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Default Do kindhearted traffic cops exist in India?

I have often seen threads about arrogant cops not doing their duties well or pulling up people and fining them heavily for the offences committed by us and being very rude and arrogant in conversations. Most often than not, they have been called names and what not.

But lets not get there. This thread is to keep an account on all those times when a traffic cop has been kindhearted to let you go. Its just to know for a fact that while some are corrupt, some are kindhearted too. There exists two sides to this coin, most of us having seen only the one side. That being the dark side.

Yesterday, I had to visit SJP. Road on some business work. After enquiring very clearly with the shop keeper who insisted that I could park my car in the parking opposite to his shop I did. 15 minutes later I came down to get back home and I saw the traffic inspector fining a few people right next to my car. I started my car and was about to go, when he called out "Gaadi nilsbittu barappa illi dayavittu" which means stop the car and come outside pls. And I did, parked the car back and went upto him.

He said " do you know that this parking is only for tempos?". I said "No sir, I was not aware of that. I had asked the shop keeper who said I could park and there were no hassles. I am sorry, I wasn't aware that this was a parking for only tempos". He had run out of chalans in the book, so he asked me to catch his bike while he took another book out of the activa's glove compartment.

He then asked me to show me my license. I said one minute, went to my car and opened the ash tray. Yes, thats where I always keep my Credit Card, College ID & my driver's license. Saw that neither of them were there. It struck me then that for the last couple of days I had been driving a M800 and I had left behind my stuff in that car. Since dad was already at Whitefield there is not much I could do. Went back to the cop and told him the truth. I told him that I have left my license in the other car. Dad has gone out, he will be coming this side in about an hour. If he was going to be around I could show him the license. I offered to give him the keys to the car until then if he wished.

He then showed me the challan book which said
1. Driving without DL - Rs. 300/-
2. Parking in a no parking zone - Rs. 100/-

I told him I am really sorry for breaking the rules. Infact, I always try to follow the rules to the best of my knowledge. I stop for a functioning signal even at 2am, never drive without seatbelts. This one time it slipped my mind. And to my surprise he let me go . Yes, he said he was letting me off with a warning and asked me not to repeat it next time.

I got back into the car in disbelief. Started the car, moved couple of feet, stopped it. Got out, went upto him and asked him his name. Told him he is a good man, thanked him and zoomed off. His name is Hanumntha Gowda. Kudos to such officers, who went way out of hand to understand my problem.

I know many will say I deserved being fined, I know I do. But at times fining offenders might not do much, but such incidents will sure make me remember to carry my license at all times. Some people don't need to learn it the hard way. This is one such instance.

So have you had any such experiences with these cops?

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I've always believed that fundamentally, all cops are genuinely good. The various sceptres that hang over their necks in their line of work - mostly from within, force them to make decisions that sullify their image.
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I would say a lot also depends on the person's "attitude". If you throw an attitude and generally try to act like you're the bees knees then typically cops respond accordingly. In this case you were very polite hence there was a pleasant reaction from the cop.

My experience (wifey's) while we were living in Bangalore: She was travelling in a rick and got into an argument with the rickshaw driver about the shortest way home and the typical fare. At a signal, she just happened to ask a cop about it. His response was "Madam, would you mind if I sat in the rickshaw?" being new to Bangalore, with great reservation she agreed (it was 2:00pm), and was very pleasantly surprised, when the cop told the rickshaw driver which route to take and at the destination told her how much to pay (the same or slightly less than what she was arguing about). One of the more pleasant experiences.
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Good that he has not demanded any bribe from you.

Instead of letting you free, he could have taken down your address & asked you to show up with all necessary papers at later point of time.
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I had a good experience too. I occasionally used to drive my Karnataka registered Yezdi in Chennai. A couple of COPs caught me, I had to pay fines. One inspector stopped me, why I could not get NOC. I told him I work in IT and you know how difficult it is to find time to get NOC, it is a very time consuming process, etc... He said every one is busy, please get it next time and let me go.
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Most of the times I have had bad experiences with cops (with some exception).

