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Default Why do you Honk?

Can we all share why we honk while driving?
  • I try not to honk, but end up honking because that's the ONLY way few fellows on the road will 'notice' your presence. In short I using honk as an announcement mechanism to bozos that would otherwise cut lanes or stop suddenly.
Why do you honk? One of my friends told me that he honks to relieve the frustration of a bad day in office.
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you really want the answer, come to Hyderabad and drive for 2-3days in the traffic and you will never feel like you want to stop honking!

yaar even buffaloes move away to the honk of my roots wind tone(1pair) but the autos and 2-wheelers dont even care about the sound of my 2-pairs of wind tones i have in the car. They just are hell bent on staying on the middle of the road or go really slow below 30kmph on the extreme right! there you have the answer.
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I feel people honk to fight momentary boredom while driving.
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Default Curves

The biggest reason up here is because this place is loaded with switch backs, ravines, mountains....all manner and variety of dangerous blind curves. Drivers honk as a courtesy to let you know they are coming around the curve in your lane as your lane is always better than their lane.
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because men are "horn"y by nature
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For most Indians, car is a luxury, and they dont want to damage their cheap 4-cylinder car. Hence, they honk !
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Originally Posted by vikram18 View Post
because men are "horn"y by nature
Good one.

I always try to use the high beam even during the day if i need way and provided the ORVMs are open. If they are folded and i don't get way i honk.
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Old 23rd March 2008, 18:32   #8
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I honk more than I should as I collect old(ish) horns that sound simply superb
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Old 23rd March 2008, 18:46   #9
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People honk to let others know that they're awake! Id be very much worried if the cab driver of the cab i'm traveling in doesn't honk while driving
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Old 23rd March 2008, 19:15   #10
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I use the horn on the highway only, and always when overtaking (especially a commercial vehicle).
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I honk only when someone cuts me off or seriously endangers the well being of my car. in which case i keep the horn pressed for almost a min continuously.till the guy looks out and i can show him the finger! otherwise I'm a very silent driver and have been criticized by everyone riding with me that I don't use the horn enough.
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Old 23rd March 2008, 20:02   #12
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Whenever I see somebody (human or non-human) likely to get into my path, and I am not sure that it/he has not noticed me, I go paarppp!!! parrrppp!!!
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Old 23rd March 2008, 20:09   #13
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In the city these are my expressions
  1. Going/ passing within 2 feet of bikers/ auto/ other vehicles to make sure the guys dont suddenly start swerving, gentle taps
  2. Approaching an intersection, a couple of gentle taps
  3. Vehicle ahead starts to turn without indicator, a bit of a warning kinds
  4. Some joker's vehicle cuts across or in front of me dangerously, you know it will wake up the neighborhood,
  5. Any other frustration out of other's dangerous driving, may drain the battery.
Last but not least: bad lunch, arguments with wife/ boss, etc.. . No worries I don't do this.
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I honk only when I am in no mood for usage of profanity while driving.
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I try to use it only to make others aware of my presence.

I regularly use it for the wrong reasons.

Was it here, no I think it was another forum, I heard tell of a travels driver who went honk-honk just about every 15 seconds, regardless of moving traffic, stopped traffic, no traffic.

The passenger just stopped noticing. Until he stopped for petrol.

And went honk-honk, every 15 seconds, sitting at the petrol pump!
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