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Originally Posted by Thad E Ginathom View Post
From what I read, the SUV driver was at fault. You saw the woman in the road, he should have done. He should have slowed.
Originally Posted by hvkumar View Post
Who uses pedestrian crossings on highways? (everyday, I almost swipe someone or the other in the Eastern Expressway in Bombay just under the overbridge built for pedestrians to cross over, but which is never used)Why do pedestrians behave as though they are immortal?
Boss, thoda difference hai. But yes, pedestrians normally do not apply their thoughts. as bikers, pedestrians are potential hazards for us. I've had innumerable instances when the pedestrian crosses me (oncoming at 80-90 in right lane) sees a truck/car in left lane, and retraces back into right lane, assuming like i'd vanish into thin air.

On gurgaon expressway, have personally seen TWO such incidents in which stupid pedestrians (not even the basic to see before crossing) just make a dash, and got hit by a biker and both went sprawling. Not a pretty sight. Crazy mess it is.

But yes, everytime I drive any of our family cars on the highway, this is my BIGGEST fear.
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We are in a country where even people who want to help are discouraged because of the laws.

I would never try to stop if i get to witness cases like this rather try calling the ambulance/police and leave the matter at that level. You may never know if people might mistake you for the one who hit the woman and most definitely you will never have time to explain things to the unruly crowd which gathers at accident site.
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+1 to the annoying pedestrians bit. Even though i dont want to point fingers, in my experience , it tends to be females/geriatrics/both(almost 100% suicidal) . I've had them crossing the road when there was a zebra crossing in sight. The road near my house has a gutter on one side a low (~1 foot) wall, and is narrow. And me is driving an indica, no clue where the wheels/front are . Ordinary folks understand, and stand sideways/ wait in the gate/ recesses, but some folks keep on walking as if nothing happened.

I remember when i was learning to drive , when i saw this auto guy hit an old lady ( she jumped across the road when the traffic light had just turned green) .

When i see one such specimen, i stop then and there , and flash my lights and horn, and not to mention the horns of those behind me, and embarrass the heck out of them. Better safe and sorry now then injured/dead later

but what irks me the most is their silly grins when they jump across the road. You're trying to be civil, and they test your patience even further

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Originally Posted by n_aditya View Post

My suggestion to the govt would be to erect dividers which are at least 6 feet tall. They should be made of reincorced steel and concrete. Advantage in this is that headlights of oncoming vehicles would not be glaring and dog's and cattle wont be crossing the road.
agree with you. because on highways you are driving at about 120kmph+ and all of a sudden you see a farmer crossing the road with his cattle. most times you are aware and manage to stop just in time, but this does not happen always. as was the case with the suv driver. maybe he didnt see her or he knew his car would not have stooped in the distance and resulted in a horrific crash.

you could also say the lady was also to be blamed partly to have been crossing a highway without being alert.

so who do we blame and what can we do to avert such disasters?
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I had a fantastic experience in GQ. i was cruising @ 80kph between Vaniyambadi and Ambur. i overtook a slow moving truck and was in the center lane. to my shock i see a TVS 50 carrying a old couple in the center lane coming towards me. The Gentleman was wearing a cooling glass and pointing something to his lady keeping his face perpendicular to the road. i honked and slammed the brakes only to get a puzzled look from that person as to why i am driving in the center lane. perhaps he thought there were only 2 lanes in the road and did not see beyond the divider

He was lucky he encountered a hatch traveling @ 80. assuming he was at 40 kph, a sedan/suv @ 120 would have a Relative Velocity of 160kph and surely been a disaster. I pray to God no innocent man driving in this highway gets punished in case he hits this Gentleman.