Once I was at a signal waiting and then the vehicles in front of me started moving. For a moment I forgot to look at the signal and followed the Maruti van in front of me. When I was at the centre of the junction I realised it was red and stopped the car. Seeing that I would be blocking the oncoming traffic I decided to take the car forward. And that was it. There were few cops hiding with their jeep and pounced on me. I tried to explain the inspector the problem but he was not ready to listen (it was indeed end of the month). I had to pay 300 bucks to come out. I felt so bad that even after following signals all the time, one lapse and I was fined.

But later I had two incidents where I felt there are good cops too.

Once at a signal an auto guy jumped the red. A bike guy narrowly escaped. The cop at the signal stopped the auto immediately and gave him one bang on his head. The auto guy drove away laughing. I don't think he learned any lesson but it was good to see a cop punishing for such an act then and there.

Later I was at a cop controlled junction and was crossing the main road from a side road. I had crossed half the road and then as the rest half wasnt clear I had to stop. Then when it cleared I started moving my car. A truck guy on the main road had lost patience and he moved his truck before the rear of my car crossed fully. And BANG. He hit the rear corner of my car. I came out and saw that there was a big dent. I got wild and started shouting to the truck guy in Malayalam (I am not fluent in Kannada and I know if I start in a language I am not comfortable, I will lose the game). I was sure he was not understanding what I was saying. But it was clear for him that I was asking him to step down from the truck right then. All the samaritans there supported me. I asked a bike guy who was a witness, for his mobile number and he wasnt ready to give and get involved. The cop asked me to park the car aside. The truck driver and cleaner started arguing that it was my mistake and I crossed the junction without looking. All the samaritans at the time of incident disappeared and the new ones started supporting the truck guy. The cop at the junction also supported him saying the traffic on main road has preference always whatsoever happens. The case was about to be closed. Luckily, an inspector came at that time. I explained him the problem. He listened to me patiently. When the truck driver interfered he asked him to keep quiet. He asked me what would be the expense to repair it. I said a minimum of 3000 rs. He asked the truck driver to pay me that else take the truck to station. The truck guy again started saying that it was my mistake. The inspector then brought forward this valid point - "How come it is his (my) mistake if more than 3/4 of the car passed the cross and only the rear was hit". That was it. He couldnt argue anymore. He started the sympathy approach saying all he earn is 1000 bucks a month and he has only 500rs with him. I said I do not want anything less than 3000rs. He managed to collect a total of 1000rs and gave it to me. I decided to take it and let them go. The inspector then called them and charged another 300 for reckless driving and gave the challan. I went to the inspector and thanked him. I said it is really nice to meet officers like him. I asked him name and he showed me his nameplate.

I realised that not all of them are bad and corrupt. It is their hectic jobs that make most of them act the way they do.

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Nice thread Rahul. Yes, there are plenty of good cops only if we look around. They do not go around harassing people like we think. If you approach them softly, give due respect & show patience, even the toughest cop melts.

BTW, this tempo parking thing is something i don't understand. Is it that only tempos can park there ? Why ?

I have also parked there in SJP road many times but with the consent of the parking attendant & had no problems.

An account of a good experience that i had with a cop here in chennai.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street...erience-2.html (Woeful Parking Experience)

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Completely agree Rahul, Not all of them are bad. At times we also have to accept some of our mistakes and if you talk to them gently and if you are genuine, they really listen.

Last week I had parked my car on the service road near Domlur. Unfortunately I did not see that it was no parking as there were lot of cars which were parked. I come back in the evening to see a parking ticket sticked on to the car(to be paid within 24 hours).

Next day during the lunch time, I took the ticket and took an auto to the Indiranagar BDA office to pay the fine. The auto guy asks me why are you going and when I mention that I'm going there to pay the fine, he laughs at me and says I have got atleast 3-4 and never really bothered to pay. He made me feel as if though I was a stupid to take a rick and go there to pay the fine, but I still insisted I need to. Didn't really think the need to convince him and finally went to the traffic police office.

