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Old 28th July 2009, 10:31   #91
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Team-BHP stickers are not sold depending upon the buyers forum reputation.
Very true, it would have been a nice sight if the cab was being driven with some regard to lane discipline.
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Originally Posted by Lukeskywalker View Post
Very true, it would have been a nice sight if the cab was being driven with some regard to lane discipline.
Hari, do you expect that from the cab drivers who are everytime running late for pickup will follow the discipline.

P.S. - Hari congrats hope u understood.
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Old 28th July 2009, 16:40   #93
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Originally Posted by vid6639 View Post
you gotta either know the guy or give him a thumbs up or mention team-bhp.
A bit OT (and might also sound a bit crazy), but I feel that we should have some sort of a standard "signal" or "gesture" which we can use to grab the attention of fellow T-BHPians when we spot them on the road (with a Team-BHP sticker on their car).

"Thumbs Up" seems to be one option, but it is a general gesture and is not specific to Team-BHP.

How about we use both our hands to make a "T" symbol ?
(Just don't do it while driving)

Any other suggestions ?

Kindly enlighten me if some protocol already exists.

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Old 10th August 2009, 09:18   #94
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Saw a golden beige OHC Vtec reg. 7393 on St. Marks road with the Love cars, Live cars sticker on the left side of the rear windshield.

Sadly the car was being driven very rashly. He was all over the road with no regard for other drivers on the road. Overtaking whenever there was a gap and cutting other cars off. I was maintaining a constant speed with my folks on board and my dad commented isn't that one of your automobile club stickers on that car. Is this how they all drive?

My Lancer does not have a sticker as I am not always the one driving it and it is mostly chauffeur driven.
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Old 4th September 2009, 14:35   #95
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Saw a black color Palio with tBPH sticker (ofcourse fake one) on the front windscreen in WRC fonts. The car had a farting exhaust and worst ever graphics (a dog in yellow color and in peeing position towards all the four tyres), moreover, it had white headlamps and a UV rod inside.
Damn I missed my camera so much, I should've clicked the satan-vehicle.

The guy tried a 180 degree parallel parking inside the basement parking lot of ESquare multiplex and created a scene when opposed by the parking supervisor. He was then driven outside the compound. On the way he splashed roadside water on a few people.

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Old 6th September 2009, 13:01   #96
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Nice description of the event ,Was this in Jaipur , Pune or Goa?
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Old 12th September 2009, 12:42   #97
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Just forget it..i feel there is no point. I have seen a similar behaviour in Bangalore.It was signal jumping from a car which had a sticker on it.

i even had the pictures of this car.

i wanted to post the pictures of the car, since I got different opinions in the forum, i decided not to do it.

The other probelm is that the forum's sticker is made available by local sticker makers.

So we cannot really decide whether this guy is from the forum or somebody else.

so just leave it at that.

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Old 12th September 2009, 13:24   #98
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Originally Posted by jassi View Post
I see this often on the Inner Ring Road - people driving at 50-70kmph on the rightmost lane (especially after the stupid u-turn in between - on way from domlur to kormangla). Irritating and makes me overtake from the left after loads of honking and flashing lights to no avail.
Jassi, my understanding is that the inner ring road is a 60kmph zone. So if one is overtaking at 60+ on the right lane (or whichever lane for that matter) isn't he or she already breaking the law.

On a different note, I just came back from a 5 day trip to Mumbai and I found the traffic there much more disciplined than here in Bangalore. I drove at different times of the day while there and yes, there is a lot of madness on the roads of Mumbai as well but there is a method in all the madness.
I noticed people stopping when the light turned amber (a rare sighting in Bangalore); drivers stuck to their lanes most of the times (an even rare sight in Bangalore); one need not honk in the night, the driver ahead of you made way for you if you flashed the lights; I saw no BEST buses in the right lane ever.
Oh! And the trip also re-affirmed my belief that excessive honking is a pan India phenomenon.
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Old 13th September 2009, 01:21   #99
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Originally Posted by nobetterID View Post
Oh! And the trip also re-affirmed my belief that excessive honking is a pan India phenomenon.
I guess the root is in our learning system itself. It was shocking to see that in a driving school here in Bangalore, the instructor was trying to teach his student to honk for almost anything and everything. No need to guess what happens when these students are unleashed on the roads.

I guess most of us Indian drivers think that honking will solve all our road problems and will get us to our destination in time.

I can't narrate my frustration enough.
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Originally Posted by nobetterID View Post
On a different note, I just came back from a 5 day trip to Mumbai and I found the traffic there much more disciplined than here in Bangalore. I drove at different times of the day while there and yes, there is a lot of madness on the roads of Mumbai as well but there is a method in all the madness.
Oh! And the trip also re-affirmed my belief that excessive honking is a pan India phenomenon.
I fully agree with you, considering the volume of traffic, Mumbai is much disciplined compared to Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Excessive honking is a real nuisance and we need to change our street behaviour - let us instil a new culture from the learning days itself.

I do agree that few Team BHP members show indiscipline & rashness while driving - may be due to emotional immaturity, urge to show off. The members of this forum are also a cross section of our society. Let us be optimistic about a change for the good.

On the other hand, many might have improved their road manners after being a part of this forum or browsing through its posts - I can vouch for it myself.
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Old 30th July 2010, 18:11   #101
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Thumbs down Giving TBHP a Bad Name!

