure that you get yourself a really good lawyer.

As long as your conscience is clean...you will see this through. Dont worry.
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Hellstar, sad to know about this incident!
Good, you called the Police immediatly (can u share the No?) and good that some of the bystanders saw this incident and could take your side to prove that the man was on a suicidal mission!

Wish you a speedy recovery from mental agony and the painful legal formalities.

The article title by TOI ("Techie Arrested") is obnoxious and stupid!
TOI should stop reporting News and start publishing Fashion tabloids!
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Default Traffic Police Number

As usual the emergency number - 100 was not working and when a passerby saw me struggling with the mobile he gave me the number and told me its the number of Banasavadi Traffic Police station here it is 080 - 22942217. I guess this will work in any traffice emergency as they are well connected over wireless.

The "writer" from there contacted the constable posted at the nearest junction ( Nagavara) over wireless and he just took a lift in some vehicle to get to the accident spot in just about five minutes. Till that time the people who was watching the incident were supporting and protecting me against a couple of guys who started banging on the car and slamming the door very rudely. Coz i locked the doors for fear of my laptop being whisked away .I did this because a member in my church had an accident in an omni and it rolled over thrice on the Blore- Mysore road, even while the poeple inside were drenched in blood and stuggling to get out a couple of guys snatched a gold chain from a lady in the car and her handbag. And I did not want to loose my laptop.

It was even more tough on me as i do not understand Kannada and these guys were talking amongst themselves in heated tones and pointing at me and pulling me here and there in the tussle. Phew the moments till the time the constable arrived at the spot still haunt me in my sleep.
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sorry to hear about the accident buddy.
but good to hear that the people who witnessed the accident are on your side, this will help you to some extent.
hope you get out of all this soon.
take care.
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Sorry to hear about your accident, hellstar. I can imagine the trauma you went through - for no fault of yours.

I wish you all the best and may god give you the strength to face the legal system.
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This is indeed a horrible thing to go through hellstar.
Maybe we should start a thread for sharing the traffic police (working) phone numbers of various cities. Who knows when one might need it.
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Very sorry to hear about the incident hellstar,Everything will work out fine don't worry.
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Hellstar, support goes with you. Hope you come out of this largely unscathed. Can you try writing to all the newspapers about your actual situation?
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Originally Posted by theMAG View Post
... Can you try writing to all the newspapers about your actual situation? ...
Like that's going to make a difference.

The media are just rabid hyenas looking for the bone of sensationalism. As you can see in this case by the headline "Techie Arrested". Leading this pack of curs is the Times of India.

You really think him writing to any of the papers would help him in any way? The news is over 10 days old now. No meat left.

I'm sorry for what you're going through, hellstar. May you find peace.
Hopefully soon.
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My heart goes out to both you and the victim,One moment life is all fine and next this!

Problem haunting us is the legal and other implication's apart from what you are going through already. Hang on there, and like all other's said as long as your consience is clear,everything else is but a mere formality.

Best of luck.
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thats a nasty incident hellstar, Wish your hassles come back to life soon...
More so unnecessary post incident publicity by the print media causes more problem...

Dont worry about the car it will be back....
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@hellstar : I still remember your new car buying experience. Sad that it had to come to this.

Dont really have any words to say, except that hang in there, buddy.
Smart of you to show composure in locking ur car at that moment.
You were extremely lucky that atleast some of the local public helped you from not being lynched by the locals. Usually, that doesnt happen.

Do try and get some help from ur employer, as they may prove to be a bigger help than you could think of.

God be with you.
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Very sorry to hear about the accident. Felt very sad after going through your post. I can understand the trauma you had to go through during those moments..., with all the crowd and the nasty fellows pointing their fingers at you. You were very lucky to have some locals to help you in that situation. It is really painful for something like this to happen, eventhough it is not our fault. Dont worry too much about what happened to the man, as you did your best to avoid the mishap. There is a limit to what we can do, the rest depends on fate.
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