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Default Screeeeeeeeech & Bang!

I was going to pick up the Angel eyes that Viper had sent. And since it was a sunday afternoon I dint expect any traffic. It was at around 3 pm on OMR, when an old man decides to cross without even looking anywhere. (Cant blame him huh?). Anyways the DDiS in front suddenly brakes, I decide to test my new wheels and ABS. Stop in time. Biker boy (uh man) behind fails to see the brake light glowing. Comes and kisses the bumper!

Almost 1 month into the ownership, and I see the 1st major dent on the car!!

As soon as it happened, junta, in typical bollywood style rushed to the spot. Started a check-up on the fallen-down biker. No one cared about the Swift anyways. Come up to me and chatter in Tamil. I reply back in English. Bliss!

Anyways I wasnt expecting any support from the public either. For I was having the bigger vehicle (rules of Indian nature). Paid him 200 bucks for "First Aid". He refused the one that MSIL provided with the car. I left the spot.

Now what do I do ? I dont think there is any point in claiming insurance. There is a major dent in the bumper. But nothing's broken, except the plastic number plate that I had. Replaced it with the dealer one. Any idea how much the new bumper costs otherwise ?
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Hard luck there.
Sorry to hear about it.
IMO , dont take insurance, if the new one with paint ain't much, you can go for it.
Else , get the denting work done.
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Swift rear bumper should cost you about Rs1346.04,but are you sure the bumper has to be replaced????,ofcourse i can't make out by just seeing the pic.
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Old 8th February 2009, 18:55   #4
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If somebody rear-ended me I would never pay. Rule of thumb is that! As its his fault that he didn't kept any distance.
Is this also called tailgating.?

Anyway. ! It seems that the bumper can be repaired as there are no cracks.
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As far as I see, the bumper needs no replacement. Nothing has cracked. Just that some part has caved in. But since its a fibre/plastic bumper, working out the dents aint that easy.

And yes it was totally his fault. But then he was a local too. So I'd have lost the case anyways. I dint want too much scene out there. So just paid and left.
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Old 8th February 2009, 19:03   #6
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Welcome to the club mate Some nutcase biker side-swipped me at a roundabout and then started abusing in Kannada. Though it was his fault, i still couldnt take a single paisa from him. And now there is a minor dent on the side door.
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Old 8th February 2009, 19:07   #7
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its 3200-3500 for a replacement incl. paint.

Why not explore the local balti/bumper repairguy?
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Old 8th February 2009, 19:12   #8
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Unfortunate about the incident! :(

I think this dent can be fixed and the bumper got back into shape. No need to replace it or claim insurance. A few hits with a hammer just might do the trick.
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Bumper can be brought back to shape, use the wooden handle of hammer to reach behind and inside the bumper and try to push it outside towards you, plonk (if space permits) a few times, it will come out.

There's a protective bar also inside the bumper, hope thats not bend, if yes, take it to a denter.
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Old 8th February 2009, 19:37   #10
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i know how excited you were about the angel but thats the sad inside road scene. we all go through it at least once.
anyways it wouldn't warrant a replacement. heating and repairing it from inside will get the job done. will cost around 350 bucks at MASS.
post the pics once the repair work is done.
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Ouch, that looks bad, i can understand how it feels to have even a small scratch on our car, i too have had such an experience. Dude, i dont feel you have replace the bumper, just get it to local paintshop and get it done. But please do check for proper colour matching. Some local guys dont know much about matching and just do jugad work.
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Old 8th February 2009, 20:05   #12
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ouch. I had a matiz ram me in the rear and i never found out until i got home. My rear bumper just flexed and bent back to the original position. twas only at home that i saw the metal at the rear had caved in slightly. Had bikers hit me from behind once or twice , but no damage. my bumper seems to be majorly flexible!

oh, and now you know how frail the swift exteriors are. be more careful!

geriatrics are a threat everywhere...
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Old 9th February 2009, 08:31   #13
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These incidences just happens. Nobody can help it. In Vadodara, a city with less population but more vehicle density than any other in Gujarat, these are coming up. I was standing at signal and two guys in Kinetic Honda ( it was metal bodied ) decide to rear end the M800. The signal just opened and I was surrounded by people who were honking as if there was Tsunami behind them.
The bumper will need replacement in my case.

In your case its very unfortunate incident and did the biker demand the money ? I will not have paid a single penny, but in our so called Secular country there too many issues about states and languages I think ( I made this out from this forum itself ).

No need to go for replacement. I think this fibre part will automatically come out a bit. Wait and watch here. Try some local person usually repairs plastic bits. He will be able to fix this for less than Rs 300 approximately. The physical appearence will be a bit odd at the contact point though.
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Old 9th February 2009, 09:23   #14
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Something of the same sort happened on my Wagon R some years back.

Try some local denter, he will just heat up the bumper a bit from the inside and at the same time the bumper can then be moulded back to the original shape, this would just take 15-20mins, and will just cost you 200-300rs
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bad luck.

regarding dented bumper, i got dent on rear bumper same way but it came to its original shape in four days automatically. i kept my car in afternoon sunshine for those four days and trick worked. try it.
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