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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Done version 2.0 of solo long drive from Boston to San Franciso in October 2012, this time covering all states in northern usa on I-90 and I-80 for a total distance of 3200 miles.

Completed the drive in 3.5 days and the ride for this trip was 2010 Highlander.

Also done a group drive from Grand Canyon to San Francisco in May 2012.

Originally Posted by k-swifter View Post
I have few long drives in the past few years and all of them happened to be in US only.
  • Los Angeles to Boston in 2004; solo drive took 5 days (with breaks for sleep in motels) and total distance came to 3250 miles approx on trip meter
  • San Antonio to Los Angeles in 2004; total time approx 18 hours and another person with me. That was 3rd time I ever drove a car on road after getting license just 2 weeks before. Total distance came to 1500 miles approx.
  • New York to Atlanta in 2004 beginning; approx 17 hours nonstop drive, I was just a passenger as I did not know car driving. If I remember correctly it was around 1300 miles
  • Boston to Washington D.C. in 2006; group of 4 people and distance was around 750 miles
  • Boston to Ottawa, solo drive in later 2006 and total distance was 800 miles approx.
  • Apart from above I was a purely a passenger on German autobahns and the longest is Hamburg to Stuttgart.
  • Most exciting drive in terms of speed was from Munich to Stuttgart on autobahn, as a passenger, in a 250,000 euro Mercedes Benz. Other than aeroplane I have never seen such acceleration in a car. The creature comforts cannot be matched even in business class on aeroplane.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

21st Feb 2010: Longest ever drive single handedly in a day, 844kms in 17 hours. Noida to Indore in my humble Indica DLX (2004 model)

We had planned to leave Noida at 05:00am in the monring, because we were to begin our longest single stretch journey till date, Noida to Indore. We managed to leave by 06:13am in the morning. We hit the Mathura Rd junction after 8kms. After @ 184 kms we reached Agra at 09:20am (after crossing Palwal, Hodal, Kosi, Vrindavan & Mathura). This stretch of NH2 was very good, 4-laned, except for the initial stretch of Mathura rd where lot of flyovers were under construction. Went through Agra city, Agra Cant to reach the Gwalior Rd. After crossing Dholpur, Chambal, Murena we reached Gwalior at 12:28pm. There were a couple of diversions here due to the ongoing road expansion work. Took a tea break just beyond the Chambal bridge. The Chambal basin terrain is very unique, with small mounds of hills dotting the landscape. The road from Gwalior to Devas was a nightmare, barring some sections most of the stretch is riddled with potholes. When we were nearing Guna, driving through the town we had a near miss. We were at 50kmph, when a truck crossed us & suddenly two young bike riders emerged in front of our car from nowhere. They were tailgating the truck & took a sharp right turn, without realizing that there could be another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, ie our car. My reflexes saved the day for us, I put my right foot firmly on the brake pedal & the car came to a grinding halt. Those two thoughtless chaps whiz past our car, without bothering to look back to us. The onlookers were as surprised as were we, but not the two bikers. NH3 over here was a single road with heavy traffic. Saw lot of accidents in this stretch, mostly involving trucks. I could hardly see any cars, this being a desolute road, dotted with jungles & barren land. No habitats for several kilometers. Was a bit scary, reached Shajapur at 08:42pm. From there the road to Devas & further to Indore was very good. Reached my destination at 11:15pm. This stretch of 844kms was covered in almost 17 hours. I felt a bit exerted for the last 20-25kms, while driving on the Devas-Indore 4-lane road, though this stretch was very good I had to put in extra effort to be alert & not lose my concentration. Finally reached home safely. Had light dinner & went to bed at 00:45am.

Distance covered-844km, Driving Time-16:22 hours, Stoppage Time-00:40 hours

Sharing some pictures:

EnRoute Indore - NH3
Longest Drives!-enroute-indore.jpg

Chambal River
Longest Drives!-chambal-river.jpg

Chambal Basin-1

Longest Drives!-chambal-basin1.jpg

Chambal Basin-2

Longest Drives!-chambal-basin2.jpg

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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Did my first long distance car trip, Gurgaon - Thane in ~20 hours.

Longest Drives!-392888_10151514823817485_1383670868_n.jpg
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

There are many to list.

