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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Two long drives from Mumbai as part south tour circuits in the last year in my Tata Zest XT

First one
Mumbai - Tumkur (950 kms) in 14 hrs
Tumkur - Chennai (450 kms) in 6 hrs, next day
Chennai - Pondicherry - Coorg - Mysore - Udupi - Mumbai : Over 10 days

Second one
Mumbai - Goa - Bangalore - Chennai over 4 days
Chennai - Pandharkawda (1000 kms) in 16 hrs
Nagpur - Mumbai (800 kms) in 14 hrs after a week
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How did I miss this forum??
i have been a passionate driver since 1997 and a lot of drives I undertake are more like campaigns because of the distance and durations involved. I remember my early drives in my first car, a Maruti Esteem and those were the days when planning 500 km per day was an ambitious target to today when a 1000km per day is not entirely outrageous.

My most recent drives ie 2016 have been
1. Chandigarh-Jaipur-Ahemadabad-Pune-Goa-Bidar-Bhopal-Chandigarh. With the last leg being from Bhopal to Delhi, a distance of almost 1100 km in a day. And mind you this was with my wife and kids in tow.
2. Chandigarh-Lucknow-Siliguri-Varanasi-Chandigarh. This was solo.
Both these drives were in my XUV500 W8 FWD Refresh.

Sorry. In Set No. 1 the last leg was Bhopal to Chandigarh not Delhi.

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Default Re: Longest Drives!


Bangalore - Goa. 12hrs with usual breaks. Started at 0400hrs. Reached by 0400hrs. New year Eve 2016. Return was 2 days later. Took more time, thanks to traffic.

Trichy - Vallioor - Bangalore. Over 2 days. First leg, flat 5hrs. Second leg was with brunch break. With that took 9 hrs.

Bangalore - Mysore - Waynad: 4 hrs. Just tea breaks.

Hyderabad - Bangalore: 12hrs. Was driving slowly due to heavy two wheeler traffic that day. Plus, machine had some issues.

Delhi - Jaipur - Delhi: 4-5hrs with breaks
Delhi - Agra - Delhi: Don't remember time taken.

Chennai - Vallioor - Chennai: Several times.
Bangalore - Trichy - Bangalore: Several times
Delhi - Haridwar - Rishikesh: Several times.
Delhi - Nainital - Mukhteshwar - Delhi (This was driving on icy roads.)
Delhi - Mussouri - Haridwar - Delhi


With friends:
Delhi - Chakrata - Delhi.
Delhi - Lansdowne - Delhi.
Delhi - Nainital - Nepal - Delhi.
Delhi - Mathura - Delhi (NH - 2 & YEW).

Bangalore - Trichy - Bangalore

Currently planning Bangalore - Kathmandu - Siliguri - Thimphu - Shilling - Bangalore drive. Fingers crossed.
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Longest road trip Chandigarh to Bangalore. 2980 kilometres over 6 days. Chandigarh - Delhi - Udaipur - Daman - Kohlapur - Goa - Bangalore. Averaging around 500 kms a day in a Pajero SFX.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest solo drive was from Jubail to Yanbu in Saudi Arabia in 2016. 1714 km was covered in 15 hours.
In India was from Thrissur to Jamnagar in 1998. Approximately 2400 km. Covered in 4 days. 12 hour day driving only.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest drive is 1300 miles along with my friend when I relocated from Charlotte, NC to Dallas, TX last year. Me and my friend took the turns and driven non-stop.

We took the detour and went to Houston, TX where I dropped my friend in his sister's home and came alone to Dallas.

Started the journey around 6 in the evening from Charlotte and reached Dallas around 11:45 AM next day. Took a 1 hr break in Houston in my friend's sister home.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My longest one day drive based on following criteria are as follows
1. Tough terrain single handed - Kalpa to Chandimadir 2014, 350 kms. bad surface, hilly terrain start around 8 am end around 9 pm.
2. Fatigue: Munsiyari to beyond Almora 2010 (I forget the name of the place i stayed at night, some --- Road, stayed at GMVN on the banks of Kosi river) 250 kms, single handed no company.
3. Nightmares after a day's drive: Delhi to Uttarkashi 2009 450 kms. Bad road, Hilly terrain, little food, just after monsoon. Stayed at KMVN Uttarkashi. Did not have the energy/strength/will to proceed to Gangotri even after 2 days rest. This was one drive that tested my resolve, stamina, technique and everything else. Crossed heavy slush, raining stones (landslides), terrain (washed out roads) that fools would not traverse. single handed and alone. Started Delhi 4 am, reached Uttarkashi 7 pm. One thing for sure - Never again!
4. Pure Pleasure: Delhi to Bagdogra Sep 2017, 1500 km, two drivers, Start Delhi 3 am, Bagdogra midnight. Super Butter smooth Highways. Well nourished with home food and dhabas, well hydrated with losts of juices, tea, cold coffee, hot tea made on car kettle, super car (Etios, Petrol). Agra, Lucknow, Gorakhpur passed without one feeling the distance even one bit.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

These are my longest drives.

