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Default Re: How to react when you find a TBHP stickered car driving dangerously?

might feel like pulling off any TBHP stickers from my vehicle at this rate. I dont want to get branded amongst that bad boys out there. not least because i drive a Scorp and Scorps too have a pretty bad rep on the roads!
the basic thing is that we as a race, seem to lack manners and finer sensibilities - atleast we seem to allow these to take a back seat in this mad race to be the first everywhere and at everything!
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Default Re: How to react when you find a TBHP stickered car driving dangerously?

Well as others have pointed out promote the stickers only within Bhpians (as of now its available for non members too) and never ever part with your stickers . The other thing is to educate people around us with some good road sense than to comment somebody.

I was a person known for rash and dangerous driving but after becoming a part of TBHP lots of things changed in life. Now I have IDS sticker at the rear of my vista and that's how I drive now. To be frank I used to overtake from left, never use a seat belt, use too much horn etc but after stickering I somehow feel responsible and all these have stopped or reduced to a great extent.
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Default Re: How to react when you find a TBHP stickered car driving dangerously?

Originally Posted by dot View Post
While I am not acting as advocate for the guy who showed you the finger (bless his heart, sounds like he is taking too much stress), it is possible that the guy felt that you have slowed him down and made him miss the signal. The Graphite India signal is a nightmare, who wants to get stuck? Had you not been there, perhaps he might have taken the right turn when the signal was amber. You know, amber is not stop.

OT: Same happened to me today. A slow truck made me lose a signal for a right turn. No issue, as I dont care. But the fun thing was, within a few sec the truck broke the red and ran off!!
Well, i think Amber also doesn't mean a go ahead till it turn red!..it says get ready to stop and stop if you can...not go ahead if you can! and crossing amber from stop or in slow moving traffic is as wrong as crossing red.

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Default Re: How to react when you find a TBHP stickered car driving dangerously?

The TBHP forum provides a platform for enthusiasts and people with passion for cars. Virtual world you can impart education, but can not translate into actions in real world. Heck, not every school lesson of moral science in our classrooms gets translated into real world.

This thread states a fact that no member can deny: few driver's are morons. Be it with or without the TBHP sticker. I think the best you can do on road is to protect yourself and do not let instances like these effect your own driving style. I too met one in Gurgaon but don't want to divulge, not worth the server space.

+1 to Suess, Amber light is to caution to slow down and stop before the Crossing line. Indians treat is as "take your chance light".

I respect PacthyBoy's decision to use a transport medium he deem appropriate, but still want him to also consider a time of day that lets you be safe. Biking is great but you are also inhaling fumes at peak hour and risking. I hope you have cycle helmet and elbow/knee guards. Also do not forget the reflectors/blinkers/red lights on your arm/front of bike and back of bike at all times. This aids drivers to figure you out easily during day/evening/night time.

All the best!
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Default Re: How to react when you find a TBHP stickered car driving dangerously?

I've seen more than a dozen with T-Bhp stickers that attracted my attention for the wrong reasons.
But luckily, I've come across mostly cases of erratic lane changing, parking in the middle of the road etc., and nothing (yet) of the magnitude of Patchyboy's, except, perhaps for a bunch of funny men in a white old Zen on the Mysore Highway, once. But again, they weren't really a menace to us, just seemed to be having some fun.

My views.
> There are 100s of people who aren't able to get into T-Bhp (for obvious reasons) but are equally as passionate about automobiles and road ethics as us, and love this forum.
> There are many BHPians who are passive. Look at me for instance, I post only once in a couple of days, but spend at least an hour here daily.
> There are BHPians whose cars are used by friends/relatives or driven by drivers.
> It is not fair for anyone to comment about the driving of even an established member unless he/she has seen him on the road / at meets / accompanied him somewhere or knows him personally.
> Mistakes happen and we all are humans, so all BHPians might make a mistake or two on the road once in a while. But no gentleman would incessantly honk at an innocent cyclist on the LHS of the road and show him his finger.

So how should we react? Forget it and move on . But post about the incident here, just for the sake of it. Most BHPians on the road & those driving cars w. BHP stickers are gentlemanly drivers, so we don't really need to crib about non-BHPians with our stickers. Other wannabes (strange people with our forum's stickers) will remain wannabes.

Take care.
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Post Responsible BHPian

Hi BHPians, during my office commute today, I came across some very negligent driving on the airport road. Although this is common here, what surprised me was the fact that the car had T-BHP stickers all over it!

I was taken aback as I've always believed T-BHP is one place where I can find some responsible folks who respect traffic rules. However, there maybe a possibility that the driver got those stickers from some other source and does not know the true essence of this team.

T-BHP stickers are definitely uber cool and enhance the car's looks, but I feel that once you have them on your car, you are obliged to drive safe and make the roads a better place. Just my two cents. I'm not sure how many fellow BHPians have come across such incidents, but I humbly request everyone out there to respect the integrity of Team-BHP and what it stands for.

Mods, please move the thread to the appropriate forum.
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