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Situation was perfectly peaceful in 1993-1996 when I was a student at Christ. Not because the traffic was less, the present main gate and new block were not there, vehicles could freely go all the way upto the main block entrance, drop the student, take a roundabout turn and come back to the main road. Now the flyover and the divider makes the whole confusion. Offcourse, its improvement, but the daily commuter on the road suffers ! Suggestions to the college management could bring some changes, I am sure.
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i personally feel that these days playing video games is more predictable than driving !!
If i say scene here in Noida is pathetic than that would be an understatement. Waiting for the traffic light to turn green automatically certifies you to be fool. You have to be more careful while crossing your green light. I have experienced cases where people have banged into me and then instead of apologizing they scream on top of their voice "C#^&*% light par kyoan ruka hai"
I miss my chandigarh days where there were just three red lights in thw whole of chandigarh !!
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Originally Posted by dadu View Post
...It was like a 5 sec coversation, but worked. After that I notice the SX4 driving calmy and slowly on open roads also...
Great going Dadu. Some people, even with all their education, never seem to have some basic road sense. And, the worst part is, these same people will end up talking - "In US/UK/Australia/<<any country>> blah blah blah..."!!!

Originally Posted by dadu View Post
...stare the occupant only to find a middle aged aunty driving it...
Same shocker here once. Driving back on the way back from JP nagar Mandovi noticed a Indigo parked in the right track. Knowing that he has no intention of moving out of the track, I take the left one and suddenly the left door opens and out jumps and kid, all dressed in white for a cricket match. the young guy calmy gets down, opens the back door takes his kits and crosses the road to the other side. Now, I wanted to ask this guy if he has any sense, but what I find on the driver seat is an elderly person, with tie and all that and quite obviously someone who does not or will not understand even if i try to explain to him the danger of his action. And me stopping on the left track and hence blocking the road is also not a smart thing. Just moved on! He will meet his match some day.

Originally Posted by diabloo View Post
...I always wondered why people cut-lanes, drive rashly to save few seconds but get stuck in slow moving trafiic, red-signals and waste minutes.
So true!

Originally Posted by praJEEP View Post
Dadu the chaos near christ college is way better now compared to 2003-04. the roads were too small in that time and the traffic was so miserable that one can not even imagine of.
Tell me about it! 2004-2006 I used to drive daily from Koramangala (Vivek Nagar) to Ashok Pillar and had to cross all the choke points - Koramangala Inner RR, Forum, Christ College and finally NIMHANS! All that has given me some lesson on patience!
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First instance - Penny wise pound foolish.

I always wondered why people cut-lanes, drive rashly to save few seconds but get stuck in slow moving trafiic, red-signals and waste minutes
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Originally Posted by dadu
Reason Christ college students getting down in the middle of the road next to the divider with their parents/ drivers just stopping the car inbetween for 10-15 seconds till they get down
Oh dear.

I was lost yesterday evening, trying to deliver a foreign visitor to her guesthouse in Triplicane, not an area that I'm familiar with.

I pulled in to the side on Pycrofts Roadto look at the map. It took me some time to realise that the road was not as wide as I thought, and that, beginning with a bus, there was a jam of traffic behind me hooting and honking.

Finally... I have become a Chennai driver!

< B L U S H >
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Another one today before the Sagar Apollo Hospital junction. Where i was standing in the left lane waiting behind traffic to move and very little space with a tree trunk on the left, even car are waiting behind me.

I see in my LOVRM a Corsa is trying to squeeze-in from way back in the leftmost space adequate only for an Auto probably and I am thinking he cannot squeeze besides me.

But to may amazement he tries to, and his right OVRM touches the body of my safari. Thats it, I shift slightly to the right and roll down my window.

Me: Boss, whats the problem, what are you trying to do. why are you trying to squeeze in.(Its a dark tinted window, with an inch left open)

Corsa: Rolls down, an Uncle ji with college going daughter in passenger seat, daughter already looks worried wary that an argument will start.