1. Anand (Gujarat) to Nainital. (Via Agra & Bairelly)
Car: Swift Dzire 2009
Distance: 1500 Kms
Time: 29 hours (with two hours stop at Agra)

2. Anand (Gujarat) to Mandi (HP) ( Via Rohtak)
Car: Duster AWD
Distance: 1400 Kms
Time: 24 hours.

3. Leh to Banihal (J&K)
Car: Duster AWD
Distance: 767 Kms.
Time: 19 Hours

Leh to Banihal was the most challenging drive for me. During this drive, we crossed Zoji la during the night, crossed civil unrest infected Srinagar.

4. Anand(Gujarat) to Jaisalmer (RJ)
Car: Santro Zip Drive
Distance: 650 Kms.
Time: 14 Hours
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Wow, Nice thread. How did I missed this.

Mine longest drives in a day - would be as following:

1. Pune (Wakad) to Mandsaur MP & return (multiple times & regular) Comes around 750 Kms (Safari with Wife & Aria with Parents).
2. Pune to Bhopal Thrice - 775+ KMs (Safari).
3. Pune to Indore (Multiple Times Safari/Aria - Twice in Esteem), Currently Every Alternate weekends (Next planned on 25th Jan).

Initially till Indore/Mandsaur was one day mad dash in Safari. However now my parents & Child travelling with me, is stop over at Dhulia (either direction travel). Start at around 4-5PM from Pune or Indore, Reach Dhulia by anywhere between 9:30 to 11 PM, sleep & resume next morning. Car is Aria with parents & Safari again with Wife & Daughter. A bit early start from Mandsaur between 12 or 2 PM.

Though Not a member Here (poor fellow - rejected multiple times) An avid car lover, my team member has done Pune to Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan) at one shot , around 1600KM in his Punto. . 1AM to 3AM next day Drive.
He was headed for Jammu.


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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Mine would be

Mahabaleshwar to Bangalore - with a detour for an hour to visit Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple. (773km) ~ 12.5hrs including the break
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Des Plaines to Rapid City round trip, close to 2000 miles in approximately 40 hours. My friend and I took turns. Visited Mount Washington, mystery spot and badlands. Left on Friday evening 5 PM and came back on Sunday 9 AM. The V6 on the impala was fantastic.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Well, there are plenty of them for me, each of the trips that I do are always driven by me solely.

Year 2011
Punto MJD

Delhi-Jaipur-Pushkar-Ajmer + Return journey same day.
Approx 900 kms in 19 hours.

Year 2013
Punto MJD

Approx 1200 kms

Year 2015
Punto MJD

Approx 1100kms

Laura TDI

Every Year thrice I do this circuit. As "leaving home always means leaving with your feet, never with your heart".
Approx 630kms in 11 hours.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

My single day longest drives (both in 2017):

Gurgaon to bareilly and back: ~680 KM, 6 hours one way (non-stop). 4hr stop in Bareilly with 1 hr power nap.

Gurgaon to Almora: ~ 390 KM with 100 Km in hills, 12 hours drive with 4 small pit stops.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Originally Posted by shreedharan View Post
Chennai - Vallioor - Chennai: Several times.
Good lord. This is one drive I've done myself quite a few times, plus add side trips to Kallidaikurichi and Kalakad.
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Default Re: Longest Drives!

Longest drive in a day: Hilversum in Netherlands to Hirtshals, Denmark. 950 kms and 12 hours including breaks.
Longest trip: Hilversum to South of Norway [travelogue is here (A glimpse of Norway - a week on the roads)] and return. It was about 3500 kms, 8 days in total. Longest drive in a day was the first day of this trip. I did the reverse route in return day as well.

Max speed ever was somewhere around 210 - of course in autobahns of Germany where there are no speed limits.
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