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Old 30th May 2008, 14:35   #1
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Default What's wrong with the Santro guys??

I was out driving yesterday night. It was around 8pm and the drive was smooth with the ICE keeping me happy. Then suddenly I was blinded by the lights of an oncoming car. I flashed my high beams hoping that he would lower his. But nothing happened. I flashed again, nothing happened. I got irritated and switched on my High beams and the front fogs (of the Fiesta,and the stock lights are pretty powerful) wanting to throw all i can at that guy. But still he did nothing and kept on going with high beams on.

As the car passed me, I was surprised to find out it was a Santro. Hmmm.. bad driver i thought and went on with my journey. Sometime later another blinding light. I flash.. No response. Flash again and still no response. And i do the move that have been done by me so many times, switch on all possible lights at the front of the car. No attempt by the oncoming car to lower it's beams and as it corssed me, i was more surprised to find it was a santro again. Strange coincidence I thought. As my journey continued, i found it was no coincedence. Almost all santro cars are driving around with high beams ON!!!

I encountered around 15 santros on high beams on my drive yesterday night. Of course, there were other cars and Vans and two-wheelers with high beams but the frequency of santros with high beams struck me yesterday. I have been driving for almost 5yrs now and maybe i didnt pay attention to models of cars which were on highs so far. Eh! who would do such a silly thing after all

But this strange encounter made me wonder and I started thinking of some logical reasonig for this. Of course all bad drivers cannot choose santros and drive it with high beams.

Then I thought it might have been something to do with the stock headlights. I thought maybe the stock lights of the santros are not adequate and that's why maybe most of them go around on high beams. Now I have not driven a santro during night(during the day yes,but not in the night) and santro owners can enlighten about this. I could not think of any other logical reason.

Now one can argue that it might just be any vehicle on road with hign beams on, but as i said earlier, the frequency struck me yesterday and left me wondering what's with these santro guys and high-beams.

Maybe others noticed it too, or maybe others will notice after reading this thread. If one can post which car models encountered was found to use high beams more frequently, we might find a link between the stock lights power and the usage of high beams.
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May not be something with Santrowale.
May be the design of head lights is poor in Santro and so Santrowale put their lights on high beam.

Just my thoughts.
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Most Santro drivers are first time car buyers. Maybe its their in-experience. Just a guess, the best drivers could be Santro drivers too.
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Here in Bangalore, if I see a high beam and recognise that it is not a truck/bus, then 90% of the time it is a taxi (Indica, Sumo, Tavera). Almost always, private cars put on low beam atleast after I put on high-beam.
Haven't particularly noticed 'Santros' though will check it from now on
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I have observed this behaviour with Indicas mostly taxis.

As for Santro, Most of new drivers really dont understand what the car in front is trying to say by flashing the high beam. Thanks to our RTO who give license with such an ease.
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Santro or Getz
the headlight that come as OE is very weak.
At night Low beam of Getz is not sufficient.

Many times i drive with High Beam(though i lower the beam for oncomming vehicles)

switching to OSRAM night breaker (that am planing this weekend might be some relief to me)
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Another reason might be the volume of Santro's that floats on the road (add indica to the list)

Has anyone noticed that "ACE" kutti yanai troubles a lot with such a powerful lights on high beam

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Santro stock headlights are not particularly great.They end up getting bullied by all and sundry. I guess this is their way of giving it back to society.
I ride a Santro when back home and use 100/130 on my headlamps.As a matter of rule i never ever use the Headlights on bright unless there are no vehicles in the opposing direction/street illumination is pathetic.

I get picked on or rather flashed at in high beam all the time(cab guys the majority) and so it gives me great pleasure to respond in kind and surprise them. Most of the time they dip down immediately.

Unfortunately it is not safe for either of us, espcially when the highways/streets are not divided, but some folks just make me an offer i can't refuse...Capiche

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Its not only with santros, This happens almost with every small car which is owned by "Educated people" like us. Its high time gods put in some driving sense into ur heads.
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This might be a stupid answer, but high seating position, may be?
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Originally Posted by Jeep View Post
Here in Bangalore, if I see a high beam and recognise that it is not a truck/bus, then 90% of the time it is a taxi (Indica, Sumo, Tavera). Almost always, private cars put on low beam atleast after I put on high-beam.
I encounter lot of taxis on high beam everyday.
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Arre yaar, Pehli gaadi hai. Mistake toh hogi hi. They will learn over time
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BWN is right !
But its not that they dont know about it they know about high beams the reason could be simple as they dont care about others? Here in Bangalore all most all the cabs use high beam without justification.
Its not only the cabs but even larger cars like Scorpios, some bigger sedans dont care about anyone and maintain this high beam even on signal stops.
Some of the younger crowd modify their rides have these fancy lights that blind me during late evenings or nights. Most these kids just want to show off! replacing the stock headlamps with something way too powerful which is not needed for city driving conditions.
Such poeple need to be heavily fined! :@

And the only time I use high beam is when there are no street lights or some powercut which leaves parts totally dark. But I always dip the lights when I see on coming vechiles.
I make it a point to switch off the headlights at trafic signals so it doent irritate the driver ahead.
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I have observed that drivers of government vehicles(Highways,Customs & Central excise,Irrigation dept etc..) are more sensible enough to dip their lights when you flash at them.Even I have seen truck drivers switching off their headlights while waiting to give way for upcoming vehicles.

This high beam thing is mostly done by cars/suv's and mini trucks which are driven by taxi wallah's, salaried people like us and some senseless morons who drive their 407's like a rocket.

On the contrary, long distance vehicles(trucks,buses & Cabs) do follow the rules and drive with dippers for a very simple reason of survival.
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Looks like Hyundai does not make good headlights. I've heard numerous complaints by Verna owners that the stock headlights are very poor, and most of them had to upgrade.
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