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Originally Posted by rockyb View Post
Hi all

.......... MCPs among us with so many presumptions about women. .................................................. ..............................................Come on - stop posting comments like a typical MCP
That was one hell of a post, Rocky, I liked it. You are right, we might need to change our mentality for the ladies.
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Someone mentioned here that changing the spare wheel for Safari is not something even men would find it easy - leave alone a normally built woman weighing barely some 60 kg. Other than this, big SUVs generally make a woman more confidant because of their road presence and taller stance.

I read somewhere that a woman executive in Delhi, who had to commute at odd hours decided to opt for a SUV and she said that she felt happy for her choice.
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From what I've seen here in the US, older Indian women somehow seem to connect size with drivability (or lack of it). They think bigger = harder to drive. Of course huge vehicles are harder to squeeze into downtown roads but this isnt a huge issue here in the US. It's a mental thing.

About the male vs female thing:

Women typically buy suvs because they feel safer in them. They also like to keep their babies safe. Who drives around 2 babies in the back seat? Women do. They try to keep their 2 babies from crying and talk on the cell phone, and drive - ALL AT THE BLOODY SAME TIME. They think they're champion drivers and masters of multi-tasking and they're all over the road. When they screw up - they just get away with it because they're women.

I see this every day. Just 1 of these highly distracted drivers on the left lane is going to cause about 200 cars to change lanes to pass and this is how traffic accidents occur. Sure men are impatient - but why wouldnt I be? I am making a commitment to driving only to be thrown into the same roads as such drivers! I think that distracted woman behind the wheels is just as responsible as the guy who made the bad change (in frustration) and caused the wreck. That study posted above needs to be thrown in the trash. Self-reported statistics are absolutely worthless.

There was an actual driving test done with obstacles which women flunked - very badly. They drive right through the obstacles while screaming! Men did way better, and trained race car drivers did the best. Daily driving is all about avoiding potential pitfalls and accidents. In other words, it's all about how much attention you pay, and not too much else.

We all know the SUV craze was started by the big 3. They started selling SUVs because they could charge $10-15k more on something that isn't too different from a car and not too much more expensive to make. They dont really have any advantage over cars. If you want room, buy a station wagon. SUVs are great for offroading, but 99%+ of all SUVs bought never see unpaved roads. Their CG is horrible, the drive is worse, and mileage is lower. I see them as a true lose-lose buy.

Did I overdo it?
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I was waiting to pick up dad when i saw a sumo victa park behind me. turns out to be full of nuns! i thought i might have to move forward a bit, but they dropped off one of the nuns, did a perfect 3 point turn, and went on their way!
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My friends wife drives a Lexus 350, she loves the machine.

My sister in law loves to drive M800 (she is about 5-11) because of manoeuverability and ease to park.

My friend likes small car (she is short) because she find difficult to adjust seats to reach the pedal and keep a good view.

So it all depends and has got nothing to do with sex.
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In women there are so many types . Most of them ar the general next door simple girls and there are also the " kaalis" .

While I do advocate women driving ,so that they are on their own and rather not dependent on us for their transportation needs ,it does not mean that just because they know how to shift gears and floor the clutch they are good drivers .

In chennai we had women drivers for the local transport corporation . yes we had women drive buses but now they are extinct .

A large SUV clutch will definitely need a lot of tigh power to depress the clutch and then there is the lanes to take care of .

I would say men who are in the age range of 40-50 are the worst drivers rather than the young men ,because once they start driving their minds automatically start thinking of salary , bills , work pressures .coupled with a helmet they are almost isolated from the road . I would for definite say these men can be equated with the women mindset .

For example on a typical highway a car doing at 100km/Ph gets so many stray dogs , pot holes and animals( drunk men ) . How many women can properly respond ? I know there are women who pass out of IIM and IIT ..LOL

I have seen many girls /women drive around so nicely ,with so much of confidence and at break neck speeds ,but yes there are the exceptions .

Lastly , most of the males while growing up from their childhood imitate driving motorcycles , cars , buses . Havent you all done it ? Most of the male kids while growing up stare at "uncles motorcycles , cars " look in awe at engines , change gears , turn the steering , try out the horns ,lights etc and ideally speaking we actually learn driving just by looking at someone who is driving . How many of you have seen girls doing this ?
While it is time to drive , tell me how many of you went to a driving school to learn driving ? My opinion is males are somehow inclined mechanically more than the women rather .
For males driving is a passion rather than just transportation . For the 40 years plus males it is just transportation and not a passion really . For the females they think driving is a cool thing , and for the 35 plus females it is again just transportation .

Sunita Williams managing a rocket is different , so lets cut out women who can manage rockes ..LOL

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Originally Posted by rippergeo View Post
Danica Patrick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

have you also wondered why all the racing car drivers are white men?
except karthikeyan, lewis hamilton and some japanese drivers, they are all white. maybe its because only the white men can drive.
Lewis hamilton is a white ? Didnt know that
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Originally Posted by greatmana2000 View Post
Lewis hamilton is a white ? Didnt know that
Read the sentance properly - its says 'except' - Meaning other than the named drivers most are white.

But this perception of women in SUV's - I dont see anything wrong with it, everyone needs to drive what they are most comfortable in.
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For every female driver (good or bad) there are 1000 worser male drivers. Think about it and leave the girls alone.
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read this thread and find that we are a little too judgemental in our tone - considering that we all (collectively) are not GOD!
Its not as if good driving is the preserve of male drivers only!
So why not live and let live?
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Even I think if you you are a good driver and have good control on the vehicle it really doesn't really matter how huge it is. Not to forget the parking problem in our country but! Then, you certainly have your likes and dislikes. Given an option even i will go with an SUV over any other kind!
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There are are women drivers who operate some of the worlds largest dump trucks hauling payloads of over 200 tons and such other machinery everyday in the australian coal mines.
Its part and parcel of their job, they are just as fluid as any other male colleague in those harsh conditions. so Handling a vehicle may be more of an individual thing rather than a gender one .
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... a woman at the helm --- mistake
... of a large SUV --- disaster ticking

Sorry for the MCP cheek
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As such there isn't any "perception on ladies driving big cars/Suv's"! They are free to drive whatever they wish too or on whatever they can lay their hands on! Its just that it would be easier for them to drive smaller cars which have lighter controls & easier handling/maneuvering.
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Default Well...

I really don't think there should be something connecting gender and the size of the car driven.

My mother-in-law learnt her driving in the Middle East and now owns a Scorpio and drives since my father-in-law has had a stroke and can't drive. And she drives really well. Go figure!
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