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Angry Why Me?

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Ok this all started when i got my car back from workshop. The car was super clean now scratched except from scratches on boot door and rear bumper.

The day i got back my car this was the present given to it by some fool.

***!! was my reaction when i came back from shopping. Stayed calm didn't reacted much.

5 Days after i got my car back there were 2 skodas racing each other. 1 guy was ahead of me and other was behind me. The next thing i know is the front guy just banged into a M800 guy and i braked hard. The guy behind me couldn't break and banged my car from left side and flew away. Below is the picture of only the scratch and the rest were just bumper scratches and bumper alignment .

2 days after the above incident i was stuck at in heavy traffic and next thing i know is bang! Yes another skoda banging ma car @$$. Came out of the car and saw bumper almost fell off. Didn't reacted as there was an OLD man driving probably in his 70's. Will post that picture later on as that is nothing major as i see it.

Days passed by and the scratches kept on increasing. Didn't gave much damn about those ones as they were light scratches nothing serious ones and one cannot even see them in pictures even if i will post them.

But the last 2 week has been pretty bad. I took my dads car to visit my friend and he took mine as he had to go to some party at the hotel. Late night when he came back he saw that some one hit the car from the left side the bumper was out of alignment and some scratches on it.

2 Days after that incident i was going to collect my friend computer from the computer shop. I was just standing at the red light and there was some space on my right side so this bike guy comes from right side and what i hear is screeeeeeech! Luckily the pillion was without helmet and the cops got them. I had to take the U turn to go to the computer shop but instead i went straight to them and told the cops they fking hit my car. Now they are in deep trouble . Their bike got impounded no papers, probably under aged and no helmet. Inspected the scratch even though it was a big scratch cops told me to leave it its nothing bog they have been punished their bike is impounded and stuff.

The next after the above incident i was at MALL and my car was parked at the side some RICH BRAT (Girl) talking on phone and driving hit the right side of my car from REAR (Damn my car A$$). Those brats didn't even stop and tried to fled away and jumped the red light and cops caught them. Went there complained the cops. The girls came out of the car and DAMN they were smokin' HAWT but that didn't stop me from flaming at what they did. Cops took some money let them go and i came back.

NOW the incident that really pissed me off was last night. I was at a party with friends. My car was parked like all the other cars in the lot. Came back from party and all i see is scratches, scratches and more scratches,

I don't know why but i think people like to scratch other people vehicles. Cant they just leave other people car alone ??? I personally take care of other people cars too when i park. Keep good distance so that when i open my door it doesn't hit his car and scratch or dent their cars. Or if the space is less i open less door and squeaz through that.

At the end i wanna know from all the other BHPIANS how to save my car from such standing still scratches. And how can i get rid of the scratches from last night because every time i see them it HURTS!

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oh man, looks like the entire auto world is targeting you. looks like this is not the best of your time. i would suggest you to go to a temple and perform a puja for your car ( your car seems to be hit for no reason and except the god almighty, i think we just can't help it).

this also happened to me once, for a week atleast my car would be hit from all directions puttind scratches and dents, and finally we had a puja and tied the black threads and all (sound superstitious but gave me peace of mind)
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this happens once in a while with everyone but not so much.

and you have a big heart forgiving people for all this.

i wud say just relax and the bad phase will be over.
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Cant see the pictures for some reason but can make out that you are having a torrid time!!
First of all, i can understand your pain.. specially when you keep getting hit for no fault of yours.
Secondly, dude! Where do you live? I would like to stay away from those parts . Some bad mojo going on around you it seems!
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hey bro .. so totally know how you feel .. I myself am victim to many many intentional scratches on various sides of my car .. its just how people are .. there is hardly anything one can do about this .. except for maybe while parking in some places where they have a security guard you could tip him somethin to make sure your car is bein watched but even then stuff can go wrong .. and in your case i see there seems to be quite a bit of bad timing and hard luck!! well maybe its just a phase .. the first thing i want to do when i see the big intentional scratches is to repaint that side or panel or whatever .. but thinking more sensibly .. as soon as its been fixed someone else is goin to come along and scratch it .. well thats how it goes i guess!!

on a lighter note .. the other day i was addressing this issue with a friend of mine when i thought maybe we shouldnt paint our cars at all! you know so that when scrathches do occur it will but only add to the beauty of the car rather than tarnishing it hehe .. sorry for the not so bright idea .. but i just had to say it ..

