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Originally Posted by horsepower View Post
You drive at 100km/hr++ in the left lane, where most of the slow moving traffic like two wheelers, buses and trucks move.
Sorry, Correction, I meant the right lane.

If I did that then I would be taking the headlines over from the 'Blueline buses'
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While on road rage I can relate a personal experience. I was driving to my village near ambala in my zen (it had a Chandigarh number) with my mother , wife and my 3 month old daughter. Near to my village a new railway overbridge was being made and hence the traffic was being redirected onto a small muddy village track. While taking a turn along the curve there is this maruti 800 which sped past from my left side and nearly hit my car midway but i could swerve and avoid a major crash.
I sped up and stopped the guy in maruti to realise that there were 6 of them in it and they were drunk. The car had the Board of the CHairman Zila Parishad, Naraingarh written in font 40 atleast. When i asked him what he was trying to do he said he drives like this only and am free to do whatever i want. Since he thought that maybe I am travelling with 2 ladies and a baby and have an out of state registration I am maybe just another commuter on this highway and they are from a political party from a neighboring district in their own state. But what they didnot know was that they were on the outskirts of my own village.
I drove off and told them that I would see to them at the next police post. He tried to overtake but being a narrow road he couldnot. Meanwhile I called up my cousin and told him to meet me with 2-3 more boys about 2 kms down the road. When we reached the pre determined spot I turned sideways and blocked the road. Initially we were 5 and they were 6 when we asked them to step out. They were too shell shocked and locked themselves in. But within another 2-3 minutes there were about 30-40 people (men working in the fields also came seeing us) surrounding them and they were forced to step out as otherwise they were threatened that the car would be smashed to get them out. I Have never seen men getting sober that quick. Just 5 mins back they were hurling abuses at me and now they were pleading with my mom to let them go. We asked them who was the Chairman in the car but they said no one. So we ripped that board out and after a lot of life threats if next time they did anything of that sort near to our village they were let off.
Otherwise poeple think that they can use political clout to be the goondas on the road but if the common men got together they usually run for their lives and start pleading like children with wet eyes.
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Bravo Wandernomad, served those morons right and proper. But I was left imagining, what would you have done if you were not anywhere near your village?

Originally Posted by wanderernomad View Post
But what they didnot know was that they were on the outskirts of my own village.
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wandernomad I was imagining it like some Tamil movie story..Ha ha ..Bravo
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Originally Posted by dadu View Post
Vigilante!! huh!

if found, best would be to buy a can of paint and pour it over his Zen while parked. I remember one of the BHPian did the same on being bullied.

But pls leave a note on why this was done, otherwise he might not understand.
Good idea!

But as Suman said we will be lucky if anyone from this forum spots him again. Even if we find him what are we going to do (except what dadu said)? Complain to cops? That's what the driver of Sierra should have done (dont know if he did or not)
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Originally Posted by asejwal View Post
The other day I was going down Mehrauli Gurgaon Road from Gurgaon to Delhi in the evening when I see this Gold colour Maruti Zen (the new model) being driven very dangerously. He was incessantly using the horn, cutting right, left frantically wherever he could squeeze his car into. He almost hit a labourer and his kid (working for the Metro) when were they were trying to cross the road. And he just does not stop honking....

After that listen what happens.....There was a Tata Sierra in front of him and he is continuously honking....Sierra is a big vehicle and by the time he could move to one side, this Zen cuts from his left, swerves in front of him and stops. A tall lanky bespecatled fellow comes out of the driver's seat and accosts the Sierra driver. As if he was determined to start a fist fight, he breaks the window glass of the driver and tries to land a few punches on the driver. However, the driver is agile and manages to avoid the punches aimed at his face - but he could not get out...By now, a few other vehicles have stopped and the bully realises he is in trouble....Also, he has smashed his hand with the impact (he had broken the glass with his fist - fool) and is by now profusely bleeding (serves him right).....
He quickly gets into his car and speeds away.
To me this sounds more like personal rivalry and not road rage. I feel the Zen guy was actually trying to catch up with the Sierra. Once he did, he went and bashed the guy, even punching through the glass with bare hands. If he was just in a hurry to get ahead, then stopping the Sierra and getting into a fist fight does not make sense.

If it really was personal rivalry, then the road is not the right place for it...

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@gd Bhai, there is a police station about anohter 3 kms down that spot. And being from the Govt I could have pulled my rank and got them a challan at the very least. Infact it was what I had thought of initially but then the temptation of shaking them down was just too overpowering and being in ones own village did help...lolz.
@crusier : yups we get to see them here as well..lolz

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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Default Be extremely secretive.

If vigilante justice is your cup of tea then please take what ever action you want but make it extremely discrete and secretive such that your right arm does not know what your left arm has accomplished. Never trust anyone including your wife and children if you intend to go ahead with something real nasty. I do not approve of it though but if you do wish to do something about it do so only after lot of water has gushed down the bridge and by that I mean wait at least for 6 months and more. Leave a hand written note (never a type written/printed note) and use your other hand, which you rarely write with. Its best to write with your leg if its a real serious offense. Its a tad difficult but its the only sure fire way of not leaving your scent. Before I forget do not lick the envelope and use gloves. Crime thriller shaping up here. No sir! just from experience with a few of my dangerous friends I was acquainted with a long time ago.
Bye and wear your seat.
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Default Sierra took care of it?

Is it possible that the owner of the Sierra has taken care of this matter himself? Do you know him or did you get his registration?
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Default Hi DirtyDan....

No, I don't think so....The Sierra guy appeared to be too shocked to react.....

Moreover, I believe that whatever happens on the spur of the moment is what happens-nothing much comes of it after the incident....See what 'wanderernomad' did - that should be the style - on the spot justice delivered!

No, the Sierra guy is not known to me and I did not note his registration number either - but I must say that the Sierra was a well-kept and maintained vehicle......Hence, I felt quite sorry for him.......Neither was he to blame for anything...
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maybe that sierra guy was running with that guy's gf.
jokes apart i think that zen guy deserved a beating. I also have my own version of one rashly driven metallic blue mpfi zen(old one) whom i have encountered several times in mornings coming from delhi to gurgaon on NH-8. Will post it later as too sleepy to type right now.
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