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Old 1st August 2014, 18:10   #406
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive was on the costal belts of Tamil nadu from Bangalore.

Started from Bangalore - Palani - Erode - Dindigul - Madurai - Kanyakumari - Tuticorin - Rameshwaram - Nagapatinum - Karaikal - Chidabaram - Pondy - Chennai - Bangalore.

Kanyakumari to Chennai ,I was traveling close to sea.

Car - Swift
Max Speed - 130 kmph
Distance - 2300 kms.
Duration - 1 week
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My longest drive was in July this year :


Appx : 1200KMs in Verna fluidic
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Default Re: Longest Drives!


My longest drive (alone) was done between Mumbai & Bangalore this March on my Honda Amaze
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Longest drive at a stretch is Bangalore-Vizag 1100 Km in August 21st, 2013.
bangalore : 6.45 AM
Vizag: 3.30 AM

Longest trip sofar : 7500Km, 25 days across 9 states from March21st 2014 to April 14th, 2014
Bangalore-mantralayam-sannati-Ganagapur-Akkalkot-Tuljapur-Ambajogai-Parli_nanded-Mahuri-Omkareswar-ujjain-Bhopal_Bhojpur-Bhimbekta-sanchi-Kahjuraho-Maihar-Allahabad-Varanasi-Lumbini(Nepal)-Kushinagar-Kesariya-Vaishali-Patna-Gaya-Rajgir-Nalanada-Pawapuri-Deoghar-Bishnupur-Jajapur-Bhubaneswar-Puri-Konark-Taratarini-Taptapani-Brahmapur-Mandasa-Meliaputti-Gotta Barrage-Srimukhalingam-Vizag-Bangalore
Car Indica Vista 2008. Odo 84K at the start and 91.5K at the end
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive (done myself) would be:-
Bangalore->Jog Falls->Karwar->Teerthahalli (840kms approx - done over a period of 4 days) *.

My longest travel by car (where I only drove for a short time) would be:-
1. New Delhi->Amritsar->Wagah->Pathankot->Patni Top->Sri Nagar->Zoji La pass->Drass ->Kargil->Lamayuru->Leh->Khardung La pass->Koksar->Manali->New Delhi ( 2760km - over a period of 7 days)

* This trip made relook at my planning style. Half a day pretty much went on driving the vehicle, and we had less time for sight seeing or relaxing.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive was from Mumbai-Panhala-Kolhapur-Kaas-Mumbai (approx 850 kms) done over a period of 2 days with a night stay at Kolhapur. Previous maximum was from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar (250 kms).
Looking forward to a drive to mighty Leh sometime in the future!
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive is coming now.
Bangalore --> Hyderabad --> Nagpur. There is a slight detour so a total of 1300kms one way.
Car : XUV
Will post a travelogue and important information that may be useful to others.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

my longest drive is from San Francisco to Grand Canyon via LA and LV and back - All in a matter of four days. I had a Ford Mustang at my disposal.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

At a stretch one way- non stop is around 750 kms done in May 2014
Trivandrum- nagercoil - Madurai - salem - Bangalore. Left Tvm at 5am and reached Bangalore at 5pm

If round trip then the longest again will be accumulation of the same trip:

Bangalore - Angamaly (after 3 days)- Angamaly - Kottayam, (after one day) - Kottayam - Trivandrum, (after 1 day) - Trivandrum - Kollam - Trivandrum, (after 3 days) Trivandrum - Bangalore. About 2000 kms or slightly more.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Two of the long single day drives this year are:

1. Ahmedabad to Sri Ganganagar about 1100 km, started at 0430 hours from Ahmedabad and reached at 2100 hours.

2. Panjim to Ahmedabad about 1080 km, started from Panjim at 0415 and arrived in Ahmedabad at 2200 hours.

The longest in terms of time taken was from Ahmedabad to Panchmadi (MP) with a travel time of 20 hours, the journey started at 0400 from Ahmedabad and ended at 2400 hours. The distance was about 850 km, but the roads were not great.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Though I love to drive for some long distances, I would not stretch it more than 300 KM or 5-6 hours in a day for some obvious reasons .
I have done numerous drives ranging around 300 Km viz Hyd- Vijayawada, Hyd- Guntur, Hyd-Kurnool..
But the longest distance or if I could say the longest time for which I drove in a single day was Hyderabad - Karimnagar- Ramagundam - Karimnagar- Hyderabad with some detours that amounted to almost 500 KM . And this , I assume is quite remarkable for me because this was done a couple of months after I learnt to drive . But I was heavily exhausted at the end of the day and literally fell on my cot when I was back home.
But i guess I did almost the same distance after a year in Bengaluru- Shravanabelagola- Halebeedu-Belur-Hassan- Bengaluru which again is around 500 KM but I realized the drive did not really tire me [ even after climbing the hill of Shravanabelagola] . And this might be due to better roads, better car or a bit of time behind the steering.
I guess my brain programmed itself not to tire much while driving .
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Originally Posted by carChef View Post
My longest drive is coming now.
Bangalore --> Hyderabad --> Nagpur. There is a slight detour so a total of 1300kms one way.
Car : XUV
Will post a travelogue and important information that may be useful to others.
Has the travelogue gone live here? If not, request you to start penning down the entire experience.
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My longest single day drive has to be between Bengaluru to Mumbai on my Astar ZXi

