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Originally Posted by Mr_Bean View Post
The one in front of Barbeque nation & one after Nous Infosystems have been removed. An auto unaware of this big one ran over this, wat happened next was shocking, the auto toppled and fell right over the driver.
LOL. Atleast some good came out of that speedbreaker then!
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Guys, is it possible to start a signing campaign against these illegal / dangerous speed breakers? We are not saying NO to speed breakers, but just asking them to make it more vehicle friendly. Possible? if so, how to start?
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Have noticed that the BBMP have recently put up many speedbreakers and new concrete medians in central Bangalore such as Fraser Town, St. John's Church road etc.

The speedbreakers are well designed and slow down vehicles to around 15 km/hr instead of a dead stop. Whether they actually needed one in the first instance is of course debatable!

But the medians have made some of the comparatively narrow roads seem even narrower. Having said that, I welcome them as it stops people from crossing over the centerline at peak times and leaving only a single lane for oncoming traffic.
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Originally Posted by muralisk View Post
I have seen this culture of speed breakers only in Bangalore. While I don't agree with "Spitfire" that speed breakers would teach people to be patient while driving. In fact, they really put me off.

Having said this, there is a very peculiar behavior in Bangalore. People will try and break the road divider and start creating U turns at will. The civic agencies would be sleeping till the divider disappears and one fine day, they would dump huge pile of rubble to block users doing it. This is common phenomenon at Inner ring road and outer ring road.
There is one more peculiarity with our beloved Bengaluru. This will probably be the only place in the world where you can see a traffic cop manning a signal on top of a flyover (remember the Richmond Road flyover). I once took a foreign visitor through this place and he was clutching his belly and bellowing with laughter for the next one hour. He even forced me to stop and took a snap to showcase our brilliance on traffic management !!
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you shouldn't call them speed breakers but call them fly overs instead.
no matter how much i try the bottom of my Camry scrapes them.
i dont know which moron instructed them to build it in such a way.
i understand the need of speed breakers etc but make a small and efficient one.
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Old 12th May 2009, 21:34   #81
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Originally Posted by vinaydas View Post
no matter how much i try the bottom of my Camry scrapes them.
Have you tried taking the speed breakers diagonally?

Just before the bump turn full lock and let each individual wheel go over it. First one side front wheel then the other front wheel, and same for rear.

Before doing this make sure you look in your outer mirrors for 2 wheelers on both sides. I showed my driver how to do it and he was impressed. When he tried the same, the idiot didn't look in his mirror and almost turned into a 2 wheeler.
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Guys, we are talking about speed breakers on public roads? There is a Tech Park near Hebbal, filled with IT giants, the roads in the tech park are filled with back-breaking speed breakers!! Nobody has tried anything so much as to atleast make them less harmful to the human-back bone.
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Old 13th May 2009, 11:35   #83
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Agree with You deadguy...
Sadly this was designed keeping in-mind, the numerous cabs that run around the compound. I have had escapes with cabs that run with the Finance company in the compound.

I did see some spaces for two-wheelers to go through, though.
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Originally Posted by sridharganesan View Post
There is one more peculiarity with our beloved Bengaluru. This will probably be the only place in the world where you can see a traffic cop manning a signal on top of a flyover (remember the Richmond Road flyover).
There are other specialities in Bangalore:
  • After every corner / turn, you'll see a bus-stop
  • Private buses (I call them Brittania Biscuit tins) with no lights, nothing, except a brake and an accelerator zooming on the wrong side
  • Volvo buses that never follow-lane discipline
  • Traffic wardens wearing lungi - YES, lungi - I saw a guy near Koramangala BDA Complex wearing a lungi and regulating traffic at 1000 in the morning
  • Slow moving vehicles going on the right-edge of the road
  • Mountains masquerading as speed-breakers
Some times I wonder if we have any traffic policemen at all in Bangalore - if so, do they receive any training?

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Scientific speed breakers atlast ?? This is from Monday's TOI

Motorists will soon brake for pedestrians to cross

BBMP to build dual-purpose speed breakers


Bangalore: You must have seen the speed breaker on Infantry Road which is also used as a pedestrian crossing. The BBMP’s traffic engineering cell (TEC) has set August as the deadline to complete construction of 384 such user-friendly ‘high pedestrian crossings’ across the city.
The crossings are expected to meet the needs of all road users as they are not crude, bumpy or unexpected. There is a slight elevation in the middle with slopes on either side.
TEC has completed 96 such pedestrian crossings of the targeted 384. The traffic police have already identified the areas. These speed breakers are expected to find favour with both pedestrians and motorcyclists. While they make it safer for pedestrians to cross the road, motorcyclists can heave a sigh of relief as chances of self-accidents will reduce, with the bumps not being unusually elevated or unmarked.
“Traffic police have given us a list of places where these will be put up. We have commenced work; as and when the police indicate an area, we will construct the crossings. The deadline is August 2009,” BBMP superintendent engineer K P Nagaraj said.
DCP West (traffic) Panduranga Rane said: “We have identified several places across the city and given the list to BBMP. Many have been constructed, on Rajkumar Road, near K R Circle and in Jayanagar and Basavanagudi.”

I agree the speed breakers are a relief from the usual belly scrapers. Though i wish the placement of these speed breakers are also scientific.

I saw a similar one in the road between HAL signal and Old Madras road, it was placed on the main road where a small gravel road intersects. It doesn't make any sense at all.
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Default 17 Hump route

Those who are traveling to HSR Layout from Electronic city will find solace in the existence of this 17 hump road. This is about 3.4 H/Km ( humps per kilometer) less than roads mentioned in this thread.

I have charted the route below:
17 Hump route to HSR Running Route - A Google Pedometer

-- Wind
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Default Any Explanation of this Hump

Name:  Hump.jpg
Views: 389
Size:  10.9 KB

Can anyone explain why/how this hump has been decided. For A and C its a Blind Hump. So after you take turn then you get the hump immediately. No breaking time.
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Originally Posted by Spitfire View Post
I say have 5 speedbreakers for every kilometer. Drivers in bangalore are in the utmost hurry to god knows where. No concern for other person's time and property.

Maybe the speedbreakers will teach some patience.
Well said, but that's not going to win you too many friends on this forum. Going through the responses, it's amazing the see the lack of concern for other users on the road, pedestrians, cyclists etc. It's only I, me, myself. The drivers of Bangalore deserve this and much worse IMO.
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Well, My day starts with a fool making loud noise when extending his illegally constructed house at the parking lot, which is totally illegal as the building alread has 4 floors and that worries me because (I cannot move to a sedan and have to live with a hatch back :( )

After feeling helpless to solve these issues, I take this route to my office.... The old airport road, along the new signal for Logica CMG people.. has a beautiful speedbreaker that is same as my signature right before the signal...

When the signal turns green, it is green for 45 seconds... and to cross the wall it takes 10 seconds... after your done with the climbing.... you are stopped again for a red...

Nice work bbmp...

Also, is there a place where I can raise a complaint against illegal constructions, like the one happening right now at my apartment? a site may be?

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Still got a long way to beat Beech Lane, Reading (technically Wokingham), UK in 1990-91. Had 13 (yes I counted them) bumps in 1.2 miles. The bus service gave notice to the council to either remove them or they will not operate on that road. I do not know what happened later.
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