@ abhibh

hang in there bro .. you need to keep your cool and move along .. i always feel that when someone does something hurtful to others and doesnt take responsibility for it .. it will come back to them ten-fold .. so in some way or the other they will be gettng back what they would have done unto you ..

for now .. drive safe and have a nice day
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@abibh : Buddy, dont get so worked up. There is nothing much you can do about such instances, as long as you are driving and parking properly. Our society has reached a stage where no one cares a damn about someone else's property, and so treat it with utter disrespect. The only way out would be not to take your car out much, but then why did you buy one for?!

When your car goes for a service, you could ask for minor touch-up jobs, but even that's expenditure from your pocket for no fault of yours.

Face these with a light heart and move on. Trust me, thats all that can be done. cheers:

P.S. : On a lighter note, stay away from Skodas. Looks like your car and Skodas dont get along together.
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too many bad incidences!

just as ikoneer said, maybe a visit to a temple would help! (atleast some mental harmony!) (and our lovable elephant is present anywhere and everywhere, a coconut or two would suffice!)

and it did work for my brother. His Qualis was meeting with minor hits with anything and everything on road, after purchase. These 'hits' were over come by a temple visit; that too the one near our house - which he passes 20 times a day!!!

All said and done, it does hurt really bad when some guy decides to try out his sketching skills on your loved possesion.

Keep cool (yeah, easy for me to say!!!) and do not rectify the scratches immediatly. This will cause more distress for you. Do it once after a long period. Atleast if you have a scratch on a spot, another one on the same spot will not cause much damage.
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abhibh, You are having a torrid time indeed, suggest you to stay away from those places for the time being...probably dont drive your car for 2-3 days...

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Oops, thatz so many bumps together!

On a positive note, now you can get it all repaired in one shot, if the scratch is not deep, it can be polished with a Scratch remover compound else it has to be repainted.
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Sounds like your car is spooked. Well, this happens once in a while, we cannot really help it.

Just try your best to take precautionary measures and pray that this series of attacks on you stops automatically
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well ok, someone scratched your car, someone banged it up.

get over it buddy.
**** happens.

sometimes you are the bird, sometimes your are the statue.
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Default Priortize your parking area

just be cool abhibh, as such things are unavoidable and i can understand the pain as i too had experienced such trauma and that too immediately after stickering done on my ride. Just make sure you are very very and indeed very very particular about where you park and i dont mind walking some distance for the same as i like to ensure that the ride is somewhat safe if not perfectly safe.

I dont understand why some people do such things? some sort of sadistic gratification....and ironically and incidentally kiddies damage the cars with no where to crib and complaint on your part .

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Dont have no words that will make you feel better, but hey, you can't drive a car with scratches all around, so forget the past, move on, get your car touched up again. Should not be very expensive either. Managed to repaint 4 panels on my car with minor denting, polishing and washing at less than 5k. So, use this excuse to get your car back in gleaming condition. And while I dont believe in superstitions, why tempt fate, go to a temple/mosque/church. Get some divine help for your lovely vehicle and hey, get that beauty back on the road where she belongs....

Cheers mate, thank your stars that inspite of being accident prone, its nothing serious at all.
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Hmmm sounds sad! But these things cant be avoided in such a heavily crowded country with with zilch infrastructure!

I had made clear of all scratches and made the car look new just before a function at home on 16-Dec-2007. After that things started to happen like this in the past 1 month.

1) A cyclist just lost balance one day (18-Dec-2007) and leaned on the left side of the car and left scratches on the left rear door and near the fuel tank lid.
2) My friend's dad borrowed my car as their car (22-Dec-2007) (The Ikon referred in My Dec-08 Jinx) was given to do repair work. Their driver did a favor a getting a 2 Rs.5 coin sized scratch in the front right bumper.
3) On new year's day (01-Jan-2008) a biker hit my rear right bumper and peeled of a paint in 3 places and even the rear tail light got a scratch. Managed to get Rs.1000 from that guy with the help of police.
4) When I had parked the car (06-Jan-2008) in a near by street (as my street was crowded with cars that came for a function at my neighbor's) some civilized person had put a scratch from rear to front on the right side with a key!!!!!!

I was furious for an hour and then I knew that that is the reality. That is what one has to take to live. Cant get to the level of the stupid people do this and keep going after them or fighting them. Though in my mind I am thinking how it will be to get a big sized SUV (a old one rather) and intimidate the wrong doers!

One needs to have a different profile in the society and need lot of influence, money and power to survive, but not everyone can be so. Life goes on!

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Let me give you a suggestion. It think its the bad time you are going with. Just park your car in your house for couple of days and use your bike/scooter (if you have). Maybe after some days, try using the car once again. If these things happen again, maybe you need to really re-look into the driving skills of yours (just in case).

This reminds me of one more BHPipan Manikjeet who used to get banging on his car/s on front, back, side everywhere.
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