To my dismay the guy asks what car and registration number and asks me for the RC book and driving license. The RC book is in the car, what do I do? I request him, but he says the car is not in the database sir (as it is registered in some other RTO), I cannot help it. I request him to atleast put that in the ticket to carry so that I could have got it, but he pleads his helplessness.

Now is he the one to blame? absolutely not. When the decision makers above cannot have the data maintained properly what this poor chap can do. So I requested some time and went back and paid it later. When I went back too, the cops in the police station were really cordial, gave me a seat and narrated the incidents they have to deal with. Finally paid the ticket and came back.
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Riding around an AP registered bike in Karnataka had made me a favourite pick with the local cops. It was no surprise for me when i was flagged down yet again at the Kundnahalli junction.

The cop who asked me to stop was a slightly old guy who asked me to show the required documents. I had everything except the insurance papers which i was unfortunately not carrying that day. The cop decided to make a ruckus for the same. First he showed some irritation that i didnt speak Kannada, then said i should pay the required fine as i wasnt carrying the insurance papers. I said i live close by, and if he gave me 10 mins, i shall be back with it, please note my registration number meanwhile. He refused to budge from his stance.

There was a senior inspector (the one with the Pulsar) some distance away, who was keeping an eye on the situation. We proceeded towards him. The cop happy that i would now have no choice but to pay up went about hunting for more prey.

The inspector asked me to show the documents once again. i did, and put on the most pleading face i could. When asked for the insurance papers, i replied in English saying that i am not carrying the same right now, and given the chance would get it in 10 mins. I also explained that i respect the laws of the state, and which is why i have even dutifully paid the road tax, and even maintain my PUC in order. The guy didnt say anything at first, but then asked me to always carry my papers, and let me off. I thanked him, and took off, with some respect to an institution which earns the brickbats owing to the corrupution of many of its members.
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Hanavantha Gowda could have transformed to Hanumantha Gowda .
But beware, it could turn the other way round also.

Good one Rahul .Next time onwards make sure you carry all you required credentials with you.
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I too had one, no in fact two nice incidents with Cops..
First one was from my days of biking and once I was caught near the Marathahalli Bridge. The cop first asked for the license and I showed him that then he asked for the papers.. And then it striked that I have left my bag at office and all my papers were there.. I explained him the situation, at first he was not willing to let go off me.. But then I told him my office is nearby and if he wish he can come with me and I'll show him all the papers.. and suddenly to my surprise he let me go and told me to keep the papers all the time with me.. I was really surprised. He easily could've fined me for not having any papers and even could've impounded my vehicle..
Another incident was when we're going to Kemmangundi, at night around 2am,few cops at the entrance of Chikmagalur stopped us.. And after knowing that we were going to Kemmangundi he took lot of pain to explain us how to get to the road to Kemmangundi.That guy was so polite and courteous that we all were pleasantly surprised. And after getting inside the city we realized that without this cop's directions we could've easily lost and would've taken the wrong route. I wish all the cops(or atleast majority of them) were like this Cop then we wouldn't have such bad feeling about them.
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There are loads of honest cops and being the sole bread-winner in the family, they usually tend to behave themselves & be straight forward. Its the pressure from their superiors that invariably makes them take bribes or issue challans for no reason at all.

As a general statement, when we've travelled from B'lore to other places & need help with directions,almost 99% of the cops have been so helpful in telling us exactly which route to take so as to save time & beat traffic.
I'd personally like to avoid the ones on night duty,though there could be a few noble souls doing the rounds.
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Mc, that's really nice of that cop. You should send the story to Deccan Herald and have them feature him. Maybe it will come as a wake up call to other cops. Gandhigiri might just be what our country needs!
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When i was lost in the Kalasipalayam area on my bike, i found a cop and decided to ask him directions. He asked me to pull over to the side, and gave me directions in proper English. I was quite thankful to him. Didnt get his name though.
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Reading about all these good 'cops' made me very happy. But the disconcerting part was that all of it centred around B'lore..

Are there no good 'cops' in any other city as well? What about from the North that has a 'thulla' culture and are looked down upon with contempt?
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