Uncle ji :Everybody is trying to squeeze-in

Me: But your mirror just touched my vehicle body, you cannot touch my vehicle body.

Uncle ji : I am sorry for it but everybody tries to squeeze-in, there is no point of arguing.

The traffic starts moving.

Me: But are you not educated enough

Uncle ji : No response

and I start to move.

Uncle ji : Cuts from extreme left to right, with other behind me honking and takes a right turn whereas I took the left.

My opinion, again in a hurry to drop his daughter to some other college.
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I usually time by arrival and departure from the office such that i am not on the roads at the same time that the company buses are. It has usually worked in my favor, and i lived a slightly less troubled life on the roads.

Two days back, it so happened that i had to leave early for work and bang within the same time that these monsters are on the roads. It was harrowing!! They refuse to give way to traffic, cut lanes like crazy and what-not!

Now, i shall doubly ensure that i stick to the first sentence of my rant.
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Originally Posted by Thad E Ginathom View Post
Oh dear. I was lost yesterday evening, trying to deliver a foreign visitor to her guesthouse in Triplicane, not an area that I'm familiar with.
I pulled in to the side on Pycrofts Road to look at the map. It took me some time to realise that the road was not as wide as I thought, and that, beginning with a bus, there was a jam of traffic behind me hooting and honking. Finally... I have become a Chennai driver!
< B L U S H >
Well, congratulations (?!?)

"When you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you"
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How true this thread is!

Yesterday I met some lunatics on the loose while on the road going home.

In BLR the entire St Johns hospital road stretch is being widened and BBMP has chopped all those lovely trees all along that stretch.

There was one of those monster earthmover type things trying to lay cables along one side and with the rain, there was absolute chaos on the road just about after the HP Petrol pump there.

I was behind a light truck which was stationary at the time, shut off my engine and was waiting quietly for the traffic to move, when I observed a white Safari pop up in my LRVM, racing with a nasty little auto, for a small gap in the traffic behind and to the left of me!

The auto, being smaller and perhaps going a tad faster, just squeezed in by the skin of his yellow, beedi stained teeth and barged in - unfortunately for me, he came straight at me broad-side on!!

My heart missed several beats and I grit my teeth waiting for the impact but the only thing that happened was that his nasty little auto's rear wheel well caught a glancing blow on my foot board and was bent out of shape. Nothing thank god happened to my Scorp!

And then, that idiot Safari somehow turned up on the other side of the auto - I observed a large squad of white clad, gold chain and gold watch wearing types inside - it had a Pondy registration and Im sure they must have been part of the political fraternity.

As soon as the traffic began to edge forward that Safari crowded the Auto again, nearly onto my left side, pushed his way through and moved forward, only to come to a dead halt a bare 6-8 feet later.

Now the Auto was neatly sandwiched between the safari and me but the Safari had created a "wedge" so that the auto could not move till the Safari moved.

Through all this, I was sitting there with my engine off, waiting for the jam to clear, and the light truck in front to move so that I could also edge forward a bit.

But then our impatient countrymen, zillions of whom were by now stuck behind the protagonists of this drama; i.e; the Safari and the Auto, began blasting their horns into a perfect cacophony of ear splitting sound.

Luckily there was no further altercation or situation created, because just then, the traffic started moving forward and everyone focussed on getting on with life.

If one takes time out to impartially observe the idiocies that go on around one, while in traffic, it can actually be quite entertaining! Somewhat akin to watching a bunch of Norwegian "lemmings" on TV, running towards their final "high jump" off a cliff somewhere!

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My experience in Bangalore!

Place: Rammurthy Nagar Main Road.
Time: 8pm
Road Characteristics: Dug up road for laying water pipes. Lorries with trailers all over the road (Steel factory being close by).

