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Nikhil baba relax and it was no fault of yours and all the driving lot on this forum in Bangalore can vouch for those suddenly appearing barricades.

Nothing major or untoward happened and thank heavens for that.

OT: Arrey ! i was in the next lane guzzling some malted barley in Utsav right next to the corner house lane you had been.
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Stuff happens! Forget about it and enjoy the aftermath of engineering!!

Last edited by Rehaan : 25th June 2008 at 01:43. Reason: More appropriate language substituted.
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Hey,Tihngs like this happen to everybody.It happened to me in my swift when a freak on a bike came and rammed from behind while i was reversing!I am in the second year of my engineering and cant wait to get out of it.Dont let this spoil your mood.Party hard!
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Originally Posted by hemanthisgreat View Post
i feel if you had the high beam on, you would have seen the barricades. Its always a good idea to have high beam on, if the roads are not properly lit.
I think its probably not a great idea to drive around with high-beams on in the city. (Infact, i think its illegal within city limits).
However, i will agree that driving with your low-beams on within the city is a good idea. A lot of people say its not required since there is decent street lighting, but i feel it definitely gives you better visibility - and if your headlights are aligned well (see here (How to adjust headlight beams)) it doesnt cause an inconvenience to anyone else.

Originally Posted by anurag_p80 View Post
Rehaan, IMO the human eye is more attuned to identify movement. So, if it was a person crossing the road, it is better than an even chance that Nikhil or one of his friends would have spotted it. Inanimate objects in the shadows are actually more likely to be missed than moving objects, stray animals or people crossing the road.
Interesting viewpoint anurag, and you do have a point. Certain receptors in our eyes, mostly in our peripheral vision are attuned to low-light vision, and (some type of rods, or is it the specialized ganglion cells?) recognize movement - maybe even recognizing diagonal lines? - i dont remember the details too well.
Maybe if the barrier was moving a little it might have caught his attention, however, things that move can also move erratically and more into your way. Theres two sides of the coin - so i wouldnt really say its a great excuse/reason - but an interesting point for sure.

Sriturl - i 100% agree with your post. Well said!

Originally Posted by sriturl View Post

Reminds me of something similar : I wore my mother's watch when I was kid to school, (I was playing a woman in a play), and lost the watch, and till this day my mother didn't buy a new watch for herself.
...but the question is, howcome you havent bought a new watch for her till this day?

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Whats the damage estimate?
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Only the mirror is gone. I'll have to get a replacement for that. Advaith Hyundai didnt have it in stock. Am calling up Trident now.
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Originally Posted by Nikhilb2008 View Post
Thanks for the encouraging words guys.

@Rehaan --- Hindsight is always 20-20 . I guess I should have seen it. Maybe I wasnt concentrating enough on the road. What you have mentioned is very scary indeed. I just need to drive with my eyes open wider.
No one was hurt. So, be happy. Use this as a lesson to learn from - be more alert in the future when driving. You can replace a car, but not human life or limb. Be happy that the occupants were unhurt. Good job on not drinking and driving even when you were in a party mood. Keep it up!
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