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Even if you have a stock car, sometimes some folks assume race with you because of the way you drive. If you drive a bit sporty (high revs, quick take off from lights etc) you will end up in situations like this.

I wanted to tell about a different incident, about a KSRTC (KA) mini bus driver trying out his nasty driving skills on me.

It was on Hosur road, I entered the road from Kudlu junction, and started driving towards EC. There was this KSRTC mini bus stopped on the road side near Hosa road junction. I came behind him, and since the lane got jammed I started overtaking him through right, since it was free. When I was halfway through, the bus started moving and to my surprise he immediately swerved to the right lane - I had to break and get behind the bus to avoid a collision.

So I honked at the driver to make him aware about my presence, I could see a very angry face through the bus's RVM! I then asked him (with hand gesture what the hell was he doing) Later, I could easily overtake the bus on the empty stretch before EC junction.

I reached the entrance of EC and was waiting for my right turn signal. The bus came and stopped right next to me on my left side and the driver started talking angrily at me. I didn't mind him at all and rolled my car ahead in order to avoid his sight.

The stupid bus driver also moved the bus forward as he was talking to me, and he did this without looking forward - resulted in the bus hitting a bike in the front, causing the bike some moderate damage.

Don't know what happened next as I turned right and went inside.
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There are some morons who think what ever they do is the right thing. Common sense doesn't prevail in these situations, and they tend to keep pushing their point.Taking about having to speak the local language, and the wrong-doer always tries to get some support from nosey parkers who flock around an accident site. (if only there was a way to disperse these people,say, with a device that would release the scent of a skunk.
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Lets all understand one basic fact here. Those who own an automobile in India are members of the privileged class, and the vast majority resent that. Especially when they see youngsters at the wheel of flashy cars, they think that it is Dad's car. In most cases, the cars belong to the youngster who puts in a 12 hour workday just to keep his car in good nick. Jealousy and resentment is the name of the game. Us janata guys versus the rich guys. And naturally, even the cops are on the side of the junta, because the cops themselves, at lower levels are educated if you can call it that, only up to a basic level and usually in the vernacular medium schools. Add to that their miserable working and living conditions, and a rich kid with a high revving exhaust with ICE and that is a recipe for trouble any time.

The key to solving such problems is understanding that with great power also comes great responsibility. One, keep your temper at all costs. Two, it does not hurt you to say sorry even if you are in the wrong, a concept that many younger guys may not agree with, more so if you are with family. Swallow your ego for the sake and safety of your family. Do not say or do anything rash. The newspaper guy was just trying to throw his weight around. So also the pandus mentioned above. Road rage is an increasing menace, what with choked roads, slow moving trafic, lack of parking space and unreasonable road behavior of other drivers. Well, what do you expect when 99 percent of Indians have given a bribe and gotten their licence. So, if you are educated and own or drive a car, just chiil..because the main aim is to get out of the situation and not to fight. You may win the battle, but rest assured, you wont win the war, because the hooligans will be back to fight another day, bet on it, and this time the stakes will be higher, and hence you would have a lot to lose. So, chiill. Just my advice from 30 years of driving in various countries of the world..
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I also started experiencing this after i got a new end can. But my car sounds more bassy and till 3k rpm the sound is almost stock so i do not see anyone trying to race. But still i see people on highways doing it when the rpm goes above 4-5k

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I've got a filter, ffe and some stickers on my car. I drive to double road and back everyday and sometimes I am tired and just want to drive slow and relax a bit. But not a single day has passed without some schumacher fan trying to overtake me- from the wrong side, cutting me off. Not giving me way to pass etc etc. Earlier I really used to blow my top and give them a piece of my mind or give them what they want, a small drag in traffic. But it was pointless!

People who mess around with me mostly ride on pulsars or yamaha's. Then there's the friendly bus driver who owns the road!!! ofcourse then there are the zen's and swift's and our ever popular indica Bpo cabs.

But as the same thing happened with differant people every other day I realized It's me who's getting upset and I chose not to react. I try my best not to react.

I feel using the indicator while changing lanes, honking less frequently and not overtaking on the left side can go a long way in having a good ride!
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