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Thought of sharing my exprerience too eventhough it is not scary, it's 'something different'

I have a short drive from my office to home of about 5 kms. But in between, I pass through an area where there isin't too much public transport because of which there are often guys asking for lifts.
I'm not very comfortable with the thought but the other day I spotted an aged and decently dressed guy with a heavy bag signalling for a lift.
He wanted to go where I was going and sat next to me.
Surprising, within less than a km he changed his mind & wanted to get down
I didn't think too much about it and slowed down.
When the car stopped, he turned to me and thanked me profusely with a huge grin.
I said, it was no big deal.
Next he reaches into his huge bag and takes out a small bottle of 'attar' (concentrated perfume) and says that this is for the 'pains' that I took in giving him a lift !!!
I was a little taken aback and repeated that it was really no big deal for me and besides I don't use attar.
I, like many others was very choosy about which cologne / perfume I wear.
But he insisted and before I knew it, he had rubbed some on the back of my hand.
I flatly refused to take a whiff, not only because I was being forced but also because I, by then, had started suspecting his intentions and was thinking "what if this is to make me unconcious" ??!!

Then he started his sales pitch . . .
About how he was well to do and now has to sell such stuff to sustain himself.
He said that the miniature attar bottle actually costed 400 but he would be ready to give it to me for 200 !! Something that I was foolish enough to think off as a gift for my 'pains' !!!!
I was really furious by then. I was almost being 'charged' for giving him a lift !!

The worst part was that he was not showing any intentions of getting out of the car and I was in a hurry to get home.
Incidentally, that day I happened to have only 5 bucks in my wallet which I showed him so that he gets lost.
But he just refused to believe and continued bargaining.
And he had the cheek to suggest that he'll come home with me to collect the money.
I couldn't stand it anymore and in a stern voice told him to get off immediately with his attar or else . . . .

He finally got down and I saw him in my RVM looking for another lift, and another prospective customer !!

After this, I just don't feel like giving lifts anymore.
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Originally Posted by bikefreak
He finally got down and I saw him in my RVM looking for another lift, and another prospective customer !!
Another lift eh! You encountered one of those mumbai local salesmen who graduated from the trains to cars

Originally Posted by nitinbhag
Always drive with windows up, doors locked, AC on, light music playing..
What with the light music? I thought a scary movie song will be better...
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Default Counteract key snatching.

Hi all,
Its really scary to know the techniques followed by the car snatchers
To counteract key snatching. I have a long key chain with a clip hook on one end. I hook on the clip to my belt.
Now if the snatcher tries to pull out keys i get pulled along with it.

This also helps me avoid gettin the car locked with the keys inside.

Some places in Meghalaya/Assam border (Shillong-Silchar National highway)police escort is provided to all the cars for some stretch of the highway during the night time. The robbers are Bangladeshis who rob the cars of all valuables and cross over to Banghladesh. These robbers keep a watch on the highway for any single vehicle from distance (Hilly landscape). Once they spot a lonely vehicle they block the road with tree trunks, and then they loot the car. Sometimes they flee with the car n abandon the car in the Border.

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Originally Posted by Zappo
What with the light music? I thought a scary movie song will be better...
he he..
well.. light because heavy music makes one's driving more aggressive..
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This is really shocking, car thiefs are getting very creative nowadays. Ive been through another kind of incident, Me and my friends were travelling in a car near the juhu area, a guy suddenly jumped infront of our vehicle and pretended as if he was hit by us and lied down on the road, reflexly we all came out of the car and rushed towards the man. But i felt something else was going and i went back to the car, there were two men who were just about to get in the car and run off with it, luckily i reached on time, otherwise we would have been one car less! Wht next??.. We trashed all three guys so badly i hardly think they'll try doing such a thing again...

