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Old 23rd April 2009, 15:43   #16
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Originally Posted by phamilyman View Post
Maybe not you - but I personally find people driving at 60-70 kph on the rightmost of the FOUR lane Delhi Gurgaon expressway a nuisance. Irrespective of the laws of the land, they need to understand its a lane for overtaking which can and does happen at triple digit speeds. Its best for themselves as well as others that they stick to other lanes.
Originally Posted by UniqueMods View Post
A request to all members. -
Please don't drive so rashly, that you endanger others.
Please don't distribute the stickers to friend, who is known to drive rashly.
to the above.

Every drive on a highway becomes a pain due to people hogging the fast lanes and not observing the rear view mirror, keeping safe distance etc. Please understand however souped up your car is, there will be a faster one around the corner. So if someone is in a hurry, slow down and give him the overtaking lane at the earliest.

The importance of second quote i dont think i need to explain further!
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Hope the white/silver vRS driver comes over to this thread and opens up! with why he did so, and may be apologize for his act!
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Originally Posted by MillionSwords View Post
Hope the white/silver vRS driver comes over to this thread and opens up! with why he did so, and may be apologize for his act!

And would you expect this to happen here
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Let's also not discount the fact that it could be a Team-BHPian's driver / employee / friend / cousin / girlfriend etc. driving the car. My cars (save for the Jeep) are driven by two chauffeurs who may jump the gun at times.

Irrespective, be safe on the road, guys.
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Old 23rd April 2009, 18:13   #20
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Originally Posted by bblost View Post
One reason why I did not buy the team-bhp sticker, is that I am not completely sure of my sanity.
+1. Normally I'm ok but some times the day just gets to me and I take it out on the road. I know its not the right thing to do but its unavoidable. I'm trying to drive like a robot but its taking time.
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Old 24th April 2009, 10:50   #21
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Atleast we should show some courtesy to a fellow bhpian even if we are having ONE OF THOSE DAYS on the road. But drive safe should be the mantra, sanity or no sanity.
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Old 24th April 2009, 10:55   #22
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I had a similar experience. I did start a thread and the owner of the car came up apologised on the thread as well as met me in person and apologised. Totally respect him for this even though it was not him driving the car.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/shifti...ink-about.html (Do we Bhpians think about this..???)
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Old 24th April 2009, 11:21   #23
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While we all can say what the Skoda driver did is wrong, and give him the benefit of doubt as GTO said that the car might been be driven by Team-BHPian's driver/ employee/ friend/ cousin/ girlfriend, etc., but the danger in this is the long term impact such acts will have on brand Team-BHP. Acts like this will cause brand dilution and would put us in a fix. Hence, we need to ensure that we are careful with potraying our brand name and also ensureing that there is no damage to brand recall and it's pride.
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Old 24th April 2009, 13:52   #24
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UniqueMods, if only you could note down the registration number of the car .....
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Thumbs down Rad Rage

There IS something called road rage. Mr. Smith is perfectly alright and gentleanly till he leaves the office's parking lot. Why is it that he can take pride in his ability to decide his demeanor in the face of the worst instances of provocation in the office most of the times even when he is with family and friends but just not if someone honks his horn a second longer than necessary and cuts in from the left or right. He just has to chase the guy down and do the same to the guy - albeit a little more violently. Mr Smith, for a momentary victory is willing to put his life, vehicle, finacial security and reputation at stake. He does not think twice before flooring it to beat the **** out of that lunatic who just provoked him, even as he risks the lives of all the jerks who do not understand the gravity of the situation he is in and as a result care little about giving him way. WHY WHY WHY ???
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yup. I would ask everyone to use and give out these stickers responsibly. By giving them out to the wrong people, you bring shame upon our community, as has been shown.

but then again, with so many bhpians, i guess this sort of thing was expected
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Old 25th April 2009, 01:22   #27
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I think as a general principle, everytime someone seen a vehicle being driven (that has a TBHP sticker) rashly, please note the number down and mention it in this thread. There may be some genuine reasons why a person drives in a rash manner, but if it can be justifed then the incident should be used to correct the person. Just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by bblost View Post
One reason why I did not buy the team-bhp sticker, is that I am not completely sure of my sanity.
+1 to that

Originally Posted by Sankar View Post
Couldn't agree more with you
++1 now

Originally Posted by DriverR View Post
I consciously have put a Team-BHP sticker on my car, as I make sure that I drive controlled, with the sticker on.

That said, it is not possible to confirm that the driver of the skoda is a member of Team-BHP or not. As mentioned people have distributed the stickers to others. But if he is a member then it is not good.
I did not realise a sticker on your car could remind you that you are a responsible driver. Do you have it stuck on your dashboard?

However the second statement I could understand, I have seen people being applauded for distributing these stickers.

Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
Maybe he got the sticker from a friend.
+++1 to that, please read the above reply to another gentleman.

However, at the end of it all, I sincerely feel that maybe he had an emergency. The signals were clear, He honked, he flashed his lights, He did not directly cut in without doing the same. So what if it was an emergency???

For one if I were in an emergency, Sticker or not would have done the same, given ample warning audio (horn), Visual (flashing) and expect the other driver to yield realising it could be/is an emergency.
The rest I feel is ego leading to road rash and blame.

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Ok time has come to point fingers, who all own a white/silver RS here
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give the guy a break man. as mentioned by jaggu, even in Bangalore on the main roads(4 lanes) the overtaking lanes are filled with very slow truckers,old people and also motorbikes.
as u said he was going around 70.which should be below the speed limit.Apart from the reckless driving he did nothing wrong. At least he honked and signaled you. some people don't even do that.

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