Bengaluru - Hubli - Belgaum - Kolhapur - Pune - Mumbai

Left Bengaluru at 4 am from JP Nagar, drove via NICE Road and reached Malad West, Mumbai at 22:00. Exhausted and crashed on the bed after this drive and it was definitely because of the car. Have done a similar drive in a vento and was not that tired.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Longest Drive:

Chennai > Tirunelveli > Srivilliputtur > Tirunelveli > Chennai

A total of nearly 1500 Kms in three days. This includes pilgrimage to all Nava Tirupati temples around Tirunelveli including Thirukkurungudi.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

After a long time did Chennai - Nanguneri (30km further down Tirunelveli) - Chennai in 2 days (Dec 13 to and Dec 14 from) : some details as below

940 hrs started from Chennai (odo 30640kms)
957 hrs - 1012 am Diesel topup + air at Kathipara BPCL
1101 hrs - Paranur Toll plaza
1400 hrs - Trichy - Tanjore junction (Diary circle "pal pannai") - stopped to pick up my uncle and aunt. Had my break and had home food brought by uncle.

At this stage had covered 314 kms in 5.2hrs (avg speed 60kmph). Best stretch after Villupuram. Thanks to one Swift VDI who came out of the blue and zipped past - but have to admit he was a confident, safe and considerate driver. Never honked his way out, was patient at tolls and well behaved on roads allowing road events to pass rather than blast his way. I kept pace with him till Trichy Samayapuram toll - wanted to get down and compliment him, but perhaps he was in a hurry.

Pleasant climate, rains in some stretches - not too warm, less traffic and did not see any accidents. Also did not encounter any idiotic driving save for the occasional locals travelling wrong side. With experience learnt to be patient, kind and considerate and let it pass.

1445 hrs - started from Trichy Diary circle
1635 hrs - reached outer limit of Madurai - stopped at Hari Niwas - relief time and nice coffee for elders. Performed my evening oblations (prayers) at a secluded clean green place.
1730 hrs - resumed journey
1930 hrs - reached Nanguneri
Again eventless stretch, best stretch Madurai to Nanguneri - very scenic, soothing climate. 331kms in 5hrs (including 1 hour break) - avg speed excl break of 1 hour = 83kmph. (Odo close - 31285 kms)

Total journey stats : 645 kms in 10.2 hrs (including 2 hours break)
Average speed excl break : 80kmph.

Return Journey :
I had planned to leave around 1pm / 2pm but could not depart till 345pm. Reached Chennai at 0100 am, stats as below

1545 hrs - departed from Nanguneri
1625 hrs - Diesel top up (5 min)
1730 hrs - Madurai outer (same place Hari Niwas - coffee break)
1810 hrs - resumed journey
2110 hrs - Trichy - Tanjore junction (Diary circle "pal pannai")
Dropped off my uncle and aunt.
2125 hrs - resumed journey
2145 hrs - diesel topup (5 min)
0109 hrs - hit my car park... Thanks for a safe and enjoyable journey!

Overall 697 kms in 9.4 hrs (break 1.1hrs) = avg speed w/o break 84kmph
The initial start from Nanguneri - Madurai outer (first break) - was the best part - no disturbance at all.

Was eventless and did not encounter any awkward moments - less traffic, cool climate, no rains. Kept to good steady driving. Was extra sensitive to ensure - a) I remained cool, b) wait my turn for overtaking, or at toll c) never honked to show my irritation, did not allow adrenaline get the better of me d) forgave idiots with sympathy etc. e) when stepping onto highway was very patient to ensure to get on when road empty. f) engine braking rather than actual brakes - judge early and not lose sight. g) no phone calls while driving, i) when in doubt not doing it etc.... Having driven in Chennai, dealing and being a good person highways is easier.

Did not check my fuel efficiency though I am aware it is around 17-19.
Have to now add a few lines about the car - it really lived upto the speed and expectation. No body roll, excellent track behaviour, stable - planted on the road even on high speeds. At some straight stretches tested beyond 160kmph and have to say this car is a very good handler.

And the car is 1.2TDi SKODA FABIA - silver colour.

Sorry folks - as I was pressed for time, could not take time out for snaps. May be next time for sure.

One more piece - I miss out two things each time I do this stretch :

a) When returning from Tirunelveli towards Trichy - there are two routes : one via Dindugal and one via Madurai by pass. Each time I miss out the Madurai by-pass and this time too. So I lost some time and kms in this (50 kms - 1 hr). If we go via Dindugal it is 30kms extra but to get on to Chennai highway one has to go through city traffic in Trichy.

b) near Ulunderpet on the return there is a flyover which is slightly on the extreme left and if you dont plan ahead you may miss this, meaning extra 20 minutes to go round circle through traffic and can be confusing as this road also departs left to Salem. Did not miss this time though...

Trust this was informative.

Note from Support - Please avoid posting high speed figures unless it was achieved on a closed road such as a race track. Please read the forum rules (link) before submitting any more posts.

Last edited by GTO : 18th December 2014 at 13:29. Reason: No high speed references on Team-BHP
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