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View Poll Results: Do you get provoked easily by other drivers?
Yes 169 60.14%
No 112 39.86%
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Old 25th April 2009, 23:56   #46
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Originally Posted by straightdrive View Post
it affects my concentration and that's not worth it.
Absolutely. You've got it spot on. The moron who provoked you has gone his way and forgotten about the incident. You, however are left fuming and unable to drive calmly. Totally not worth it.
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Old 26th April 2009, 01:24   #47
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its me that has to contend with my elevated blood pressure and deteriorated quality of life after such incidents
Spot on. The other guy very often doesn't even notice!
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Old 30th April 2009, 18:12   #48
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I usually DO get upset, but I restrict myself to a few bad words depending who is or isnt in the car. The only time that my temper got the best of me was when I was performing a right turn onto a main road in JVPD - Juhu / Mumbai from a small lane. I patiently waited for my turn (this was a minor junction thus no traffic lights) ; and then when there was a break in the traffic I went on. Suddenly from one of the small service lanes an auto pops in at break neck speeds hooting away to glory and gets into the main road. There was no way I could go back (no time) nor go in front since I had to let the other cars which had the right of way. In any case I didnt even notice him - no headlights , saving battery? alternator or bulb? I dnt know and dont care. But the next thing you know he crashed into my Matiz , totalled the door. When I got down , I noticed that the only thing that had saved my moms legs (who was sitting behind) was the fact that the Daewoo people had inserted steel bars in every door to protect in just such an accident. The auto had broken its headlamps and then some - obviously since it was a major impact.

I was still too shocked to react when the autowallah comes up to me and says, 'Are you deaf? Cant you hear me honking?' Well thats the last I remember, I guess the adrenalin came rushing to the fore - my mom, my car and then he blames me. I caught hold of his collars and bashed him on the road, the traffic was completely jammed meanwhile. Another uncle from a santro comes up and says son let him go, he has been driving rashly since the past few kms , we were noticing since we were on the same road but dont beat him , take him to the cops.

Well, I still gave him more than his due and then decided that this time I will follow the matter through even if it means going to the police station (something that I usually avoid since it ends up with the more affluent person shelling out a few hundreds irrespective of the fault). I made my mom sit in the auto and followed with my car - sister in tears at the going ons. The auto wallah now scared shitless and convinced that he was in for a raw deal decided to make a run for it - obviously the auto wasnt his - so he leaves my mom in the auto stranded on the road!

I came up in a few minutes but he was no-where to be seen. By now I had enough since when I did call 100, I was told that since no one was injured its not urgent and I needed to make my way to the nearest police station. Another santro had some 4 guys in it who had seen everything and got down with me near the auto. They adviced that forget the cops, lets break the auto - and we proceeded to do that, turned it turtle and broke its windscreen.

I called dad AFTER this asking him if I should go to the police station and he informed me that most of what I did was a criminal offence no matter how much the instigation and I would only get into trouble if the autowallah put in a complaint against me. Given that I was going to leave for australia within a week for further studies, I decided to let the matter rest then and there.

The door cost more than 10k to be replaced and painted.

I appreciated dads foresight recently when I had to undergo criminal clearance checks for immigration.

Would I do that again? I dont think so.

Am I embarassed? Not so old to think so either.

Why did I do that? Bcz the dude did not even bother apologising. Had he just done that, I wouldnt have lifted a finger though he would have been abused.

I had a similar scrape in Australia when I was driving. The driver got down along with me after we pulled over. He apologised, gave me his insurance number and license number. Next day morning I called up his insurance people who told me to basically choose any garage and get the car fixed to my satisfaction. It cost about 1200$ (labor is expensive) but I did not have to shell out a penny. And the only thing we did ask each other after the scrape is if the other person was ok. Thats the value of human life , and thats whats most important - more than the car , no matter how much you love it. And after that comes common decency. If you do think its your fault, and most of the time you know when it is, do the right thing. Apologise.

On another note, while it is impossible, I love the fact that in developed nations the erring driver has to pay for all the damages. I think its true in India as well, but theres no way you could haul another to court if he refuses to pay. The timelines would ensure you are on your third vehicle by the time the decision is made. And thats if the other guy decides not to appeal.
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Old 30th April 2009, 18:28   #49
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Post Street Racer to Safe Driver - Time changes everything

I remember an incident around an year ago on Mumbai-Pune express way. I gave pass signal (upper-deeper light) and continued to overtake the vehicle in middle lane. When suddenly the driver pulled into right lane, completely ignorant about me, and almost pushed me off the road. That was bad enough for me to loose my head. Then I passed him, slowed down, allowing him to pass back and then overtook again. After doing this 4 times in next 4 mins, that guy slowed to a below 30 kmph, moved to left lane and waitied me to go ahead

I used to get provoked easily earlier whenever someone used to cut my way or turn without signaling. But then something changed, the friend/brother/colleague in adjacent seat was replaced with someone else and I started ignoring mistakes of other bad drivers. I would tolerate everything with a smile, enjoying Bryan Adams or Sting or Boyzone on car streo and continuing the conversations.

