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Default Ford Fiesta rear ended

Hi Bhpians,

My close friend had a pretty bad experience yesterday. He had picked up his girl at around 2 am and was proceeding along the Madiwala Road towards brigade road. He had just slowed down for a Speed Breaker when his car was hit by a Swift.
Turns out the Driver was drunk and if he was coming up from behind at a high speed and instead of slowing down thought of cutting the Fiesta from the left.
Misjudged and hit the rear left of the Car.
He went and checked up with Ford at St Marks Road and was quoted and estimate of Rs. 35,000/-
Is this a correct estimate? since there is no dent per se. The bumper has detached and the Tail Light cover has broken.
Would it better to go to a local garage and do the work?
Your help would be appreciated.



P.s- He had asked me the same above questions so i said 'dude, i will let you know asap since i am posting on etc etc (you know the res)
Attached Thumbnails
Ford Fiesta rear ended-image_003.jpg  

Ford Fiesta rear ended-image_004.jpg  

Ford Fiesta rear ended-image_005.jpg  

Ford Fiesta rear ended-image_006.jpg  

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Old 20th December 2008, 10:26   #2
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The major cost will be for the rear light assembly and the bumper,the bumper needs to be replaced i think due to the crack.
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Old 20th December 2008, 10:43   #3
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Send this quote to FORD MD... Recently he was trying to say that there car maintence is less than other.
If you are planning to go for a insurence then go ahead else you can also go for a local mechanics. they will fix every thing at very cheap price.
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Old 20th December 2008, 10:43   #4
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35K is a steep estimate in my reckoning.

From the photo, there doesn't seem to be a crack. Slight deformation, but nothing that can't be pummeled back into fit. The repair won't be perfect, but then touching up the bumper and re fitting should do the trick. Tail lamps will have to be replaced though, naturally.
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Yeah, the amount looks high. Get the tail lights done the bumper can be tinkered by a local workshop around your place with a moderate cost.
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Is there a split up of the 35K?
TL assembly, bulbs etc would need replacement.
Bumper also likely because it will have cracks and the brackets would have broken. Local mechanics would be able to drill some holes and give some jugad fix without replacing it; but then it may not be the same functional bumper again.
There could be paint job to be done for other sections too.

Even then 35K seems to be a bit high, if there is a breakup, then we can say if it is reasonable or not. Suggest an alternate inspection at Lathangi or Cauvery also.
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Old 20th December 2008, 11:13   #7
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just buy the light can get the bumper done for 4k.
Bumper does not require replacement.
I just got both on my baleno done. They were BROKEN. Cannot even make out its been repaired look brand new
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Old 20th December 2008, 11:14   #8
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Most of the 35K is probably for a new rear bumper and painting. This is very expensive for any car (full repainting for a Civic front bumper is 19K).

Also, there is a crack. The locks/tabs for the thing will be broken at the part where the bumper meets the rear quarter panel. I don't know how reliable a jugaad job will be. Sure, it'll cost less and probably look okay, but the next time he gets hit at that part, the bumper won't do its job (which is to take the impact force and protect the body shell).
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Old 20th December 2008, 12:06   #9
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Get it done locally, do not go to the A.S.S. Fix the bumper with new clips & repaint it. Get a new light.
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Recently i had a minor accident - went and crashed into a Getz which all of a sudden stopped in the Hosur - Bangalore highway before the KA border.

Bonnet, Bumper, Left Head light assembly, bulk head, left side fender etc. was changed at Metro Ford, St.Marks Road.

Total costs was Rs.37000. I had to shell out Rs.13k (50% for platics, 50% for glass, 15% depreciation cost for all other parts since its a 2 year car)from my pocket.
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IMO the charges should not exceed 10K.

I had a similar accident with my SX4 recently I wanted to avoid claiming Insurance so got it fixed at a local garage the expenses were as follows:

1. Left Tail Light Assembly = Rs. 1000/- (From Kurla CST Road where u get 2nds Spares for alsomost any car)

2. Bumper Repair = Rs. 250/-

3. Painting (Black) = 2000/-

Total Cost = 3250/-

As SOWMYA rightly said send the estimate to Ford MD and they will know the ground reality.
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Old 20th December 2008, 12:33   #12
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+1 for what path finder has said. Get the break up first. We need to understand what is the major chunk of this cost.
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Join the club- The ford fiesta has a high maintenance cost(from personal experience), The body panels are the main culprits- not very sturdy, yet they cost a bomb!. Ford India definitely needs to work on the body parts pricing. I guess Karma has finally come around - that's why they are on the verge of bankruptcy in the US.
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IMO 35K is too steep. Just get a new taillight, try if OEM is available from local spare parts shop else buy from A.S.S. Get the bumper repaired from local mechanics who specialise in bumper jobs. They can refill, remake, remould all cracks, joints, supports etc. Get the bumper painted from a good workshop (try if it has a bake booth for good finish). The bumper job should cost you less than 3K, no idea about the tail lamp.

I am personally not in favour of a new bumper because bumpers getting hit is a routine and they should be changed only if beyond repair.
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Here is the split up for my car.


2. FENDER ASSY FRONT - Rs.3084.14


4. LH HEADLAMP ASSY - Rs. 5246.19

5. BULK HEAD - Rs. 5792.70

6. HOOD ASSY - Rs. 6072.08

7. Other consumables - Rs. 1000 (includes New Wiper blades, connector kit, clip etc.)

Tax came around Rs. 4000
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