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Let me relate a story I heard while I was working in Baroda around 8 years ago. I forget the exact train, but I believe it is the Karnavati express that leaves Mumbai at around noon and passes in the evening ( people from Baroda/Ahmedabad will be able to confirm this. ). As this train nears Baroda, It used to make an unscheduled stop at some obscure station for about 15 min or so, after which it starts again and reaches Baroda a few min late. I used to travel in that route at least twice a week, and I heard the reason for this from a regular commuter. The story goes thus:

Karnavati is a superfast executive train that has very limited stops. As the train nears Baroda, there is a MEMU ( shuttle ) train that it has to overtake as per schedule. For this, the MEMU has to wait for Karnavati to pass at a small station. So far, so good. The MEMU is a regular commuter train that is usually packed by people commuting between Baroda & Bharuch , Ankleswar etc. They resented the MEMU having to wait for Karnavati. The Karnavati passes that station at a fairly high speed, and at some pointed, MEMU commuters started pelting commuters at Karnavati as it passed by. Not just one guy, but many of them at one go. And the authorities were just not able to put an end to this. For the people traveling in Karnavati, it was being subject to machine gun fire.

The story goes that eventually the railway authorities decided that Karnavati will meekly follow the MEMU till it reached Baroda ( its a major station so there wont be such issues since both trains stop anyway ) , after which it leaves first.

I found this story hard to believe ( come one, scores of middle class commuters stoning a train? ) , but whenever I had travelled in Karnavati express, I found that it had a 10-15 min stop at a small station before Baroda, after which it proceeded to Baroda. For me there is still no proof it happened, but the story somehow makes sense.
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Its was so scary to even think of what could have happened if the stone had hit the glass. I've had a close encounter when a group of guys in their teens wanted to protest against their college. A moron ran towards our car with a stone in hand to crash our rear windshield, luckily my dad reacted quickly and we were safe.
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Ramon, that was a narrow escape. glad to know that all are safe. JK's suggestion of a quality sun control film is very valid here.
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Similar incident happened to me as well, close to 3 yrs ago.

On my way to office in MG rd I used to take the Ejipura route from Koramangala. This was a particularly tense day when police was all over Ejipura where they arrested a local goon.

While passing by I heard a loud thud which I immediately realised is a stone hit, thrown by somebody from the crowd nearby. Considering the situation and location, I did not bother to stop. Later on inspection there was this half inch dent the stone caused on the LHS door of my Accent. Nothing could be done except thank God that the stone didnt come through the glass at me.

Soon after the stone hit I saw a White E-class coming in the opposite direction. I could only imagine what is in store for him.
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I hail from Kerala, although I have lived outside Kerala all my life.
Once I asked my cousins, who stay in Kerala, why such things happen. His explanation was that youths are frustrated bcoz of no jobs and no money. They feel angry when they see someone successful and 'enjoying' in a car. To vent this frustration, they resort to stone-throwing, damaging parked cars, removing air from tyres, etc - so that they can teach you a lesson. Call it jealosy or whatever, but seems this is the thinking behind such mindless violent acts.
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Jealousy, my friend, is the cause for all these primate behavior from human beings. The same kind that scratch the paint off vehicles deliberately.

While in Hyderabad, a pillion rider on a bike kicked the front right tyre of my stationary car and zoomed off. God knows why he choose to do that. Anyway, I didnt bother giving chase and asking him why. Because hitting a tyre isn't gonna cause any damage to my vehicle and he probably ended up with a sore leg the next day.
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In Mumbai daily commuters have to be on the alert in the coming fortnight bec. the "Holi" day is approaching. The commuters are targetted with all messy things. Last 2 years RPF is also alert during the period. But safety cannot be guaranteed for people at the doors.
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Realy a sad incident which you cannot control.

That is one of the reason that I always keep my windows rolled up while driving even when I am not using AC. It is just slid 2-3inches down (front doors only).

Never ever pull down the rear windows even though there are passengers there. it is a strict warning to whoever sits in the rear never roll down.

I prefer putting on the AC rather than pulling the windows down fully.
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@Ramon, @Nitin and @Bigzero.
Sorry to read about your experiences.
I had a similar experience over two years ago in a bus.
Had described it here.
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Default Big dent

I have a 2006 Spacio that I use for trips into Lahaul/Spiti and to Ladakh via Manali. In a rural agricultural area an 8 year old boy put a huge dent in the side of it with a rock so big he had trouble throwing it. My friend caught him and took him to his house nearby where his old grandfather listened to our story. He immediately began thrashing the boy with a stick. The boy would not confess so the old man hit him again and again very hard until the boy broke down in tears and confessed. It took several hard hits to get that tough little boy to confess. I felt sorry for him. The boy, much to his credit then told us he was sorry and offered to clean my Spacio for me. He missed a window, thank providence.
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