I still loose my head at times seeing other divers do something stupid, but then I quickly reliaze it and let it go with same smile looking at the empty adjacent seat and listening to the same 'Everything I do..' on car stereo.
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Old 30th April 2009, 19:49   #50
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Originally Posted by Evolution_VIII View Post
...suddenly the driver pulled into right lane, completely ignorant about me, and almost pushed me off the road. That was bad enough for me to loose my head.
And then there was this driver on the Delhi roads, who did the same to me, and I gifted him some of the choicest profanities in my vocabulary. The guy said, "aapko kab se dabaa raha hoon, aap dekhke nahin chala sakte??" (I've been trying to squeeze you out for so long, can't you look and drive??)

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Old 28th May 2009, 15:10   #51
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Sorry for bumping an old thread.

I've been driving for the past two years. In the intial days, I could get easily provoked but gradually this bad habit is wearing off.

Although I don't expect rickshawwallas or cabbies to drive sedately, but I am really pissed off when these 'dudes' in flashy cars try to show off by making some quick moves thinking that they are the best drivers in the world and own the fastest cars. If the conditions are not favourable then I let them go. But if I get a chance, they have to be given a taste of ther own medicine. Yes, it's not the right way to do it, but it's the Indian way of doing it.

It's not that I am an angel when it comes to my driving etiquettes, but I make sure that I make my intentions clear when I am changing lanes or taking a turn etc.

I stay calm most of the time, but guys, take this situation for instance.

I am driving on NH-3 (dual carriageway) with my family. I patiently drive behind an overloaded Maruti Zen for a few minutes, hoping that he realises that he is driving too slowly in the fast lane and gives me space to pass. But after traffic starts building up behind me, I flash my headlights asking him to give way. Still he did not budge. Instead, when I tried to overtake from the left, he suddenly accelerates putting me in a very tight spot. I'd to slow down considerably to avoid coming too close to a truck in the left lane. Considering everybody's safety, I decided to downplay the incident and let him go at his own merry pace.

A few moments later, he intentionally blocked me again on two more occasions. On the fourth time, I lost my cool, I revved my car like crazy and had to show him who is the boss. Sounds contradictory, but I'd to take this step simply because that moron was making it very difficult for me to drive peacefully at my own steady pace.

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Old 23rd June 2009, 11:34   #52
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I hate to accept but unfortunate the answer to the question is YES. Unlike in daily life I am not like that (quite peaceful and sober), though I am quite vulnerable on Road.
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Old 23rd June 2009, 12:04   #53
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I've seen more number of YES's than the NO's and I belong to the major lot here too and get provoked:

City - BMTC Bus, Cabbies, Autos.
Highway - All those morons who stick to the right and never give you the way to overtake and you are forced to overtake from left and those trucks doing a 10 mile drag never wanting to give up holding all traffic behind them.

At many occasions, I have given them their dose not to show off that I can do that too, by slowing them down but to make them realize that "Chalta hai" attitude will only make them do this over and again.

However, These days I try to control thiis as much as possible.
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Old 23rd June 2009, 18:39   #54
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It has definetly reduced over the years. Recent times I have started playing a game with the drivers who cut across- the moment they start cutting across I increase my speed and honk which brings immediate reaction from the other driver (I have studied the drivers who cut across & drive like mad bulls and found out that they could not take the slightest return-provocation). So these drivers now somehow want to overtake you and cut the lane while I relax and have fun
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Old 28th June 2009, 23:17   #55
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I usually do not get provoked. But what gets my goat is the fact that in Mumbai, one of the toughest and also dangerous thing to attempt is to drive straight and remain in your lane. On days that I decide to remain in my lane no matter how slow the car is ahead, invariably some one will come across too close and I have to break lanes and straddle the line in order to avoid scraping the idiot!
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Old 29th June 2009, 13:49   #56
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i try hard to change, but still i get provoked easily. i tried hard to resist but i cannot. in pune you will come across scary experiences. mostly the autowalas and the PMT buses.
now the latest addition to this are mostly the IT people hailing from pune as well as outside who buy a car just because they have got more money, but have no driving sense and brains. they will drive with their headlights always put ON full beam(upper) . even after requesting to lower by using upper dipper they are clueless why the person from front is using his upper dipper.

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Old 6th July 2009, 16:45   #57
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Usually what I do is (almost all in the family (uncles) who drives do this) start shouting at the driver mouthing off our anger (no obscene words used as women / children are there) Since the glass is up with the AC on, the opp driver cant hear it while my wife has to bear with my over the edge shouting. Such shouting generally gets the steam out of your system
Best regards
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Old 10th July 2009, 13:14   #58
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I get provoked, but don't react physically. All I do is curse steadily in a monologue inside the car (using filthy language if I am alone), smiling at the errant driver. Some times they will smile and nod before driving off. If I am riding my bike, the cursing will go on more vehemently inside my full helmet, and nobody will even notice!
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Old 10th July 2009, 14:20   #59
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Yes , I do get provoked on & Off ,however i just loose my cool when someone honk's continously just to bully / scare, and also at signals when it is yet to turn green or in smaller lanes where there is need to maintian slow speed . Most of the times just shower with choicest of abuses and there was one instance i had hit a guy aswell .

Anyways learning to be restrain myself, as many had pointed it is better to just be cool for the initial few seconds before the BP shoots and spoil our day & health.
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Old 18th July 2009, 01:31   #60
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Well, I used get provoked rather easily. However, over last couple of years it has come down significantly. I guess by getting provoked, you are risking your car, your health and most importantly you are potentially a danger on the road then.
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