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Old 30th May 2008, 16:42   #16
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I think its a much simpler case of owners not knowing about this. Why wouldn't they dip after the other guy flashes.
I have found that most elderly drivers drive with high beams always on. They just leave it at that.
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Old 30th May 2008, 16:51   #17
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Now, is it the santrowalees or the santros ?
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Probably due to the fact that majority of the cars out there are Alto's, M800 and Santros. And nobody would notice if the Alto/M800 switched to high beam !!
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Old 30th May 2008, 17:53   #19
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Have been driving a Santro for 2 years now and I never noticed this with other Santros. I myself don't drive with full beam on. I think it's one coincidence too many for praveen_v. Will surely watch out for the same
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Old 30th May 2008, 18:09   #20
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One of my friend when he was new to driving used to drive with High-beam on, and the car is a Santro. And when I asked him why he drives with high beams then he said as most of the people drive like that he thought that's the right way. So I had to educate him little bit on the high and low beams and nowadays he doesn't do that. And I don't think the driving schools teach anything about this(or any other road safety measures for that matter). So I think it's just that most of the people doesn't know about it and most of the time Santro is the first car for a new driver. So that leads to the problem. Many people doesn't even know what to do when oncoming vehicles flash their lights to indicate that their high beam is on.
And yeah, I did drove Santro and I don't think the light is inadequate for City driving compare other cars in it's league. Obviously lil' brighter would've been better but still it's adequate for most City driving conditions.
Also there are quite a few who intentionally do that, like the Cab drivers, they know it's irritating for the person in front but they won't budge even if you flash the lights.
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Strange. But never encountered this in Mumbai. Maybe because I had a Santro lol. I did change my headlights to 100/90 to teach such dumbers a lesson. And many a times I just go infront of them and stop to give a piece of mind when they drive on full-beams in the by-lanes!!

OT: Try driving in Surat. Everyone over there be it a bike, car, truck, bus etc drives on full beam. Its very irritating.
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Old 30th May 2008, 18:37   #22
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I got irritated many times in very slow traffic in Bangalore with high beams blinding me and when I see the vehicle, it is either a Santro or Indica cab. Indica cab, you leave it, you cant do anything with these guys, but when I keep seeing this with Santro, I thought it has some problem with its low beam, never thought the drivers are driving it with high beam.
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Old 30th May 2008, 20:10   #23
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Originally Posted by vnabhi View Post
Looks like Hyundai does not make good headlights. I've heard numerous complaints by Verna owners that the stock headlights are very poor, and most of them had to upgrade.
In the Accent, i have felt otherwise. Always feel the stock ones in Accent (= fogs) are better than the 100/90 ones in my WagonR.
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Old 30th May 2008, 20:25   #24
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Must be searching for SRK !
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Old 30th May 2008, 20:34   #25
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Yes I noticed this strage thing too. Most of the Santro drivers keep their high beams on, even though the oncoming vehicles flash their's many times. I can only attribute it to one thing: First ever car of a typical young professional (mostly a s.w. engineer), who is new to driving, but drives with an ego and pride, most of the time thinking about work on the way back home.

Could be another reason: Santro's low beam may be too low (on light) So, the drivers tend to use the highbeam for better visibility. Anyway it is irritatting. I shouted at a Santro driver even yesterday night.

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Old 30th May 2008, 21:07   #26
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Oh my now its the Santro's turn after all that bashing against the Scorpio's. Folks can we let the pour souls do their driving please .

Now for those of you who think that high beams are irritating we have a wonderful thread on lighting queries. Head there or else get 130/110 bulbs with relays and ceramic holders.See how these errant fellas use the low beams when you flash once.
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Old 30th May 2008, 21:47   #27
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dont know about santros however i have this with a lot of cab drivers

i remember once after my shift i was going home in a cab sitting in the front seat an on comming car was flashing continuesly and i looked at the speedo cluster and saw the driver had the high beam on asked him to switched to low beams and he replied "saar, yakkay saar low beam"
i told the guy in the on comming car must be getting irritated and he says casually that it doesnt bother him

these cab drivers mostly are from villages and out skirts
so they have no common sense what so ever

ps:translation :-saar, yakkay saar low beam-sir, why to switch to low beam..
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Old 2nd June 2008, 19:56   #28
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Well, its not santro only. Most of the indians drive with high beam. For them the only light is high beam. My observation is Santro, Indica and upto some extnet qualis and Accent people have this.

This is dangerous. In the city also everyone will have high beams. At night if anyone is behind me them I immediately come to know as their headlights provide me glare through my RVM(s). This also means that I have set the RVM properly! But it is very, very irritating.

All this thanks to the Great Professors or rather Albert Einsteins at RTO who give license to all the people who are the best Experts and geniuses about others things but not driving discipline.

For me night driving is impossible because of a weak eyesight and to solve this I need 2 paris of projectors in my bikey alone. Cant afford so no biking /driving from my side as soon as it is dark.

Not each and everyone coming in opposite direction is SRK.

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I have not found Santro drivers to be particularly inclined to drive on high beam as compared to others. One possible explanation for such alleged behaviour from Santro drivers might be that they like to zip around at high speeds and so keep the high beam on all the time. But my experience has been that most Santro drivers are very sedate and seldom do high speeds. I am one of the rare exceptions and I make it a point to use my high beam only when there is no oncoming traffic (I even dip for mopeds). Of course when I am distracted I do forget to go to low beam at times, but this happens very rarely.

The Santro has excellent headlights (at least my old Santro does). The high beam is great and the low beam is more than adequate.
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Old 2nd June 2008, 21:22   #30
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Personally the most irritating drivers i have encountered have consistently been in

1. Qualis (cabs)
2. Scorpio (yuppys, macho type uncles, rustics with bling alloys etc)
3. M800 (mechanics, modders, go cart enthusists etc)
4. Tempos (goods transport withing city limits..these guys are the worst!)
3. trucks / Sumo's (If u have driven in delhi/NCR after 10 pm u would know)


EDIT: Back in early 2k when i owned a 800..i admit being the brash types..exploiting 800's manouverability to the hilt

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