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Old 20th June 2008, 15:45   #31
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Someone is going to remain a poor man for a long time...

How much was the estimate put at? Also, whether they would finally cough up the money is a different story altogether.
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Old 20th June 2008, 16:00   #32
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Ouch! That sucks!!

Get the car repaired ASAP lest the petrol pump owner changes this mind. If there is a way you can take the money from them based on the estimate, that will be even better.
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Old 20th June 2008, 16:03   #33
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Oh!!! That's bad. Would like to see her back in action soon!
Your driver needs some good disciplinary actions taken on him as you said.
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Old 20th June 2008, 16:05   #34
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really sorry to see something soo beautiful broken up like that :(

1.5Lac is a lot!
couldn't you claim insurance and ask the service station to pay for the NCB ?
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Old 20th June 2008, 16:07   #35
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I have a huge doubt what the bunk owner meant when he said that they will pick up the tab. I think at max he may agree to shell out the difference between the actual cost of repair and the insurance payout.

One thing is for sure whether he pays or he does not he is going to play footsie with that attender's a**. So there is little point in going easy on the owner thinking about the attender. You may as well go after him with all your might.
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Old 20th June 2008, 16:17   #36
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thats a very sad incident GTO.

BTW was he a new driver ?

and i also agree with Zappo that the Service guy meant to actually pay the diff not the whole 1.5L(only if he knew)

Please update with any progress.
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Old 20th June 2008, 16:25   #37
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Thats really bad Rush. Hope to see her back on the road soon.

Originally Posted by Zappo View Post
I have a huge doubt what the bunk owner meant when he said that they will pick up the tab. I think at max he may agree to shell out the difference between the actual cost of repair and the insurance payout.
There will be some bargain for sure.

But, I dont understand one thing, why did your driver go to Regal for the PUC when the petrol pump is at a spitting distance from your office?
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Old 20th June 2008, 16:40   #38
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oh oh oh..!!! thats a pretty bad dent,i hope you take them to the ride of their life that they will never forget to do such stupid mistakes,hope your car comes back soon and in original shape cheers.
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Old 20th June 2008, 17:43   #39
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Really man thats a bad one.
Hope you get your babes recover soon.

What all things need to be repaired for the same?
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Old 20th June 2008, 18:30   #40
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Indeed an unfortunate, however you are lucky as there was no human injury. Being familiar with the area at Gateway Auto Services, the fortunate part is that the car did not roll onto the road and get damaged further or hit a pedestrian.

Owning a pump especially with a PUC center we have strict instructions to all our attendants NOT to touch/drive the customers cars. The driver of the vehicle drives the car/truck/bus into the PUC bay for checking emission levels.

The brighter side is that your damage was limited only to the door and you have a video confession of the owner of the pump and the manager.

Do update on what happens next.


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Old 20th June 2008, 22:23   #41
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Thanks for the support, guys. I really appreciate it.

To answer a couple of questions that popped up:

1. My driver is actually pretty competent, and hasn't even scratched the car till date. There isn't a doubt that he has taken good care of her (careful drving, cleaning etc.). But he did goof up today....no two sides to it. I cannot restrict the C220 to self-driving simply because I am the only family member that wants to drive. My folks don't drive anymore, my sister hates it and my brother is studying in the States.

2. The pump owner is paying for sure. And he is paying big time. If he gets away easy this time, whats stopping this incident from happening again to someone else's car tommorow? When he pays through the nose, he will be forced to implement certain precautionary measures and ensure that customer's cars are not damaged.

3. I had Auto Hangar pick the car up immediately (after police inspection). The estimate should be with me tommorow, but the service advisor did mention that the door costs about 40 grand. It should be about 7 - 10 days before she gets back home. I couldn't stress enough that the car should be as good as new, and even a marginal colour difference will see the car going back to his paint booth.

BTW, I am off to Lonavla tommorow afternoon. After a very long time, I am taking a car other than the Benz on the highway. Well, here's to high-revving the Vtec
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Old 21st June 2008, 00:05   #42
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Very unfortunate, sad to see such a beautiful car damaged because of someone's stupidity.

Hope you get it back to original shape soon.
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Old 21st June 2008, 00:12   #43
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GTO, looking at the pictures, its apparent that the door was yanked forward against the pillar while the car was rolling backwards. Apart from the damage to the door itself (which is apparent) there might be damages to the doorpost (where the hinge is attached). Its a potential area of cover up. Please check your car whilst the door is being replaced, otherwise you will have rattles, misalignment problems and what not going forward.

Its really sad.
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Old 21st June 2008, 01:04   #44
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GTO, like you put it crap happens all the time.

Its only fair that those guys have agreed to foot the bill, good on you that you recorded their confession on video.

Hope everything works out amicably
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Old 21st June 2008, 01:44   #45
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oops... thats sad.

but what good is a driver in a Benz if he has to hand over the keys to the service attendents for parking for a PUC!

Yes the service attendent was an idiot who was over confident with a Merc. But he just lost his job (assuming) ... because of your driver's mistake. ... don't know who's to blame actually.
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