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Originally Posted by 1100D View Post
You were totally on a dry tarmac with good grip on both situations.

My observation was on Gravel where the wheel can dig-in on a non-ABS car. However on wet tarmac/ashphalt, ABS does provide better braking by unlocking the wheels from time to time,although the main benefit is the ability to steer past the obstacle in question.

Even in the dry, ABS also helps some people who "panic brake" and lose the steering as well as optimum stopping ability. But for a driver experienced with brake modulation, makes no difference in the dry.
Exactly my point.


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Post Car bibles

See this person's interesting take on ABS.
Car Bibles : Nanny Cars

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Originally Posted by akroy View Post
I know ABS is a very good feature and is a must in all cars.
But in your case, even without ABS the car would have stopped as you didnt steer abruptly and also you speed was below 40kmph.

No, without ABS, the car would have lost traction due to the heavy rains and slid straight into the motorcyclists on the ground.

ABS not only helps you steer but also helps to retain traction when you might otherwise lose it. I've had my life saved in heavy snowstorms by ABS. Without it, I would have slid into an intersection through a redlight and gotten rammed by other vehicles from my sides.
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Default First of the First hand experience with ABS

I am really happy that I selected UVA with ABS and Airbag.

Now that I have the first hand experience of ABS coming into action, I am wondering what would have happened if I would have been in other non-ABS vehicle.

It rained heavily at start of this season. On my way back on Tulsi Pipe road, one morning, after Dadar bridge, one of the vegitable tempo was moving very slowly in the right lane. The Ikon in front of me overtook him from wrong side. I followed him blindly (I know that was wrong). To my surprised, the ikon braked suddenly which I could not see as he was again in the right lane. I had to brake heavily in matter of few seconds.

I felt the judder and pulsating movement on brake paddle. The UVA stopped without any problem. non of the wheel got locked. It was all raining so I guess the ABS worked at its best and made me stop from rear ending the Ikon.

After analysing the situation I feel, this wrong move could have cost me a bomb.

So the leasson learnt is
1. I never do wrong side overtaking but next time would definately refrain from doing that even though it will appear easy.

2. ABS - I would say spend 20 to 25K here if you have option to opt for ABS than investing on ICE first.
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A lot of people seem to have benefited from ABS, which is good to know. I guess whenever sliding friction (skidding/ tyre lock) for a particular tyre-tarmac combo is greater than rolling friction (no lock) for the same combo, ABS would not be helpful and vice-versa. Those are a LOT of variables to compare in absolute terms. But, as highlighted before, the fact that ABS allows you to retain control during extreme braking is a tremendous advantage and that might save your skin.
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Laws of physics state that for any two give surfaces friction is highest just before slide begins after which it typically falls by as much as half. And higher the contact surface more is friction. (see graph and Newton's Laws of Motion)

So what ABS does (apart from giving you steering control) is to maximize braking at almost best level of friction and rapidly unlock many times to just move back and forth between slide and roll. Too many references for this but google away.

That said ABS is less effective on loose gravel surfaces as braking here is more effective due to locked wheel and build up of "crest" in front of wheel while it drags. We did this always in rally's and to increase surface of contact more slid sideways.

A "really" good driver can beat ABS on any surface but remember in emergency average joe is in panic and doing nothing but putting pressure on brakes even when wheels lock up.

If there is not enough distance then you are going to crash anyhow, ABS or no. In former you will crash at a comparatively lower speed. Lower the crash speed = better chance all around.

That said twice I have had experience of ABS coming to rescue and both occasions were on high speed brake slams. And on one occasion ABS was cause of hair raising heart pulsating miss by a whisker due to loose sand / gravel on the road surface.

