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Old 23rd March 2007, 11:17   #31
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Hellstar, sorry for the incident - it could have happened to anybody.
Hope the ordeal gets over soon.
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Hi Hellstar,
really sorry to hear about the accident.. and it feels terrible when someone else get hurt.. but be strong..
i went through something similar in 2003 and after a whole lot of expenses, i managed to get the case dropped just a few months ago..
i completely agree with r-tech about the state of our legal system.. it needs so much improvement i dont know where to start..
just do one thing... make sure you have a good lawyer.. becasue it makes a world of difference... thats the one and only reason i got out of this.. coz the police had actually invented fake witnesses (who were cops of course) etc etc
so just be careful and dont worry.. it will all work out in the end..
and our thoughts and prayers are with you
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This is totally unfortunate - I wish you good luck on your legal issues.
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A sad Incident..Hope u come out of it soon..RIP for the dead..no one deserves such a nasty death..

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
Smart of you to show composure in locking ur car at that moment.
You were extremely lucky that atleast some of the local public helped you from not being lynched by the locals. Usually, that doesnt happen.
Not sure I agree here..IMO the first priority after an accident is to shift the injured to the nearest hospital, and not to protect ones laptop..( even if you think the person is dead, as we are not experts )

Surely the value of life is much more than the value of ones laptop.

And why the protest against " techie arrested" ..we see numerous headlines like Doctors arrested, lawyers lathichrged, Minister caught, slum dwellers evicted etc etc, does any one protest that ? ... That is indian media and IMO it is futile to expect a better treatment from media just beacuse you are a techie.., inspite of TOI , Blr doing its best to do that.
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If you think the reporting was really unfair, when you get the time, write to the ombudsmen of these publications. Every publication has an ombudsman and they really take an unbiased view, print apologies and take corrective action (most important) for future reports of this kind. When they receive a complaint of this sort, they actually vet all such reports for a period (say for 6 months) and then formulate a corrective action.



Originally Posted by hellstar View Post
The Times of India carried the news on the third page under the headline " Techie Arrested " On the Hindu i belive it was on the Fourth page and Deccan Herald on the Thrid page again on the 13th March Edition.

TOI and HINDU quoted my real name and my empolyer name , Deccan Herald did the honours of announcing my Vehicle registration number .

The News even showed up on The "MATHRUBHUMI" newspaper in my home town of Thiruvananthapuram with all details, this did most harm. Anyways I will scan the copies and post tomorrow. I dont have the news papers with me now.
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Old 23rd March 2007, 14:10   #36
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Hey Hellstar, sounds like it was a perfectly horrible experience. Wish you all the best in taking care of the legalities.

I actually agree with his action of securing his belongings; no point in losing a lakh or two to some trickster while you are trying to guage the situation. ofcourse, if the person had been alive, he would have been taken to the hospital; it takes less than a second to re-open the car.
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Sorry to hear that hellstar..Hope everything with the legal issues goes on well.And yes, our legal as well as the insurance system is very much messed up..
God bless you..
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Sorry to hear that you met with an accident. There was no requirement for the crowd to behave that way whenever there is such an incident. They should comfort those people involved in the accident. you did not conspire to kill anyone.

