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Old 26th April 2014, 09:20   #376
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Longest ride (no drive yet) - roughly 3300 kms.

Bangalore - Bhubaneshwar - Konark - Puri and back to Bangalore.
Took me 4 days (2 days each way). Took a break of 2 days in between to explore places near Bhubaneswar.

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Years back drove from Goa to Mumbai in a day. That was a long time back in our The Grand Ambassador. Eventually drove up to Shimla and back to Goa. Subsequently, drove to all the 4 dhams in Uttrakhand in a Premier Padmini Car and later onto katra (Vaishno Devi) from Delhi. In the recent past also drove to Kanyakumari from Delhi and back during which I drove to Mumbai from Delhi at a stretch and then from Bangalore to Pune and also from Goa to Ernakulamin in one stretch. Both were night drives. This was done with my Maruti Sx4. Have also driven from Pune to Mt. Abu (2009) with my 7 year Maruti Van covering a distance of about 1050 km in one day. This was my longest. Did Delhi Kolkata with a over night halt at Varanasi.

Guys, planning to drive to Nagpur from Delhi in one stretch in mid May 2014. Would love to have valuable inputs. Chow!

What car did you drive. Its indeed a long one. Could you share some details please.

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My longest drive was back in 2010 from Hyderabad to Aurangabad in my WagonR. It took me about 11 hours. Had started 5 am and reached Aurangabad at 4 pm. This was so far the longest that I drove at a stretch.

Wow ! That's a really LONG journey. Could you please share some more details like where did you stay en route, how much did you cover in a day, how is the road condition? How many drivers etc. Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive:

Bangalore -> Dornala -> Srisailam> Hyderabad -> Ongole -> Tirupati -> Bangalore.

Almost 1600+ KMs drive (read as crazy drive) in 2.5 days with breaks as below -

1. One night halt at Dornala for about 6 hours (from 1am - 7am as the road to Srisailam closed)
2. Temple Visit to Srisailam
3. Late lunch at Chutneys, Secunderabad (for just meeting a friend)
4. Tea breaks at Narkatpalli, Addanki
5. Picking parents at Nellore at 2am
6. 3 hours power nap at Tirupati from 5am - 8am (much needed break as was driving/awake continuously for almost 20+ hours)
7. Lunch break at Vellore
8. Reached E-City by evening to attend a doctor's appointment for my kid.


1. Two nights sleep loss
2. Restlessness
3. Tired
4. Baby got sick in the journey

Lessons Learned:

1. Plan your trip well, and don't start with kids if no proper planning is done. And stick to the plans
2. Babies are delicate so plan your trip with ample breaks

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Originally Posted by Schoudhury View Post
First of all,would like to wish you both a very happy married life .
I did airport to airport in about 6 hours, but to do starting point to destination in less then 5 hours must have been real fun .
I think blore - hyd is one of the best routes to drive .
What speeds you were doing bdw ? last time we went for a Tbhp meet to kurnool , we noticed Santros doing 120+ on that route , lol

Thanks for the wishes Choudhury.

During my 5L plus kms of driving experience so far in my life, traveling 1100kms in good speeds doesn't mean I am a very fast driver. Mods might consider this as I have endorsed speeds, which is actually not the case.

In everyone's driving experience, I would vouch for the fact that everyone or the other might have come across GOOD straight roads with No traffic and would have done speeds like 140 Plus in such stretches.

Yes, I did 200 while being cautious at the same time as I had got a window of opportunity to do so due to strike in the Andhra state and no people venturing out until I reached bangalore.

It just happened, and might not happen once again, who knows.

Drive Safe. Cheers

Longest Drive? I think 8000 kms of sheer driving experience and pleasure takes it's apt place to mention here.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...-thar-4x4.html (7939 Kms, 2 Different Routes, 10 States and 1 Thar 4x4)

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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive in a car is 815 Kms (Chhindwara - Pune)

Longest ride in a bike is 525 Kms (Indore - Nagpur)

Both were done in a day
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Just 20 days back I did Rajamundhry, AP to Giridh, JH almost 1500 Kms in 26 hours (including 1.5 hours of break + other short breaks). My car was Tata Safari. Started Rajamundhry around 6 AM and reached Giridih next day around 8:30 AM.

This is longest drive for me in one stretch. There are many in the range of 1000 - 1100 Kms in a day.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive :

5000 Km (Route Bangalore-Pune-Ellora-Jaipur-Bikaner-Udaypur-Ahamadabad-Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore)

Longest in a single day : Ellora to Jaipur 960 km.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive :
Done this twice, once in Innova and recently in my Fortuner. Used the Naya Jagganath sadak in 2012 and it was third degree touture for my Innova. Went there with my fortuner this May to see how it takes that Grind. THEY CHEATED ME and laid the road.

Longest drive 2 : Bangalore-Shirdi and back

Longest drive in a single day : Aurangabad [MH] to Bangalore - Close to 1100 KM. [20+ hours behind the wheel with breaks thrown in. Wife did not complain as the next day there was a big function at home and we had to return.]

Longest drive in future : Bangalore-Ladakh/Leh in August'14
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My long drive 2100 kms trip.
Thane- ahmedabad -dawarka (gujarat)-diu and back to thane in 4 days.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive

Bangalore - Delhi - Bangalore in 14 days

Total distance approx 5555 kms from Bannerghatta Road - Rohini (via NH4, NH8) -Driving around NCR - Karnal - Noida - Yamuna Expressway - Bannerghatta Road (via NH7)

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Tuljapur to Bangalore in 11 hours 40 days ago. I was the sole driver :-)


Over multiple days, it's Maharashtra road trips. Thrice in 4 years. Each trip averaged 2500-3000 km. The first time was 3500km

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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Due to a sudden death in our immediate family ended up in travelling to Andhra Coastal region over the past two weekends by car.

Route Details:

Bangalore-> Chennai -> Nellore -> Vijayawada -> Bhimavaram -> Palakollu -> Razole -> A remote village 25 kms away from Razole

Distance: Around 1100 Kms one way
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Singapore to Bangkok and after a two day break to Hanoi. Flew out of Hanoi.
Proton Wira Aeroback 1.6 all the way. 3200 kms of excellent roads.

Total driving time 43 hrs. Never exceed speed 115 kmph. Mileage 16.72 kmpl with AC all the way.

Perth - Adeliade - 2750 km at one go 30 hrs two drivers spelling each other in a Holden Commodore never exceed speed 120 kmph.

in India, Amritsar Bangalore via Ratangarh 2750 kms over three days.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Longest drive was this March. A 15 days road trip from Navi Mumbai with family (self + wife and 2 kids).
Route taken was Navi Mumbai -> Chittorgarh -> Jaipur -> Gurgaon -> Mussorie -> Agra -> Udaipur -> Navi Mumbai.
Total distance 4100 kms.
Vehicle used : Honda City (CNG version). CNG is available throughout Gujarat, Delhi, Meerut & Agra.
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