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+1 to that.

Further, I am quite hard placed to understand how the incident occured in the first place (pass me a bagful of salt plz). Two simple doubts:
a. I have lived/stayed in that area for over 6 months and can't understand why the incident should occur at all!!
b. Lastly - with great power comes great responsibility. My ORVM was recently almost smashed on mall road by an auto wala - just the cover came off when the vikram almost scraped past. When I shouted at him, he asked me to thank my lucky stars, as they scrape cars on almost a daily basis, and challenged me to do anything. That's when I realized that its a lost battle. Instead of satisfying my ego Delhi style, or trying to be a hero and call the police, I moved on - it wasn't just worth it.

Honestly, a BMW driver/PSO need to display alot more intelligence. That they displayed cowboy instinct and saved the car/boy from possible mob is commendable (as I read), however, they should be fired for getting into the incident in the first place.

Their job is prevention, not cowboygiri.

It takes two to tango. ताली दो हाथ से बजती है!
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ताली दो हाथ से बजती है! is not quite applicable here. Both the hands can belong to the same member! And there'd be a clap.
It takes two to tango is more apt. It would need a person from each camp to make it happen. Else it'd be no-go.
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totally agree with you there! my father just called up this boys father, he was really worried and the sad part is they've booked all three under attempt to murder, even the boy!! Don't know how right that is!
The *instigation* had to be fueled by one another couldn't have been one of the 2 going soo crazy that it reached such a point!
Its the 'Tu jaanta nahi hai main kaun hoon !" theory that just lives on in delhi, evry1's a VIP here.
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Originally Posted by speed0mania View Post
The boy claims to have not gotten into the brawl at all, the guard says he shot in the air first to scare away the mob that had started pelting stones at the car that the boy was sitting in, when that failed he shot at the empty indica. .
How will shooting at an empty Indica help when shooting in the air did'nt help?
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I wonder why the guy driving the BMW took such a long time to overtake a car like indica !
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I believe you have fulfilled your responsibility to post the actual events that happened on that day. There isn't anymore you can do nor make the members here to be satisfied with your posts. There will always be two groups supporting each sides. Let it be. IMHO, no matter who did the mistake nor the situation accounted for, The bigger or expensive the vehicle is, automatically they are accused for it generally. Thats how the law enforcers follow, and nothing much to tell of news medias.

As for the villagers who supported the indica, its believable as i faced such a situation once with a motorist. The drunkard biker refused to give way for 3km when my driver honked many times. He blocked the car with his bike and came down to fight. I came out to give him a knock out when he abused my dad and me. It was later then i knew that he was a local at the place. But i was stopped by dad to let him go off. Local people will always have support in their town.

I have seen some smaller sedans(No offense) and hatchbacks(No offense) who drives like hell in my small down at traffic junction where I'm always a target for particular traffic constable to catch me speeding cause i drive a Chevrolet Optra 1.8 because few unhappy locals(my neighbors) are friends with the traffic constable. I wish I'm wrong but I'm the bad guy in my area for what car i drive! Bigger the car, bigger the enemy prone we get.
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@mpower: no idea what was going through his head! nor am i trying to justify it people wanted to know the other side so i merely stated what i knew!

@comet that's exactly what i was trying to say! its sad but true in our country, my grandmother 70+ was harassed for over 2 hours by cops because a biker jumped the red light and hit her car! Finally i reached and then a case was filed and went on for years before we had to give in only because we wanted to finally sell the car!
Have had other instances where cops have told me to pay for damages to the "POOR SCOOTERIST" who couldn't break in time on a trafic signal and hit my stationary car!! which i refused obviously.

P.S. again as i said, don't know the boy to make a judgment! but whatever be the true story its sad, and its worse how our media puts it!

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