anybody traveling from Bangalore-Chennai, be very careful between Krishnagiri and Vellore. i found lots of people traveling in the opposite direction.
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On the same stretch on on 15/1/08 when we were driving down to Bangalore in my scorpio around 30 kms before Vellore there are these small bushes which have grown to about 6 feet in the median.
As always i drive in the middle of the two lane to give me a split second advantage if someone/something darts from either side. We were doing around 120 and then suddenly a cow from the other side justs jumps into the road 5-7 mtrs ahead of us. I could not see it as the bushes are high. Fortunately i did not jam the brakes fully and swerved to the left slightly.There was sufficient shoulder room in the left and was able to come back to the road in a fraction. Fortunately my tyres did not lock up nor did they skid.
After that during my subsequent trip to Velankanni and trichy i never crossed 90 even in the tindivanam to chennai stretch i was really shaken up.
I Thanked god for it.
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Originally Posted by itwasntme View Post
130km/hr? Too fast IMO even in a sedan.
130km/hr? Too IRRESPONSIBLY fast.
Point accepted that 130 kmph is high speeds. But what happened was nothing to do with the high speed. The pedestrian had already committed herself to crossing the road, and the SUV guy let thought she would continue crossing the road and swerved to the left, but the madam decided to step back coming in the way of the SUV. I don't see how even at 30 kmph you can avoid hitting someone like that. I am sure we all encounter situations like this every other day and soone ror later the law of probability will catch up.
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Landcruiser, sorry to hear about your incident, man, I would have been shaken up completely to see that kind of a horrifying accident in front of my eyes.

Feel sorry for that old woman too, its a horrible way to die & surely no one deserves that. I guess her time had come so destiny brought her to that place at that moment.

Difficult to sympathize or crucify the SUV driver but you did mention that he was driving a tad too hard - these things happen in a split second & they happen all the time. Me, I'm extra careful the minute I see something like this, I brake instead of swerving because you never know when they'll retrace their steps. But as I said, its a split second decision & it could go horribly wrong.....like it did in this case.

Anyway, move on, though I know it'll take a while before the images finally disappear from your brain. Horrible!
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LC seeing something like this is really traumatic . Do take a break with your family visit some places of worship , it definitely calms your nerves....

I cannot completely blame the SUV guy for what happened , agreed he was speeding and @ speeds over 130 kmph its take hell lot of instinct and skill to be able to to control your vehicle in such emergencies.... The GQ witness a large number of vehicle doing similar speeds , and in all probability the woman who would have been a nearby resident would have been aware of the dangers.

I also respect the decision on the SUV driver to have not stopped , as I for one know what he would have gone through had he stopped , he may even loose his life, his family might have been manhandled and definitely he would have been mobbed and squeezed dry by the police.

Some part of the GQ are barricaded with GI Railings but its these places that you have to be really careful as you can see that gap have been created by the villagers and you can see most of the time people crossing or running across in gay abandon. For one I now use the GQ only during unearthly hours ( 0100 Hrs to 0430 HRs) or something like that when most guys who run across are sleeping. Even at this hour its risky one time i just negotiated a curve at about 100 Kmph on the GQ and there was a drunkard sleeping on the divider with both his legs on the road. I spotted a Police vehicle 1 Kms up and informed them ,they promised that they will picked up the guy and they turned around.

And as hvkumar said the law of probability always catches up , atleast that been my experience
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I agree with tsk on this, even I have had similar experience between Ambala-Delhi, a madman crossed over safely to the divider but then decides to come back immediately. Doing a 100 in the M&M Armada I had to swerve and get back in line to save the guy, thankfully didnt get off the road. Imagine if the swerve space required was not there or siderails were present.

But guys the GQ seems to be like a deathtrap here, open and wide roads, crazy motorists driving and pedestrians crossing over at any/all parts of the stretch.

IMO, do not drive above 100 on the GQ, no matter what the temptation be. This is the least we can do on our part to save human life.

Anyways if you calculate your average trip speed, it will be between 60-70 only, no matter how fast you have driven inbetween.

Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
People who cross expressways like its the street opposite their house cannot be helped.
They are just eligible for Darwin awards.
I have no sympathy for them either. Once I was with my wife and we avoided a major accident due to one such dude who jumped from behind the bushes on the divider onto the fast lane.
I was doing 90 and he was bare 10 meters away. I knew braking will just make me skid and hit him. So I just yanked the steering to the left and avoided him by inches.
I lost control and went off the shoulder, luckily the berm was wide and the car stopped in time.
I don't think people who step on highways deserve much sympathy.
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Have to find some way to forget this soon. Every person who jumps across the road seems to be like a corpse! Sigh! This accident happened just about 1-2kms before the place where I banged my car into the median in Dec 2006. :-(
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Time is the best and natural healer, my friend.

Dont think/worry too much about it, just involve yourself into your daily chores.

Originally Posted by LandCruiser View Post
Have to find some way to forget this soon. Every person who jumps across the road seems to be like a corpse! Sigh! This accident happened just about 1-2kms before the place where I banged my car into the median in Dec 2006. :-(
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Originally Posted by rks View Post
Tamil Nadu village women are notoriously unpredictable, panicky and downright stupid when it comes to crossing the road.
That was a very bad statement. Does it mean that nothing like this happens in your part of the world?

Come to Bangalore, i'll show you how software engineers from all parts of India cross roads.

Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
120-130kmph is quite a common speed on the GQ. Even at 80kmph you cannot avoid people. So anybody driving above 30kmph is rash.

People who cross expressways like its the street opposite their house cannot be helped.

They are just eligible for Darwin awards.

I have no sympathy for them either. I don't think people who step on highways deserve much sympathy.
Hmmmmm....a bit harsh there. India is definitely not like US where you DON'T NEED to worry about pedestrians on highways. Our highways necessarily pass through densely populated villages and small towns. India is CROWDED everywhere. Right in the middle of our metros we see EDUCATED guys / gals driving in the driving in the opposite drirection, crossing the road wherever they can, climbing the barricades etc. So how can you expect a poor old village lady to fare better? She might not have even seen a school.

So the KEY is to ANTICIPATE. Yes, you have to expect these things to happen and drive. I do a lot of defensive driving. That doesn't mean that nothing will happen to me. It could happen to anyone. But defensive driving helps. It also doesn't mean that i drive at 30kmph on highways. My speed is dictated NOT JUST by the road surface....but by the area it passes through, the amount of people on / near the road etc. I've seen idiots who rip through crowded roads just because the SURFACE is good.

DARWIN awards should be for people who are educated and who does these stuff right in the middle of the city.....like the idiot who drives to office on the right most lane at 30kmph when there is no traffic, who is still trying to undertand what an Indicator means, who can't understand why there is such a thing called Low Beam....etc.

You should have sympathy for the villagers.....because the fact that she is still in that village while you're driving a car is NOT entirely her mistake. (After 60 years of independence it should've been better.)

No offense meant to anybody.

My 2 cents...

-- Torqy
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A similar encounter:
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street...my-safari.html (Major Accident averted in my Safari)

Originally Posted by bblost View Post
Riding my tBird doing speeds of about 110+.
four lane straight road, great visibility.

A good distance away, a 8 seater stops.
Old lady gets down, starts crossing the road.

My friends riding almost 30 feet behind me honk.

Lady stops comes back towards the 8 seater.

She is now right in front of me.

Slam my brakes and I can feel the road whizzing out.

There is about an inch or two left between me and the lady.

My mud guard had dug into my crash guard and I still have that dent.

Thanked my stars, took off, stopped a few meters away as I realised I was too shaken up to continue riding.

The best thing to do and do and do is practise.
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Today I read a piece of news in TOI.
A truck hit a kid on cycle.
Mod surrounded the trucker and he ran and hid in a locality.
Came out after an hour, the mob was still there.
they tied him to a tree. Beat him up very badly, stabbed him multiple times, and then poured kerosene on him and set him on fire. He is still alive and battling for life. doctors say chances of survival are bleak.
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