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Old 20th April 2005, 02:29   #31
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guys, we just can't blame him. he's just a kid. i was the same way he is now. i learnt it with time. but never the hard way. loved cars since i was 10. and still luving them. by 12 , i cudnt stay off the steering wheel... and thought the RTOs were fools . its not the driving skills that matter. its the mind and soul and the young young blood. now, i'm 21 and realise that i'm lucky not to have learnt it the hard way.

kooldude, just stay cool and dont ever have the need4speed on the road. have it on the PC or PS2.
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Old 20th April 2005, 05:26   #32
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Hey Kooldude,

Well, i am going to go against the tide here and say that it wasnt your fault at all. It is totally possible that you are a more mature and safe driver most 19yr olds, or even 28yr olds.
However, the point of the matter is that it is illegal.
This seems fine when you are pulled over for taking an illegal u-turn or something of the sort, but for more serious situations you will be in a lot more trouble and its just not worth it.

I had to wait till i was 18 myself. Not one day sooner. Ofcourse i was super eager to drive, but i took that interim period as time to learn more about cars, and to keep an eye open for things i would always, and would never do when i started to drive.

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Old 20th April 2005, 10:16   #33
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Good to know that after reading all the responses rather than saying that we weren't supportive, u actually understood what is right and what is wrong..
Maybe u are a good driver, but u'r breaking the law here.. Thats something which shouldn't be done..

Even my cousin who just gave his PU exams(Christ college, B'lore) once took his dad's car(opel corsa) out when his parents were asleep on a Dec24th and took it around for a spin.. He and his took turns driving each others cars and finally at about 3am he was rippin at high speeds and din't notice the divider.. He went sraight over it.. Couldn't get the car out.. It was a deserted road.... Fortunately he had his mobile with him.. Called up his dad, who had a shock of his life and finally came to pick him up in his omni... Car with some serious bruises was removed later next day..
So u never know, by u'r misfortune, u ram into somebody, then u'r going to be in very deep trouble..

And please dont bother to hit the other guy if it were his fault.. U'l never these people, they might get back at u later...

So just take care of u'rself and start driving when u'r 18...
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Old 20th April 2005, 12:11   #34
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whoa man that santro looks like it was squshed in the wall. sad to know noone walked out alive but then drinking and driving u have a fair little chance of getting away with it,
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Old 20th April 2005, 13:15   #35
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My two cents:
Watch out against -
1. Driving Underage
2. Exhibiting Road Rage

Observe the law, control your temper and drive safe.....
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Old 20th April 2005, 13:36   #36
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i started driving a car, steering actually, sitting on my dad's stomach, at the age of 4 or 5.. about 500 mts odd from home.. and it included a couple of turns
there was hardly any traffic on the lanes that comprised my area

by the time i was 12, i cud work all the controls, still sitting on my dad/uncle/chacha's lap tho
to wait all that time till i was 18 was really frustrating.. but my dad was firm, and rightly so
be thankful u arent in my shoes ! waiting a couple of yrs isnt too bad..
u can go karting !
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Old 20th April 2005, 17:37   #37
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Dude get a license and a brain, one of them is easy to achieve in due time the other well....you cant buy it.
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Old 20th April 2005, 19:57   #38
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request the mods to lock up this topic
it's getting out of hand,dont blame that kid,

"his life, his wish"

wonder if all of you didnt drive before 18? i doubt.

when his parents felt it was fine for him to drive then i dont think we should question it.
driving with parents knowing abt it is one thing and without it is another.

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yeah but elders showing stupidity is not acceptable!!!
can forgive him for his age....what about his mom who was sitting next to him????
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Old 20th April 2005, 22:49   #40
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when his parents felt it was fine for him to drive then i dont think we should question it.
driving with parents knowing abt it is one thing and without it is another.
If parents dont correct you when youre wrong who will. Whatever the underage driver does on the road or causes an accident automatically the parent or guardian is held responsible.

Kooldude has learnt a valuable lesson from his episode and he should be careful next time around. Team BHP urges you to drive safely and only if you hold a valid license and are above 18 years of age.

This thread is now closed
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Old 12th March 2015, 09:49   #41
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Default Menace of Minor Drivers/Riders

It is quite evident that a lot of school kids are driving/riding around without valid driving license. The parents are least bothered by this trend and turn a blind eye to such incidents.

