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Originally Posted by rjstyles69 View Post
Benny I am re-iterating, please dont fall for this. They only talk when there are others around. Take one chap on and you will see how the others shut their trap and leave.Come on man, they cant touch you.

I have been there experienced it and know how it works.Simply ask the on-lookers to leave and their opinions are un-invited.

Hold your ground and talk,you will be surprised to see these retards finding their way out with their tails between their legs.
Riju, Thats a very valid point. During the entire melee that ensued, the concerned auto driver didnt make any unwanted noises, as he probably knew that he shouldnt have been doing the speeds he was. If he was alone, i am sure he would have agreed to this, and gone on his way, taking his mentally injured self and vehicle with him. However, with every so-called passerby taking on his cause and with the arrival of the auto goons he would have been ensured of victory in his favor, and compensation which he didnt deserve. He thus danced to their tunes.

As far as laying their hands on me goes, i dont think that would have happened. Barking dogs seldom bite, is what i have learnt. However, what could have happened, is some sort of extra damage to the car, which is the easiest thing they can do. With almost anyone there being unacounted to anyone else beside him, no one would/could be held accountable for any damage which may have been caused. All would just feign ignorance of the other, although they may even be the best of chums. With even the so-called law enforcers turning a blind eye, who would hold them accountable anyways?

Taking one at a time.. thats happens only in Indian movies, and not in the everyday world, which is why the mob mentality was born in the first place.

@nikki: I made the same point to my wife when we got back home. I pay all my taxes on time.. so much that i am even paying for taxes on the repairs which will be carried out on my car now. Yet, when i need the cops, their number doesnt go through, and i also need to fear for my families life from people who are supposed to be doing service to the rest of the community, rather than try and oppress other fellow-beings.

@ Riju: Replying to your post below here : Even trying hard to talk with one at a time was a rather torrid affair. They just refuse to allow that.. the gangsters i mean. They insist i talk to a group as a whole. Using the Telugu influence, i was able to rid some of them as it restricted the range of people who knew the language. Worked in Marathalli which is a Telugu dominated area, dunno what to do anyplace else. But, NOW i know. Thanx guys, those who sent me your numbers.

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Taking one at a time
My beloved bro' I meant engaging on a one on one convo'
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Firstly like to wish you a very "Happy Anniversary"

What happened on sunday was a very sad incident, i guess something like this can shake up anyone and a situation which none would like to face.
anyhow think you handeled it well and out of it. but i think you should have logged a complaint to avoid any future complications.

Have a great day and let the sundays incident pass.
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Thats seriously sad, Dont worry much about it, In life there are much in store. I had a more bitter experience, We brought an Aveo on oct 06 and was travelling from bangalore to my native place (Salem, TN) to show it to my Mom (Till then My mom dont know we have got a car, A good surprise for her) but to my surprise/shock, while i parked the car in Dharmapuri main signal( the one outside the bus stand) I have parked it on the left extreme of the road for having a cup of tea, IT was mid day 11 o clock, One town bus rammed into my car (taken on that day only) on the driver side as he wanted to take a free left, down the mud road next to the thar road. almost All of the right side has gone, breaking the mirror, severe dents in the doors and a Big cut through the bumper.. But the Driver is not even worried about the mistake and he said these kind of things will happen in road!! What a strange answer and being a new car i didnt want to start with FIR on day 2 :(