1. Pune-Bangalore - ~ 850 kms in 2006 in my first car, Ford Ikon 1.3 Flair - 16 hours (this was when the GQ stretch was under construction and a lot of diversions were in effect)
2. Bangalore-Pune - in the return leg of the first trip but via Chitradurga - Hampi - Koyna - Bijapur - Solapur. Did this over two days, distance approximately 1100 kms with an overnight halt at Bijapur, KA.
3. October 2007 - Wifey and yours truly embarked on a road trip for about a month out of which we spent about 12-14 days in our native place in UP. Onward trip was approx. 1600 kms Pune - Ahmednagar - Jalna - Wardha - Nagpur - Seoni - Jabalpur - Reva - Allahabad - Jaunpur - Azamgarh with an overnight halt in Nagpur.
Return journey was more leisurely. Azamgarh - Faizabad - Lucknow - Agra - Jaipur - Ahmedabad - Vadodara - Bharuch - Surat - Thane - Navi Mumbai - Pune. Total distance covered approximately 2500 kms over a period of 10-12 days with halts ranging from 1-2 nights at some of the tourist spots enroute. Overall trip distance ~ 4300 kms. Car - Ford Ikon 1.3 Flair.
4. May 2009 - This was more a necessity than a trip. Pune - Azamgarh (U.P) and back. Total distance ~3200 kms. Onward journey was Pune - Ahmednagar - Jalna - Wardha - Nagpur - Seoni - Jabalpur - Reva - Mirzapur - Varanasi - Jaunpur - Azamgarh. Return trip was the same route inverted. Car - Mitsubishi Lancer SLxi.
5. Feb 2012 - A motorcycle ride ~ 3000 kms over 8 days. Route - Pune - Satara - Kolhapur - Belgaum - Chitradurga - Tumkur - Bangalore - Hosur - Salem - Karur - Coimbatore - Ooty - Kohzikode - Mangalore - Udupi - Hubli - Kolhapur - Satara - Pune. Motorcycle - Royal Enfield Classic 500.
6. November 2012 - Navi Mumbai to U.P and back. Total distance ~ 3400 kms. Onward route Navi Mumbai - Thane - Nashik - Indore - Bhopal - Sagar - Damoh - Reva - Allahabad - Jaunpur - Azamgarh. Return trip, the route was different, Azamgarh - Faizabad - Lucknow - Jhansi - Shivpuri - Indore - Nashik - Thane - Navi Mumbai. Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 S.

Longest single day drives would be:
1. 900 kms in approximately 17 hours from Lucknow - Indore - Nov 2012
2. 850 kms in approximately 16 hours from Pune - Bangalore - 2006
3. 800 kms in approximately 16 hours from Nagpur - Azamgarh - 2007 and 2009

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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive has been 2950 kms during my Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi run in my Chevrolet Beat. This was a solo road trip and was done last May.

The most I have covered in a day is 920 Kms between Delhi-Himmat Nagar(Gujrat) from 4.30 am to 8 pm. Following pic is of Udaipur-Himmatnagar highway
Attached Thumbnails
Longest Drives!-optimized212.jpg  

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Hi TeamBHPians,

My longest single day drive till date has been, approx 950 kms (Gandhinagar, Guj to New Delhi) in my Alto in about 13 hrs.

I had also done the same journey on my Pulsar 150 in about 16 hrs for about 840 kms (had used the NH 8 via Nathdwara, Raj)

TrBut the long journey with night halts was in June/July 2010 in my Alto. It was from Gandhinagar, Guj to Guwahati, Assam with a small detour to Uttarakhand. The day wise itinerary of the journey is as,

Day 1: Gandhinagar to Delhi : 950 kms

Day 2: Delhi to Mussoorie : 290 kms

Day 3: Mussoorie to Gangotri : 340 kms

Day 4: Gangotri to Rishikesh : 290 kms

Day 5: Rishikesh to Delhi : 240 kms

Day 6: Delhi to Varanasi : 773 kms

Day 7: Varanasi to Siliguri : 725 kms

Day 8: Siliguri to Guwahati : 380 kms

That's in total of 3988 kms approx. The distance is in approx as I did not maintain a log and didn't click any pics for a travelogue. As I was travelling alone the only thing running in my head was. How much could I cover before it was dark.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Pune - Hosur: 906 kms. This took me about 14 hours I think.