Today I saw a Gold (dark gold) coloured 2010 Safari 2.2 vtt being driven in a very rash way. Not sure of the version, but had complete Body coloured cladding and mirrors, and the new chrome-oval Dicor badge on the side behind the front wheel. Also had after market alloys and extra wide tyres.

Time: 11:50AM
Place: Marathahalli underpass (from Innovative going towards DRDO/KR Puram)

I first saw the Safari (KA Reg) weaving around in my rear-view. I was in the extreme right lane, as I was going at 60, which is the speed limit on the ORR.

There were a few trucks speeding (empty) and they took up the middle and a bit of the right lane. After crossing the underpass, the Safari driver overtook the trucks from the extreme left, and then cut sharply right (cutting off a number of vehicles including the trucks) because of the bus standing at the bus-stop near the Federal Bank ATM. The driver then cut into the right lane, accelerated hard, braked hard (speedbreaker approaching) and began the weaving between vehicles again. I lost the Safari at the railway over-bridge as it was doing a Lot more than the speed limit, and weaving around besides.

The reason for the title is: the Safari had the Yellow "Live to Drive" Team-BHP sticker on the right-rear bumper. Man was I bugged to see that.

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Old 30th July 2010, 18:35   #102
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Car might have belonged to a T-BHP member who might have sold it off. One never knows.
Anyway that doesn't bring T-BHP a bad name. It only brings the driver a bad name.
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Old 30th July 2010, 18:46   #103
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MX 6 is right but once a car is sold isnt it the basic to remove the stcikers? The seller should have removed i. We cannot blame the buyer.

Still when I see a Car with a Team-bhp sticker I always feel proud. After reading Velu's post anybody who spots a car with Team-bhp will think its owned by someone in Team-bhp. By that means Velu would have mentioned that its a bad name for team-bhp.

I think its time for all team bhpians to pledge "We Obey Traffic Rules"
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Old 30th July 2010, 18:47   #104
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I dont think its fair to hold the forum responsible for an imbecile on the loose. For all you know he might be just another person who ordered stickers online and has stuck it on his SUV.

Here's my experience with another moronic driver sporting the forums stickers.

Originally Posted by rjstyles69 View Post
Since the owner of the above mentioned car hasn't responded here goes what transpired on Saturday night on Mysore Road. Was a disgusting experience to say the least.

My bro-in-law and a few friends were home on saturday we decided to drive to Maddur CCD in my scorp and a zen.Just about 75kms from home sweet home , we took off. En-route somewhere after chennapatna I spot this esteem with about 4 tbhp- stickers driving on the left lane.

Car never looked familiar and I decided to drive on. I was doing a good 130+ coz traffic was literally nil. I overtake the esteem and then reach this place where a bridge is under construction and the road merges to a single lane for 2-way traffic.

I slow down, let oncoming traffic pass and chug along. The esteem catches up and over takes me. Now for sure he has noticed the LTD sticker on my scorp' and drives on.
No pleasantries exchanged since the esteem driver never looked interested when I checked from my-side of the Window. Ok continue driving and then here is what happens next.

Am on the right lane now flash my lights to overtake.The esteem driver suddenly decides to swerve right in front of me simply to cut me off. I back off coz I really dunno if these chaps are drunk. Once again he does the same thing of going right and left right in front of me. Ok i have had enough I simply floor it and leave the esteem behind.

Now we are back cruising again and I see the esteem madly flashing the lights in the RVM. Move to the left lane and give him way only to be completely taken by surprise.Though he had the complete right lane at his disposal, over takes so close that he almost side swiped the scorp'.

During this overtaking fiasco the imbeciles in the car(about 3 of them) are howling and hooting at us. Bang came the next question from my better half and friends " Is this what your online forum is all about ? reckless driving and then a disgusting act of hooting at a fellow bhp'ian " .

Well I couldn't say much or even react coz yes thats what we just experienced now with a car full of stickers from team-bhp. I let the whole incident pass and dint want to spoil our drive.

As for the driver of this car ,

1 - Dude imagine if I had cut you off while overtaking what would have happened ? You straight would have gone into the divider.I never did it coz if I did , there wouldn't be a difference between you and me.Sanity prevailed and I decided to let go.

2 - Your traffic manners are truly bad coz you have no regret or concern for fellow drivers on the road.

3 - Just coz your car has a loud exhaust doesn't make you or your car invincible. Surprises are always up in the flash of a second.Listen up pal, I used to drive a 1.6 and then graduated to a SUV. Have had oodles up torque and power at my disposal but never drove like you at any instance.

4 - Last but not the least, was really sad to see your esteem eat dust that was kicked up by the Santro who literally licked you up. Yeah a santro(came out of nowhere) and the esteem did drag for a few kms.

With power comes responsibility,sporting stickers of this forum and stooping to such levels only brings a bad name to this forum and its members. If you aren't a member here please remove those stickers and don't put this place at the risk of getting a bad name.

Food for thought Its easy to run your puny esteem off the road by a 2 tonner. Grow up !!

PS : Folks if any of you chaps know this car kindly ask him to remove those stickers off the car. Simply brings a bad name to this place.
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Is it supposed to be funny? Be practical guys. A tbhp sticker on the car doesnt guarantee sane or disciplined driving. Similarly being a tbhpian doesnt means that you will drive sane and disciplined. There will always be exceptions.
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