The insurer is Iffko-Tokyo and it seems like they have done with the nice job, Cashless and i paid some amount for the fiber part alone.
After this incidence i am double careful!!! . My mom was shocked to see this and was insisting on doing some pooja for the same, Thats a different story.
So, bebbsb Dont worry about these Issues. Take care,
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Sorry about what happened ben. I feel there is just no use arguing with the cabbies/auto guys. If something happens, all of a sudden there will be dozen other cabbies with them and you ll be surrounded by them. And that is quite a frightful situation.
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Originally Posted by suman View Post
In that case Finney, please read RKS comments to which I specifically replied - "In this case the auto driver should probably have seen the car's indicator and slowed down to let benbsb29 go, but he failed"
This point is still valid even in the present case wherein the auto rammed the car from front. And it has been clarified by Benny that the indicator was indeed turned on. But as I said, sometimes at night it is possible to miss the front indicators of a car due to the glare of headlights. This is especially true when indicators are relatively weak and located right below the headlights. And judging speed/distance at night can also be dodgy.
Originally Posted by suman
Please don't generalize out of context. Cheers!
Sorry about that. It is only the bit about rear/side-view mirrors that was out of context. But I didn't realize that at that time as I had wrongly assumed that Benny's car got hit from behind as he was turning left into some side road (it was not quite clear from his original post, as he did mention an L-turn). As finneyp pointed out, the first point I made is still within context and very much valid, as was the bit about indicators.
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Hello Mr. Ben.. sad incident.. Happy anniversary though.. dont worrry, seeing your car back to normal is what will bring you back to normal..
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Happy anniversary !
Bad experience Benny. Wish nobody has to go through such ordeals.
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happy anniversary! mr benny.... its a shame that cops here dont take any responsibility to help the victim... sorry to hear about what happened, and scary too.
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Ok enough with all that deadwood talk. Happy anniversary Benny Njoy the evening. Take your wife to a nice hotel and treat her to a special anniversary cake as well.
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benbsb29 really sad incident & a very bad timing indeed. Thank god every one was safe physically. I am sure the car would be back to previous condition. Like someone said take a good break & celebrate you anniversary
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Originally Posted by suman View Post
I know what you mean......I get it at times, a vague uneasiness that just doesn't go till something happens (or doesn't...) and then - BINGO, its gone. I'm a little extra cautious now whenever I get this
Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
Suman, I just cant keep mu mouth shut when i get that tingling effect. Keep going around saying something is going to happen. And it does. Wifey has requested me to keep my mouth shut and be more apprehansive from now on.

ESP, folks, i think you guys are blessed with more than your share of it.
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Sorry for the whole incident Ben. Cheer up and get over it.

One pathetic behaviour among us. In case of accident, regardless of whose mistake it is, the bigger vehicle is always blamed. Auto / taxi walas have unions who infact terrorise people.
Its really disturbing.
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Originally Posted by dadu View Post
Yeah! if both owners in the accident turn up the poilce officer will first try to get an amicable solution and if not, then try to ascertain who is at fault and seize both vehicles. Then a person from RTO guy will come and ascertain the details and write a report on who's fault.
He will give a report which the PS will attach with the FIR. If no physical injury is there, the person responsible's 3rd party insurance can be evoked but its a lot of paperwork and the police itself does not want to get into it so they suggest that both owners get the damage repaired from their insurance.

If its a physical injury then it goes on to the Judiciary system which is a long path to follow in itself.

But glad all of you, including the passenger and the rick driver are safe, life is precious.
The reporting to police system does not work. I tried it a couple of weeks ago; the rickshaw driver fled the scene after crushing my car's rear bumper from one side. It was a Saturday and they said i have to leave my car behind until Monday when the RTO guy may come to certify the damage. The auto was also not listed on their computer database (how useless is that?) so they said they wouldnt be able to trace the auto until someone went to the RTO office on Monday. Finally, the cops convinced me to just record the accident for insurance purposes (i know it is not required). I was also not about to claim the expense and lose out on my No claim bonus (double the amount). So, ended up, reluctantly, saving the cops some amount of work. Kaamchors......

It is absolutely ridiculous how much nonsense the legal (judicial and police) system puts us thru.

Glad to hear you & wifey are ok, though. That was a big knock your car took. When my Esteem doors were hit by another car trying to park next to it sometime back (couple of years ago), it only cost me 10k for both doors. At the same time, I had also gotten one side panel (front) re-painted. So why should your repair bill cost you 21k? Which car is this? perhaps you should get another quote. This ganging-up mentality of auto/taxi/bus drivers can be scary. I have recently experienced it so i can understand why you both are shaken up.

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Dude ! Oh Man. I cant emphathise enough. Have been thru this numerous time. Chennai Auto wallahs in "Tambaram", Once with a Bangalore fella in "Malleswaram", and finalli sadi dilli "Malviya nagar" too.

Each time the situation took the same ugly turn. The only option is to drive with extreme extreme caution. Pre-empt every move, coz dude however great a driver you are someone will still find a way to bump into you.

The worst part is we subject ourselves to the same damn torture. Was I not man enough to stand up to this ****,..could I have not known anyone ""important"", hell why wasn't I a gangaster myself .

But dude trust me its really alright,..you did pretty okay,..having been thru this you are a stronger man cos what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?? !!

On a lighter note, silent initimidation has its own merrits and has worked for me in plenty a occasion. What defintely could help matters is upgrading to a mean ride. Probably why Iam in touch with rrnsss to figuire out how to get me one of those Gurkhas, in OG's (Olive green) with a fording air intake.

Cheers Man, a cold beer and some time in the sun with friends is what you need !!
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