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Unhappy What a 60 km/h bike can do to my swift

This accident occured in thursday morning around 9 a.m. I was going to office
from attingal to trivandrum after dropping my mom in our aunt's house. I was enjoying the ride as usual with 60 km speed on my odo.
There is curve after the attingal town which is called moonumukku.Another road which joints the NH and MC ends in this junction.
For entering into this road, thevehicles which are coming from trivandrum side have to cut across
the divider and then right turn to this road.

Now when i entered into this curve i was at 60 km as said before.Since i saw a lorry cutting the road to enter the NH, i slowed a little
and when i started to accelerate, i saw a bike just in front of me which was cutting into the link road.I applied the brakes and turned to left
to avoid the hitting,but there was nothing to do except for the head to head collision with the bike.He banged into the side of my car.His
bike hit on the right front side of my car and he hit on the right back door of my car (told by the bystanders there later).I was almost shocked
for a minute.When i tried to open the door,it was jammed and i can't see whether the man was hurt or not.Some people shouted to me to get the
hell out of the car.I was explaining to them that my door is stuck and i can't get out.But who listens.

Luckily there were some people who actually saw the accident and told the others that the mistake was in the part of biker and he was
trying to cut into the other road without bothering to look on the incoming traffic, while the lorry was crossing accross.Due to the lorry,
i wasn't able to see the biker.That was a great relief.Hearing these voices, i told them that i will park the car to a side.When i started the car
again to park side,a man started shouting that the water was all over the road and my radiator was broken.Well at that time i didn't mind him since
i wanted to see how the bike rider was.So after parking the car,i got out of the co-passengar door and i just had a look at the damage.I was stuck for
a moment seeing the damage.Then some one tapped me from behind.This was the guy on the bike.He was alright,only had a small cut on his leg.I was both
relieved to see the man alright and also shocked to find out what my car has become after just a bike with almost 60 km speed had hit.After the recovery from the first shock,
called the popular guy and told him about the accident and what to do next.He asked me to either go to police station to get some paper for insurance or
get a paper signed by both the victims that they doesn't have any complaints with each other.Since me and him wanted to wrap this thing as soon as possible
we settled for the later and bought a sheet of paper from a near by shop and entered the required data and signed it.Original was kept by me for the insurance
and a copy was given to him.

After 15 mins an auto rushed over there with two ladies almost middle aged coming outside thanking the gods grace for nothing happened for the biker.They introduced themselves as his mother and aunt.They told me that he was in military and he just arrived in kerala one week before as his father was not doing good,and his
marriage was on coming week.(THey wanted to make marriage quick as his father was counting his days.) .Hearing this i didn't want to ask him about the cost of the damage to my car.I happily shooked his hand we parted.

Well after all this i parked my car in my house(which is .5 km distance from the accident scene) and then went to office.
This photos are taken from my home
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The scary thing is that, the day before the accident i was just looking at all the accident pictures and the street experience(which all are accidents) and
seeing this my mom got angry and went to sleep.And now the next day, i was in one of that conditions.

The food seemed almost tasteless on that day and i was very much gloomy.Oh what to say, these things happen right??
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So, what was the guys excuse?

Anyway, the damage seems to be high. I guess an estimate of around INR 20k can be expected. I just hope that there is no major damage to the right wheel bay and shocks!

Front bumper needs to be replaced, since it is broken. Add the body color painting and there goes up the price.

I just hope you have a good MASS near you.
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there is a lot of crumbled up sheet metal. anway since the guy is ok, this shouldn't matter much. i know about that junction at the turn after the attingal bus station. that's bloody dangerous. i go dead slow there. the road is narrow too.
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damn, the damage looks bad. thats a lot of sheet metal that will need to be replaced. thankfully you should get 100% coverage. just the bumper that will cost you a bit.

PS: nice alloys
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All's well that ends well .. good thing is that the person on bike was not seriously injured otherwise you would be in trouble. I'll say it was your lucky day. Forget this incident and be happy.
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Glad all are fine. Things being mostly metal, you can make use of your insurance. Hope the headlamp survived.

Green; you can see his car @ Techno. Mostly near Nila parking. Right?
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You're a really nice man for not harassing him abt the money. Even if you did, you would have been right. No question about it. But you saw the whole situation and decided that the guy had a lot of things on his plate. I do hope that he learns a lesson. Otherwise your kindness would be in vain.

Really sad to see the damage on your car though.
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Pretty sad! But still Maruti Insurance will cover up these damages mostly. You will lose the no claim bonus though :(.
I recently had a claim with a qualis making a i feet long dent on my rear left side. Everything including painting was around Rs .750 at Hercules,Tvm with claim. The paint job was excellent and was well finished.

Be on road soon
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Good that nothing happend to the biker. Otherwise, it would have been more trouble for him and his family. It was your's and the biker's lucky day.

As for the damages, since it is mostly metal parts except for bumper you will get the insurance for all. For bumper, MASS may give 50% of the insurance. Hope the H/L is OK. I would recommend to paint the whole body as painting on RH side will look a little odd (colour difference) . But you need to take a call based on the charges.
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Thats nasty accident, You should have asked him to pay 5000/- towards repair and loosing NCB of insurance. I think repair cost estimate would be near to 30,000/- If they repalce parts like doors, fender, bumbpers etc.. I hope without much hassle they will cover up maximum Insurance so you have pay only % of plastic related itsems replecement.

Good to see no one hurt seriously and you handled the situation cool and good presence of maturity.

If I am in Biker's place I would have paid you 5000/- without discussing.


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That's a real bad one Jithu. I know how it feels to see your baby hurt. Been there once when a biker hit me on the rear right quarterpanel. The car was fresh out of servicing

Don't know about the estimate, but you should be able to get most things covered under insurance. Hope you have the 'cashless' one. That reduces a lot of hassles.

Originally Posted by jithudigitised View Post
They told me that he was in military

Originally Posted by snaronikar View Post
I would recommend to paint the whole body as painting on RH side will look a little odd (colour difference).
I don't think that will be necessary. MASS are quite competent when it comes to matching the colour.

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@jkdas yes i am working there.
The estimate they quoted me was around 25k -30k and i will need to pay 6500 rs from my purse since, some of them are plastic and my swiftyy is 3.6 years old.she is a 2005 dec model.
The changes they told me are to replace the rear right door,front right fender,bumper,front right headlamp and the bottle that holding the demister fluid.

About that paint, that will be because of my phone camera and the lightings.

Anyway i think it will take a week for the repairs.
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I know the pain you have went through at such scene. Please keep us posted on the parts replaced and the expenses you have incurred

Originally Posted by jkdas View Post
Hope the headlamp survived.
I don't think there would be any damages to the headlamp, but I guess the headlight unit needs replacement. Looking at the pictures, it seems that plastic ear that holds the unit with the body by screw would have cut. I am sure that part won't be available sepearately and you will forced to replace the entire assembly

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My swift is back.

i had to pay 6000 Rs for the insurance claims for various plastic parts replacement and considering the depreciation of 3 years.

So i am back with my swifty.cheers!!!!!
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Old 6th April 2009, 12:26   #15
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@Jithu - good to hear the biker was alright and the damage though very hurting to see wasnt mauch worse. 6K for the insurance seems reasonable. Hope to hear about your service/repairs experiences as well.
As for the color matching - there will be a slight difference even if the base color is matched especially since your car is a couple of years old and the older pain wouldhave faded a bit. I noticed that when I had my Swifts hatch alone painted.
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