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this is indeed a very bad incident and i do not like getting reminded of it...so people do not make fun of it this is true and not many people believe iti just want to tell you guys that do not make fun of it if don't believe it - when i was in my fyjc , i used to chill alot with my friends so here it goes , i leave for this place at mud island with a guy and two chics . we were going to the resort out there to chill . now we having fun on the road and suddenly this chic who has never been there starts getting scared so we try to fool around with her and start fooling around with her by challenging her to get down at this place , some kind of lane towards the right . she starts showing as if she is too strong and decided to get down to show that shes too stronggg and took the other chic along . i was very scared and irritated as i was interested in something else and not all this but then it was all destiny...me nd my friend leave with the car go ahead...we go ahead to the hotel and i get dropped there to book rooms / asking discounts / and paying and stuff . and i ask my friend to hurry and go get the chics ...around 45 minutes passed and i started getting scared . it was around 3 45 - 4 and i could not even get through a girls cel number , as my friend did not have a cell phone and evne the other chic did not have but the phone was unavailable . i had to do something and i was confused . i found this cycle , punctured but still i hadto go there , so i did . it was for kids and i started riding , i was scared the weather was chilly and i could see bus drivers driving their buses like crazy...and after 10 minutes i reach that spot and i see the zen parked and the chics sitting in the car and friend was not there , they were crying and when i saw them i bursted out laughing and they just took my friends name and my reply was yaaa hes no more i know now can we goo have some fun , im getting bored of all this , their doors were locked and windows were almost up so i thought there is something serious . i ran towards the car looked at that lane , the distance was too long and there was some place to stay and when i stared at it , i saw this female in white clothes holding a lamp , a very old lamp , i could clearly see some kind of wicked smile on her face and i tried to get into the car , it was locked and the chics were just cryin n not opening . i some how managed to open the door , started the car and rushed to the hotel . the chics were just crying and all they told me was that my friend was gone , and they had seen that female from close and my friend had entered that cottage and he did not return for 30 minutes after which this lady came out and was just smiling . we left in the morning told the story and everything but this incident still haunts me and about opening the car , fortunately/unfortunately i always carry a spare key of my car with my coins in my wallet with the help of which i could open the door . those chics thought that all this was planned but still they cried alot . the reason why i dont say fortunately i found the key was that i feel i should have not left from there , i should have gone inside , i lost a friend and it makes me cry everytime i think of it , i could have gone to check , the only thing that could happen was that i woud die but atleast it would be better than being like this . i still feel he will come back some day , we did inform the cops , all that did happen but even the body was not found . i have never been to mud island after that... not even close to that . i still meet those two chics and we cannot get over that incident . guys , just be aware while driving , prefer driving with somebody always , never ever try to show off by getting down at some scary place ... pleaseall those pictures , fun , hope ,still goes on my head
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On Sat night i was droppoing a frind home at abt 1:30 am , when at shiv sagar- Haju ali came across this bunch of Goon Bikers who were driving with ahzard lights on making a racket and bloacking cars. They had one palio completely surrounded.
I Just shot past on the left, they were taken by surprise, since i had slowed down, they thought thay have me as well.
Even thried chasing the car down, simply coz i'd gone past them.
I was dying to bait them, but let if go since was just me and this girl i was dropping home.
Bunch of Hooligans.
and the sad part is there are cops stopping regular traffic on marine drive checking them, and these fools are roaming around doing what they please.
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Hi racingismylife,

Edit your post properly. Its very very tough to read and could not understand any thing. Probably the worst post I have seen in my life. vbmenu_register("postmenu_207319", true);
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@racingismylife: thats one really sad story bro...hope you can live with it..and kothan just means that uve not put the story in paragraphs..it is a bit tough to read as you cant follow the next line..thats all..if you can seperate it a bit by spacing it out..it'll be much easier to read.. thats it
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Silentscreamers. A lot of people are trying this gimmick now, i.e. waiting for the opportune moment and trying to extort money by pretending to be hurt by your vehicle. It can be tricky if you're alone, but if you have company and are reasonably sure of your innocence, its probably a good idea to offer to go to the police station / lodge a complaint at the local hospital.
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post

You would have to buy the 118NE for that pal.

But on a more serious note, now that you mention it...I remember 90% of the cars I saw in the States had the key on the inside i.e. away from the door. I distinctly remember starting my LHD Accord with my right hand.

I believe the key is on the right side for ergonomic reasons since majority of the population is right handed. As a result in a LHD vehicle the key will be automatically away from the door. That's not the case with RHD vehicles. Operating the key with left hand will be a slight inconvenience. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.
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