I waited for a trailer lorry to take a U turn and after he completed the U turn and move to the left side of the road, I began the overtaking. Because the roads were full of potholes, I could only go slow. I see a Wagon R and a bike approaching from the opposite direction, but judged that I will have time to finish the overtaking manouver.
Then suddenly I see the Wagon R guy accelerating fast, in the process cutting off the bike guy and within seconds I am in the wrong lane facing the Wagon R, half overtaken the lorry.
Everybody, including me, looked perplexed.
Meanwhile saw the bike guy 'talking' to the Wagon R guy.
Wait for the Lorry and the indicab behind it to move ahead, crossed over to my lane.
The Wagon R guy with a 'winner smile' says 'You should drive fast while overtaking'
Oh! ya! my driving school did not teach me this. Thanks for the advise.
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Originally Posted by iceman91 View Post
Wow.. And he is a judge.! An educated citizen.
Affirmative action needs no education!!!!!!!!. No point in talking about such honorables, its only wasting our time

As far as I know, a car driver needs to be bothered about his car's rear, front and right side. Anything coming from behind his car's rear left side, needs to take care of themselves, since its their front right side. Hence I dont bother about two wheelers on my rear left wheel, I give adequate indicators, but anything in my blind spot i tend to ignore.

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Today, I was taken to full surprise when I saw the traffic JAM near Kagadasapura @ 9:30am. Usually, the jam would only be in the Nagavarapalya junction. I could see so many Autos and 2 wheelers trying to go forward that traffic and made a complete deadlock in every junction.

But today the jam was starting from old madras road to Kagadaspura main road. Even the DRDO gate was over flowing with the security guards struggling to ease the traffic.

Some of the pictures from the scene...

Nagavarpalya junction.
Road Sense and No Sense of responsibility-img00130.jpg
Road Sense and No Sense of responsibility-img00131.jpg

Look at those bike-wallas coming in opp. side that too on the payment and trying to cross the traffic Smart guys, they want to overtake the traffic that was stuck and hence trying to come in opp direction. Since there was on-going traffic, they went one step ahead and took the Platform.
Road Sense and No Sense of responsibility-img00132.jpg

Big bazaar junction.
Road Sense and No Sense of responsibility-img00133.jpg
Road Sense and No Sense of responsibility-img00134.jpg
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Was caught up in one of the worst traffic jams i had seen on the way to office. I start from home around 12:45 PM to office. My usual route is to take the left at the Vadapalani signal enter the one way go through Ashoknagar Police station and then CIT nagar-Tidel. Today there was such an horrible traffic jam at the Lakshman Shruti signal that vehicles were queuing up from the Ashoknagar Police station and also at the one way in the T junction just before the L-S signal. I had to take a left in the T junction towards the police station. I somehow managed to take the left when the traffic was clearing slowly, but as usual i had number of vehicles bang in front of me (the usual behavior of forming as many lanes as possible in a traffic jam) so had to crawl my way towards the police station junction. People were so reluctant to move that i had use the headlight, honk, rev hard to get my way. Just when i thought i had successfully managed to move the people to proper lanes (at least the ones in front of me) an auto came on the wrong lane trying to move the right lane and in this process scraping my bumper. I got down to see the damage but this guy started mentioning it was my fault. Surprisingly he didn't use any foul words and carried on driving the auto. The scrape in my bumper (which is black and my car is bright silver) is visible only if you look at it closely and the damage in his auto was also not visible.

End of the day i lost my peace of mind (at least for sometime) thinking about those morons who formed multiple lanes in traffic jams.

Will people in India ever learn what road sense is ?

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Oh man so much of this mess, if one has to really witness all the mess properly is to board a bus take the window seat and enjoy the drama....
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Yesterday at Madhapur the perpendicular road opposite to the petrol bunk.
1. a young boy on a motorcycle
2. no helmet
3. wrong side

comes straight at my bike and we stop with maybe a cm to spare between us.

I get off my bike, remove his key and throw it as far as I can.
Get on my bike
Ride till where the key fell, pick it up pocket it and go the restaurant I was going to.

The boy comes and says sorry sorry and some non sense in telugu.
Throw the keys on the floor and told him to get lost.

If he had actually scratched my bike, I wonder what I would have done.
Most proably made him wait outside till I finish lunch.

For these rush-o-philiacs and sense-o-phobiacs, my treatment is to make them wait.

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