On a different note, As a society, I guess we dont understand the word "Accident". That includes my parents as well :-(. They just dont want anything bad to happen. They defined some thing as good/something as bad and they pray/wish only for good things. When you go at 60kmph, with such an infrastructure around, accidents are bound to happen, our body cannot withstand the impact of the collision. I dont know how your parents reacted to it.
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Originally Posted by rks View Post
Had a similar experience on the road connecting Sion-Panvel highway to Ghatkopar, at about 9-30 PM. As usual I was doing a healthy speed and cut to the right lane to get past a lorry. A group of youngsters were on the right side of the right lane and one of them apparently got irritated for some reason. He made a move towards the road and my foot was on the brake even as he started. As my car slowed, he stopped and laughed!! Would have been mighty close if he had gone through with it; think I might have just about managed to stop. But if these guys were to have been blocked from my view by another vehicle, I would have stood no chance. Pretty sick joke, I must say, but it served to warn me about what might have happened.
Had a similar incident on 26th morning, when i was going in my indica around 60 to 70 kmph on a 3-lane road. (gachibowli road). I was maintaining a safe distance between my car and the vehicle ahead of me (i think it was a swift) Mind you the safe distance is for my car, not for some stupid to dance on the road. Yeah dance!!!. A guy started runing from the left, so i turned my car slightly to the left so as to escape that crazy man. That guy was in a safe position on to the right of my car. But to my surprise, bloody man, started running back to the left side and then to right almost like doing some manipuri dance in the middle of the road!!!. Luckily by this time i slowed down to 20kmph. Even if this guy was infront of my car, i could have managed to stop my car. Finally he ran back to the left of the road. And bloddy shameless fellow, started abusing me and shouting. I didnt stop, didnt want to get late to my office and even it was his fault, people around would blame me.

sorry to hear about it. But i think the family of the victim will finally compromise if a good sum is offered. But if you want to fight, there is a saying "you need to have golden hands and iron boots to fight in indian courts" you should be willing to fight till the end. Yeah end!!!, it will last till end.

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Hellstar i can totally understand what you are going through as we are currently in the same phase. Hope everything gets fine and you come out clean with legal issues.

Don't worry much about the car and insurance, as insurance company has to pay 3rd party at any cost.
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Just read through the whole thread and I am sorry that you had to suffer (and the inconveniences are just beginning) for no fault of yours and that someone died.

Like someone else said, since your conscience is clean, have faith in the prevailing of truth and hope this gets over soon. I wish you luck.
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hellstar, it was only now that I read through the account. I can well imagine the trouble that you faced. The way bystanders behave in occasions like this almost make you regret that you learnt driving in the first place.

I wish you get out of this mess as early as possible.
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Old 30th March 2007, 04:15   #43
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Hellstar, best of luck in your upcoming legal battles. While a good conscience is great to have I wouldnt leave it that. As somebody else said, get a good lawyer and do everything else in your power to win this.

Its quite fortunate that some of the bystanders stood by you and will corraborate your version of events. I would usually expect most bystanders to side with the pedestrian or smaller vehicle in most accidents.

I've noticed while driving around in Mumbai that there are actually some kids and other mischief makers who jump towards your car just as you're driving by, merely for amusement. Makes me really mad, and I've even wished (in the heat of the moment) that somebody runs them over! Well, I take that back now, but the lesson to be learnt is that roads are dangerous and one can never be careful enough.
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Old 30th March 2007, 22:16   #44
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Originally Posted by hellstar View Post
I had an accident with my Verna CRDi on 12th march , Was driving to work at around 0800 Hrs , accident happened on the outer ring road from Hennur Signal towards Nagavara signal. "
hellstar do you work in manyata philips? I read an article about the same. Its bad that people run into vehicles crossing everywhere where they want. At the same time cars have least priority over pedestrians. I m really wondering whose side must I argue for and whose against ! Bad that this thing happened at all ...

Sorry if i Opened an old thread again.
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@GeekSrik - Yes i do work with Philips in Mayata Techpark.

I dont think the guys was a mischief monger as this happened in the middle track and thats pretty far to get even for the most hard core of mischief mongers. I am still waiting for further action from the police they need to file the report with the court so that further action can be taken.

Till now my employer has been extremely supportive and has been giving me all assistance required to , tide over the initial days of turmoil, with respect to the Government officials , and the insurance guys.

I just got back my car from the A.S.S (Trident), have to shell out about Rs 60K for the repairs and then get it reimbursed from the Insurance company, will loose about Rs.17K . Major replacement is the plastic mount for the Radiator and Intercooler , which is a single piece which covers the entire front of the vehicle like the front fender and the Windshield.
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