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Old 13th February 2010, 04:02   #31
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Mine was Delhi - Jaipur on M800 was real fun drive blasting my 800 to maximum on an avg speeed of 100km/hr. I will agree it becomes unstable after 100.

Delhi - Agra on Palio with 4 adults. Palio is really a good highway car.

Many trips of 800 miles to and fro South California and North California. Really fun to drive the scenic landscapes of California.
Los Angele to Vegas around 250 miles. At some points the road to Vegas is straight till you can see horizon as if the road ends at the end of world.

Have driven maximum of 8 hrs non stop distance (465miles) on one occasion without pee break.

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The longest drive in india so far has been delhi-277km-jaipur-277km-delhi-305km-ludhiana. The total distance covered 859kms with few hours stay at jaipur. The distance was travelled in Ford Endeavour with speed touching 160km/hr.

The longest drive abroad has been from vancouver to yuba city(California) 1341 km in a single day on Mercedes C240 with my dad. This is a trip that i will always cheerish as it was son-dad thing. Max speed touched was 210km/hr but average speed was 120km/hr.
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Did Delhi to Butwal (Nepal) via Mahendranagar in Nov'09 in the Indigo - 800 kms approx in 14 hours..
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Bangalore to Pune ~900 kms in 12 hours (4:30 am - 4:30 pm) with 3 pitstops of around 20 mins each in Innova. Great car and good roads. Max speeds will be around 140km/hr (150 on speedo). Around Hubli and Dharwad the roads were so good that we covered 100 kms in one hour.
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Did Chennai-Trivandrum (foolish solo night drive) in Oct 2007, 755 Kms one way; Did a continuous drive for 13 hours
Drive - WagonR, speeds as little as 145

Recent one, from Chennai-Kochi(little after Kochi) with Son 690Kms one way
Drive - WagonR, speeds upto 120

US - drove all way from Troy to Pittsburgh, back & forth, 320mi one way
Drive - Honda Civic, speed 100 mph in Ohio

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I have few long drives in the past few years and all of them happened to be in US only.
  • Los Angeles to Boston in 2004; solo drive took 5 days (with breaks for sleep in motels) and total distance came to 3250 miles approx on trip meter
  • San Antonio to Los Angeles in 2004; total time approx 18 hours and another person with me. That was 3rd time I ever drove a car on road after getting license just 2 weeks before. Total distance came to 1500 miles approx.
  • New York to Atlanta in 2004 beginning; approx 17 hours nonstop drive, I was just a passenger as I did not know car driving. If I remember correctly it was around 1300 miles
  • Boston to Washington D.C. in 2006; group of 4 people and distance was around 750 miles
  • Boston to Ottawa, solo drive in later 2006 and total distance was 800 miles approx.
  • Apart from above I was a purely a passenger on German autobahns and the longest is Hamburg to Stuttgart.
  • Most exciting drive in terms of speed was from Munich to Stuttgart on autobahn, as a passenger, in a 250,000 euro Mercedes Benz. Other than aeroplane I have never seen such acceleration in a car. The creature comforts cannot be matched even in business class on aeroplane.
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Did Hyderabad - Kolkata in 2007 in Accent CRDi- around 1500KMs in 28 hrs (including 6 hr break for sleep at vizag)
Did Hyderabad - Munnar in 2006 in Accent CRDi - around 1300KMs in 24hrs (non -stop)
I was the only person in the car for these two trips and had cds for company

Longest round trip would be Hyderabad - Shirdi - Pune - Mahabaleshwar - hubli - Dandeli - Hubli - Bangalore - Kurnool - Hyderabad. This trip was around 5000KMs . Note that this trip was for about 3 weeks and there was a lot of travelling withing each place. The 5000 KMs includes this travel. This trip was way back in 2002 in a friend's Accord.
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Did a CHN-KOL-CHN in Jan'10 in brand new 1 month old Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXI (Petrol)

Total Distance CHN-CCU residence-to-residence-1780 Kms one way.

16-Jan 7am -11 pm Chennai Home to Vizag Hotel
Distance covered 895Kms in 16 Hrs, with a total break time in between of appx 5 hrs
Overall Avg Speed appx 81 Kms/hr

23-Jan 5:30am -10:30 pm CCU Home to Vizag Hotel
Distance covered 880Kms in 17 Hrs, with a total break time in between of appx 5 hrs, incl 1 hr long break for dinner/rest at a COCO outlet some 60 kms before Vizag.
Overall Avg Speed appx 73+ Kms/hr.