This was Day 1 of our 9 day road trip where we covered a total distance of about 3,200 kms. I drove the entire time and the maximum distance was covered in the 1st day.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Pune-Kottayam-Pune/: ~1300kms one way, 2004 Indica DLS, 4 ppl,Full luggage,Food breaks,Rest breaks. In 2006 :In 29hrs (both times)

Pune-Hoshiarpur via Ajmer,Rajasthan : 1900kms one way,2004 Indica,4ppl,Full luggage,visiting relative on the way,Food,Rest and Stay breaks.In 2006 : in 3 days

Hoshiarpur-Kottayam via Mumbai,Bangalore : 3300 kms one way,2004 Indica,3 ppl(including Nimz fellow BHPian),Full luggage,Some stops. In 2008 : 3 days.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Bangalore - Pune (850 Kms approx). Door to Door (BTM to Chandni Chowk) - 15 hours. 5 stops - overall about 1.5 hours. Driving time - 13.5 hours.

Pune - Bangalore was far slower. 18 hours (an additional 2.5 hour break in Belgaum) but encountered much more traffic (both car and truck).
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest trip till date is 1816 kms in a Toyota Etios petrol. Places covered - Kolkata- Malda- Darjeeling- Pelling- Holong- Siliguri- Bhagalpur - Kolkata. It was a 9 days trip with my family.
Longest drive in single day till date is 809kms in a Maruti Alto. Started at 5 pm from Bangalore went to Cochin first, from there we moved to Munnar, from Munnar we headed to Allepy. Reached Allepy at 12pm. It was a 19 hours drive including small breaks at Cochin and Munnar.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Have driven over 1000 kms in a day (16-18 hrs including breaks) thrice so far

1) Mumbai to Ratangarh : 1337 kms (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...s-6500kms.html (Ladakh: A sojourn to the roof of the world…over 21 days and 6500kms!!))

2) Mumbai to Hassan : 1093 kms (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...uth-india.html (Southern Odyssey : 5000 kms through South India))

3) Mumbai to Jailsalmer : 1100 kms (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...rajasthan.html (Royal Rajasthan - A 4200km road trip through Rajasthan))
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive was from Trivandrum to (Navi) Mumbai - 1700KM Solo trip, last November in 2009 Punto.

Started late and halted at Salem the first day. Next day was the longest i have driven in a single day Salem to Satara (~940KM). The rest 230 KM done in the 3rd day.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

although i may have done many drives but the longest one was from Ranchi to New Delhi. Total distance was 1224 Kms. Started at 5 AM in morning and reched my residence at 1230 in the night.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drives were really long...
  1. Bangalore to Ranchi ( 2200 kms - one way)
  2. Ranchi to Manali (2600 kms - one way)

Both the drives were as beautiful as it can be. You can let me know if you have any queries for these routes. In the first Bangalore Ranchi drive i drove almost on NH 5 which some deviations in Vizag(Ocean Road). Second one, from Ranchi Manali was mainly on NH 2, NH 1 and NH 21.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Had to attend friends wedding which was just 2 weeks prior to MY WEDDING. Initially, I had no plans to attend her wedding, as I was myself busy in my wedding plans and shopping.

I should say, I almost decided to attend her wedding at last minute. Her wedding was around 1 AM (yes AM Andhra wedding are bound to happen in nights or way too early in the mornings).

I decided around 10am in the morning, so had to take out my most trusted car, Skoda Laura and drive. Started around 11am from Bangalore SOLO and reached the destination which was 810 kms at one stretch in 9-10hrs including quite a few stops here and there.

Name:  Route.JPG
Views: 1378
Size:  54.9 KB

Attended her wedding and started back to Hyderabad to my cousins place around 2 AM, now accompanied by few of my friends relatives.

Reached Hyd around 10am (a sedate driving due to traffic and tiredness) took 6 hrs to cover 410kms

Name:  Route2.bmp
Views: 1419
Size:  846.9 KB

Took some rest, visiting all relatives and invited them all personally for my wedding, did my wedding shopping in Hyderabad. Took a day off from traveling and met few friends and partied hard.

That night came back to my cousin's place around 12 midnight and left his house at 5.30am early morning and reached my Bangalore residence at 10am. My cousin called up to ask about my whereabout at 10am which is when I was having my breakfast.

This entire trip goes back among my top long solo drives in my diary, due to many challenges of time constraints and being extensively active throughout without much rest.

NOTE: At any given point of time or under any situation I have never consumed alcohol during this entire journey and yes I did exceed my speed limits while being extra cautious in all aspects.

ONLY RED BULL/Water were my beverages along with few fruits/dates

Mod Note: Post edited. Team-BHP strongly discourages unsafe driving practices that put yourself and other road users at risk. Please do NOT post about illegally high speeds on public roads.

We advise you to read the Forum Rules before proceeding any further.

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