So go figure.
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There is one problem having ABS in India,the guy behind you won't have it!
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I have certainly got lots of benefits with ABS in my car but only at very high speeds it makes a big difference. would like to quote one incidence here. had come across a taxi wala on the way from Mysore to Bangalore and wanted to overtake him as he was going around 100KMPH. I did turn on my indicators for overtaking and a dim and dip on the lights(it was at 10PM in the night). he did not give way for around 5-6km and was blocking my way all the time(donno if he was drunk by then!!). after this there was a stretch where he just give way to my car with indicators on and I zoomed in at 110km to see an upset lorry without any signals standing in front of me. I was totally in shock for the moment and realized what this taxi driver has done. I just applied brakes hard and ABS was right there in action to stop my car without hitting the lorry.

After the incident parked my car on the road side and relaxed for 10 minutes before proceeding. could not even imagine what might have happened on that day. since then am more careful when dealing with these yellow board vehicles.

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Considering the Indian monsoons, ABS is a life saver on Indian roads. Try braking until your wheels lock in the rain without ABS (whether you steer or not really doesn't matter) - you will be skiing on the streets.
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Default Accent GLS brakes too soft

Guys, I am having some problems with my ABS brakes. The brakes on my accent GLS have gone too soft. I really need to press hard to get any sort of performance out of them. This is a bit difficult in Bangalore traffic. I went to the Authorized service center and they said that everything is fine. I am not convinced.
Can anyone recommend any other garages/service centers in Bangalore (preferably south blr) where I can get the brakes looked at? Perhaps I need to pads to be replaced (not sure).
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Default Use of ABS

Originally Posted by diabloo View Post
Is it just me or anybody else who thinks without ABS the car would have stopped 15 ft from the target?
IMO, If the car was going in straight line and there was no curve then I guess normal brakes without ABS would have been more effective. If I am ABS is effectively used only while bracking in curves when the wheels lock. Without ABS if the wheels lock on curve, one would not be able to take the turn effectively and would end up going straighter than expected.
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Originally Posted by gou View Post
IMO, If the car was going in straight line and there was no curve then I guess normal brakes without ABS would have been more effective....
This is speculative, and would ofcourse depend on the specific ABS system and a lot of other factors -- however -- tests show that ABS equipped cars can stop sooner than non-abs cars even in straight line braking on dry tarmac.

Read some of the many ABS threads that we have in our Technical section for more details.

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ABS helps a lot even in straight line. One of the tyres can lock up even on straight line and then make the car swirl..
But i have a different problem, i was used to driving my Amby for years till last year wen i bought my new ones. I am so used to driving without ABS, that even in panic braking situations my leg runs manual ABS that is I wont slam the brakes but pump it slowly.
It is increasing the braking distance but i never skidded.
My Innova doesnt have ABS and Punto has.
But i am not able to use the ABS in Punto rightly owing to this and last time I almost met with an accident.
I was speeding down a road in Alappuzha, Kerala; it was a turn and a car was parked just after the turn on the right and there was a narrow bridge after that. I wanted to brake hard but my legs wont obey me. Result i raced through the narrow bridge at hairline gap missing the car. I love my Punto for the handling it shows everytime and which saved me then.
Any suggestions to improve.
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I am shocked and surprised that no one of you used the most important safety device on cars in India - the HORN. it's got magical properties, blow it and that kid in front of the civic would have pedaled across and back..

Am kidding of course.

ABS makes a lot of difference - I have also been lucky to experience it once. I would always advocate cars with full safety options - ABS, EBD, Airbags et all
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Default Re: ABS saves the day

Originally Posted by csentil View Post
Let me join the "Me too" bandwagon. I'll not get into the ABS is good/bad decision in this thread !! :-)

Speed: 140 kmph
Car: Civic
Location: GQ (just before Vellore). At this particular point its 3 lane each side. Straight road.
Time: 2 pm
Situation: Had just overtaken a Fiesta. On the centre lane.

Lesson learnt: never overtake fiesta cars !! ;-)
An even better lesson: don't drive beyond 90 kmph especially in populated areas where people can pop in without warning
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