24-Jan, 9:30am - 10:30pm, Vizag to CHN home
Distance Covered 900 Kms in 13 hrs, with 2 hrs break in between.
Overall Avg Speed appx 80 Kms/hr.

- Longest drive with only 15 min break for around 5 hrs between Chandikhol to CCU
- Top Speed attained : 160Kms in a long, straight stretch somewhere in Orissa for appx 10 secs
- Touched 140 frequently for 10-15 secs at various points

More details here : http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...ml#post1700474 (All Fiesta Owners - You are here)
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todays TOI paper Bangalore has a nice article about how a gentleman from Shillong drove 4000 kms plus upto Madras to get the best possible veterinary care for his pet Boxer dog -Bonxie. poor dog had a heart problem.
amazing the love people have for their pets - its a heartening thought in this otherwise horrible, callous world that we live in.
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Multiple BLR-TVM-BLR trips has to be the longest I have undertaken.

Distance ~850 kms. Time taken: in Santro it used to be 16 hrs, in Accent 14 hrs, in Civic 12 hrs (last did in Dec '09). All trips included breakfast, lunch & bio breaks.

Would love to do a GQ round trip & a Leh trip some time.

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I still remember the longest trip we had gone in 2003 in our Maruti Suzuki Omni.

We started from Linganamakki, near Jog Falls [Sharavathi Hydro-Electric Project in Shimoga district] at 5 am in heavy downpour of SW monsoon. We knew what was in store for us en route. So, we carried sufficient number of umbrellas.

Our route was: Linganamakki-Honnavara-Bhatkal-Idugunji-Maravanthe-Kollur-Udupi-Mangalore-Bangalore on NH 206/17/48. We had food-breaks at Bhatkal and Mangalore. We visited temples at Idugunji, Kollur and Udupi & Maravanthe beach in heavy downpour. Total distance travelled was 700 km. There was continuous downpour up to Hassan. I drove with my fog lamps on up to Hassan. We reached our Bangalore home at 4 am the next day [23 hours without any night halt]. I did the entire driving.

It was an unforgettable experience.
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Last year, the longest i drove in one single day would be from Delhi to shimla via chandigarh and back Shimla - Delhi in our black Opel AStra 1.6L mpfi . I departed from home at 0500 hrs, took the usual route one takes for approaching NH-1 and reached G.T Karnal at about 0710, where one stopped for 20 minutes at Haveli. From the moment one approached NH-1 to the end of panipat expressway , one could maintain an avg. speed of 90+ kmph with highest speed of 180 kmph on panipat expressway. After that it was difficult for me to maintain avg. speed of 60 kmph
on account of the fact that after panipat expressway the highway has 2 lane each side with trucks and Haryana Roadways Buses taking up space. At Dera bassi the markers clearly stated that those intending to go to Shimla must not take the incoming flyover --since it goes straight to Chandigarh-- but one took it simply because to me the road surface is good and one intended to go via Chandigarh . To cut the story short, one reached shimla at 1330 hrs which includes 20 min stop and in-between pause for neccessities . Promenaded the shimla mall road for an hour -- with my cousin, who accompanied me along this excursion!-- and came back to the car for my journey back. At 1500 , one started from shimla for Delhi, with only difference that on my way back one didnt went through Chandigarh and went through the usual route to new delhi. One reached home just 10 minutes before midnight, same day. Total Distance travelled if one goes by the markers, Delhi-chandigarh 310km, chandigarh to shimla 90 km= 400 km and back 400 x 2= 800km. The excursion was great for me, even though Opel astra is very good Highway cruiser, the downside is its lack of acceleration which became prevalent on hill drive.
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my longest drive was Ahmedabad to Noida (around 975 km i figure), done in 17.5 hrs, in a Lancer diesel which i had rented. Got held up badly on the jaipur delhi highway thanks to a jam caused by some accident, hence the long time taken.

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My Longest trip would be from Bangalore to Shiradi, it would be about 1100 Kms (I took the longest path to be on NH-4 as much as possible). It was in a M800 and the top speed I was able to do was 120. This was couple of years back and I had one stop over in Kolapur.
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valsad - delhi - 1400 odd kilometers - 19 hours
Swift Vdi(2 hundred thousand kilometers old - now sold)

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