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Originally Posted by nitrous View Post

What is this? the '80s?
That would be progress: I am afraid that it is the '50s still, where a lot of gender roles and attitudes are concerned.
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Originally Posted by Thad E Ginathom View Post
That would be progress: I am afraid that it is the '50s still, where a lot of gender roles and attitudes are concerned.

A strong sense of security for today’s women should include a big bulky dirty black SUV, sporting the darkest possible (street legal) tints, including the laminated windshield (may not be possible).Aggressive stance all round with hard lined bull bars/ crash guards etc.

But how many of us can afford the cheapest Scorpio/Safari for our wives and girlfriends.

Perhaps if this was possible then most morons would seldom trouble the ladies out there, and make us proud.
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Could not agree more fellas,just don't know what up with the morons on the road.As if their horrible driving habits aren't bad enough.Most guys in Mumbai seem to get kicks out of harassing female drivers / riders.I have personally always admired good female drivers,rare though they may be.Always give 'em a thumbs up if I pass 'em.Have encountered two such females in Mumbai,one at Bandra driving,guess what,a black Ford Endeavour and one with an OHC.Both very good drivers and very young too.
The chick with the Endeavour actually dabaoed me to pass me before I passed her for good and showed her that it ain't the size,its the driver that matters

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Two catageories of drivers I hate the most, and who are most risky on the roads - females and old men! I so wish they wouldn't be driving in the first place... lol! The roads would be a much better place then...
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If only all drivers had a women driver's patience and forbearance. If all drivers were women (or at least learnt something from their driving), perhaps Indian roads would be safer (not necessarily slower since orderly traffic movement may reduce travel times).

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The answer to this, my friends is the same as for "why do dogs chase cars, when they have no intention of driving them?"

Ok that was a bad one
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On a larger scale, I always stay a tad too far off from women folk honoring the driving seat. But to my relative apprehensions about their driving habits which will not diminish, I happen to chance upon Mrs Autopsyche (Arush's Better half) on NDTV Sports recently and was really impressed on what the lady achieved (Raid De Himalaya laurels) and definitely not the average woman driver on Indian roads.

I was just emphasizing the fact that there are just some women folk who are definitely a notch above others and infact many men too.

Another excellent lady driver I know is Mrs Khan_sultan too.

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Originally Posted by VJ_MAVRICK View Post
On a larger scale, I always stay a tad too far off from women folk honoring the driving seat.
Same here. Most of the time slower than normal traffic flow and jittery about giving side. I am not saying every lady driver do that; but if you see some car showing this behaviour, 90% probability it is driven by the fairer sex.
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I feel its the Indian mentality that makes men feel that girls are not supposed to play with boys toys. May it be Cars, Bikes, Sports etc .But with changing time everyone has to change as its said "What's true today May not be the truth tomorrow."

As of people who overtake me (girls or guys) I tell my self that "Earth is round, he/she will have to go all around to overtake me again"
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Originally Posted by abhinav.gupta88 View Post
The only reason i chase a girl's car is when i am in my dreams.
Ditto! In reality, I stay miles away!

Originally Posted by Cyrus43 View Post
DEJA VU!!! My Girlfriend is Blisteringly Fast on her Honda Dio. Recently, I was following her in my Fiat and I actually coudnt keep up with her on certain roads!!
That's for 2 reasons:

1. The Dio actually works

2. SHE WAS TRYING TO GET AWAY! Try asking her to follow you and see if you can spot her in the rear view (I'm assuming Fiats had rear view mirrors, though GOD knows who'd be slower than them!)

But seriously, I guess this happens everywhere, all the time. My cousin met with a pretty bad accident when a PMT bus driver ran her off the road; she was on a bike.

Guys think this impresses women, but then again these guys also think they're men!
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i thought this is only in kerala.. My wife too has a dio.. She too tells incidents like this everyday,This might be a common indian behaviour...
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I've many women drivers in my family and what I've seen is that a lot of it depends on how the women have grown up. I see women who have had a lot of independence and freedom make better drivers. They are not hesitant, make quick decisions and can be aggressive at times. They would have also cycled or used to ride a moped/scooter etc so they have more road sense.

Women who have had their decisions made for them, who have had to depend on someone for everything don't usually make good drivers. Their upbringing seeps through in their driving.

Again this is my personal opinion.
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Most women drivers especially in KERALA, dont know to drive properly, but behave as if they are schumachers sister!!!
Moreover they are thoroughly unaware of traffic rules/guidelines.
I love to hate women drivers and I dont mind the risk of being called a chauvinist .
It will be true automotive NIRVANA if there are roads without woman drivers !!!
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^here ,the discussion is about how women drivers are ill-treated by the misogynist ,male-chauvinists who are following ladies driving 2/4 wheelers distracting them!. .not about how good lady drivers are.
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Default My experience with a young girl in a new i10!

This just happened today morning at the LV Prasad Eye hospital signal circle.
I casually stopped my white MJD behind a new i10 Asta Silver with Temp.Reg.no.and noticed that a young girl with dark sunglasses is in the driver seat.The car was spanky new,with the ribbon still on its roof.As the signal turned Green,the i10 suddenly stopped with a jerk.I was expecting it to move on after a couple of seconds as this was normal,the car sometimes stalls if you are not careful with clutch release.After about 7-10 secs,the cars behind me started honking and eventually I gave a short honk.Then I noticed her smiling in her rear view mirror,I too smiled back.
Both of our cars were in the second row at the signal,and all the traffic around us was flowing out except the i10,with an MJD behind,a Santro,a Skoda and a Qualis in a straight line in the centre of the road.As the Skoda and Qualis turned off and left the block,I too tried turning right but realised that my front left would bang it.Without realising I had crawled closer to the i10 when the signal turned Green.
By now the Santro behind me was blaring its horns ! The signal had 60secs left to turn Red again,and I too was beginning to get edgy with the i10.The i10 just sat there! I turned on my parking lamps,got down ,went upto the driver side and enquired "what's the problem?You are creating a traffic jam!" She looked at me and replied " Sorry,am trying ,but the car is not moving forward.Sorry". I again asked her to slot to neutral,start the engine,release hand brake and simultaneously release the clutch.She did all right except the clutch release part and the car again stalled.
By now,I was getting really angry with those horns of the passing cars and the Santro nut behind my car crying out.
She got down and asked "Please am getting nervous,can you please take my car to the side of the road?" By the look in her eyes,and the expression on her face,I understood she really was nervous.I obliged thinking - 1.need to get out of this mess on the road.I have no time to reach my office.
2.there is no other way out - unless the i10 moves out my MJD cant.So no options.
So,quickly got in,turned to the left, parked it beside the traffic island on the circle and bolted back to my MJD.As I got in ,the girl walked up to my side extending her arm saying "a big Thank you and Sorry for the Trouble.You were very nice.Thank You again".
I dint have time to respond as the signal had just 5 secs to Red and I dashed out the signal saying "Its OK,please dont mention,be careful".Reached my office and now sharing the experience with you all.
At the end of it,am left with mixed feelings for the young female driver.
Feelings like - why to drive when you cant drive properly,why create problems with other road users,and why trouble others unneccessarily.
And also a feeling of helping someone in trouble.
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