We have seen multiple accidents involving minor drivers with innocent people becoming victims to joy rides and thrill seekers.

I hope the police come down heavy on such offenders and take stringent action against the parents.

Delhi traffic cops to send letters to schools against minor drivers
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Old 12th March 2015, 12:02   #42
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Default Re: Menace of Minor Drivers/Riders

Originally Posted by speedmiester View Post
I hope the police come down heavy on such offenders and take stringent action against the parents.
Totally agree.

In the school I studied in, Baldwin Boys' High School, Bangalore, we weren't allowed to get scooters back in our days upto 2008, and rightfully so. Whereas now, I see students getting a Honda City to school and moreover, driving it themselves!

I blame no one but the parents for this sheer foolishness they are displaying. You have the facility of a School Bus, which is safe and convenient. But no, you have to send your son to school in a car that he will drive because you think he deserves better.

When these parents do realise that they are making a huge mistake by letting underage folk drive, I hope it's not too late.
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Old 12th March 2015, 12:34   #43
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Default Re: The stupidity of underage driving

I saw a article about underage driving on Hindu newspaper today. It shows a picture of father teaching two wheeler riding for his underage son on beach. The article also advised parents not to allow their minor children to ride more than 50cc scooters. Definitely the parents should come forward for the safety of their children.
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Default The Underage Driving Menace

The Underage Driving Menace

This has been a topic of pain for me ever since I started a family. Minor aged children who take their parents' vehicles and power up and down the roads in hormone fueled frenzy. They lack the ability to empathize with any life, be it human and animal.

Unfortunately, we seem to live in a country where the law is very very poorly enforced, especially for the influential or powerful. The sheer magnitude of a bread winner getting killed by an underage driver is lost on people.

Putting it in slow words, an average bread winner makes a modest middle class salary with 2 children and a working/non working spouse. In a split second, a child driving a 1 ton mass mows down this person. The very next instant, the family of the victim is reduced to the streets (in many cases). Dreams are shattered, the children are left with a shaky upbringing and the spouse suffers the emotional trauma for life. And the perpetrator of the crime is out on bail, living his/her life as normal not really understanding how much suffering has been caused for the next few decades.

I would like to appeal to this forum to understand if any of the below is possible:
  • Start a separate platform on which people can post videos of underage kids driving cars. The mere negative publicity can be a checking mechanism.
  • Making videos available to the respective state's police. Police will be forced to act when there is proof for millions to see.
  • The ability of this forum's moderators/admin to manage the various representatives of the law as direct crimes may be reported on this website.
I constantly talk to parents who have late teens and advise them to not give their vehicles. More often than not, I am seen as a pest and asked to mind my own business. When I ask them what will happen if their child kills a bread winner, that's the last straw.

If there is a collective effort made by people on a pan-India basis, it may help check this menace. This is a very large forum of like minded individuals who have the skills to use technology, advise others, project a public image and offer support on a large scale.

I request everyone to do something about this particular crime because it involves kids who lack the understanding of life and death situations and for the sheer damage it can do to families of victims, all in a fraction of a second. We have enough road deaths caused every year. This one is totally avoidable.

Thank you for reading

I did not know where to post this thread. I request the Moderators to move this to the correct sub-forum if approved for posting.
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Old 18th April 2016, 16:32   #45
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Default Re: The stupidity of underage driving

Just came across this news of a 7 years old driving a scooty in normal traffic roads. The father seems to be very proud of the achievement. This is what needs to be curbed and i completely support Mr. Shankar's efforts (mentioned in his post above) to educate parents on the dangers of underage driving.

On the Secunderabad Cantonment road, a two-wheeler zipped past cars and Army trucks. Shockingly, a seven-year-old, helmet on head, was driving the scooter, with her father riding pillion.

This reporter followed them some distance, across roundabouts and traffic lights, and finally intercepted the father and daughter for a chat.

Surender Sharma, grinning indulgently, clearly saw no wrong in the child driving. "My daughter is very tomboyish, adventurous. She loves driving and I never stop her from doing any activity,'' he said, also explaining, "She is my only daughter.''

Even if i were to exclude journalistic embellishment in terms of the reactions mentioned, it does not take aware the fact that the kid was doing something very dangerous (to herself and others on the road) with the full knowledge of her father.

NDTV Link | News X Link
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