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View Poll Results: What's your cruising speed??
30-60kmph 5 1.13%
61-80kmph 65 14.74%
81-100kmph 182 41.27%
101-120kmph 140 31.75%
121-140kmph 36 8.16%
141-160kmph 11 2.49%
161-180kmph 1 0.23%
181-200kmph 1 0.23%
201-250kmph 0 0%
251 and above 0 0%
Voters: 441. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 28th January 2010, 19:26   #151
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Originally Posted by esoteric_su View Post
Zen @100Kmph - this is absurd comfortable speed . I own a Zen since 2002 and whenever it goes beyond 60 it shakes so much that I have no other option but to slow down . Lots of people own Zen - and its not an isolated phenomenon.Comfortable cruising speed means where you drive with no worries and in a relaxed manner . Its not the highest speed your car can run !!
Currently I have a Ford Fiesta SXI - in that I am comfortable at ~ 100 Kmph
I dont know, but in my Zen even with a non-existent suspension, the car comfortably used to cross 100 with minimal vibrations. If it shakes so much, get the wheel alignment checked and also the tyres. I had the same issue and once the tyres were rotated, the vibration went away.

The smoothness of the Zen is amazing even at that speeds.

Regarding the topic, my comfy cruising speed is 80 - 100 kph.
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Old 28th January 2010, 20:19   #152
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During my Maruti Suzuki Omni days, I used to maintain 80 to 100 kmph on highways. Whenever, I touched 100 kmph, I used to feel as if I was going in a rocket. When I upgraded to Versa, 100 to 120 kmph was the speed I used to cruise in. Whenever I touched 130 kmph, the vehicle used to sway due to its high centre of gravity. Now that my Fiat Linea's running-in was over, recently when I touched 160 kmph on NICE Road, I felt totally comfortable, fully stable and well-secured. However, I voted in favour of 121-140 kmph option.
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Old 28th January 2010, 22:10   #153
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Indica 60-90
Wagon R 61-70
Ritz 80-100
Santro 70-80
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Old 20th January 2011, 09:28   #154
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

When i was in Southafrica, My cruising speed is 120-160 kmph on highways (really missing those roads!!!)

In India, 80-100 kmph on highways.
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

The 3 cars that i have.

Figo - 100-120 120-140 on trivandrum-chennai trips
Fiesta - 100-120
Santro - 80
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Old 20th January 2011, 10:58   #156
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

I had corolla before and Punto now.

Corolla - 70-80mph (110-130 kmph)
Punto - 80 km - 100 km (Occasionally to 120kmph, if road permits)
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Old 18th May 2012, 18:23   #157
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Default What is a stress-free speed of driving?

There is one particular speed of driving which gives the optimal, stress free drive. Below this you get stressed by the honks of the fellow drivers from behind and people overtaking you from left and right. Above this there is always your foot stepping on the brake, eyes darting left and right and the real fear of squashing someone in the front or hitting a speed breaker without marking or getting the tyre into the ditch at a high speed.

I know the speed will depend on the individual, the road conditions and the road quality. But lets take 2 instances: A busy city road that allows between 40-70 kmph at different stretches and a typical highway with its unpredictable traffic but which allows any amount of speed.

I ask this question because speeding is related to many negative effects: road rage, anger, recklessness, neglect of other people's life. Besides these, the chances of a stressed driver having an incidence of high BP seem very probable. With traffic jams and long travel to offices we spend as many as 3 hours on the road everyday and this is substantial.

What is the optimal driving speed that can make these 3 hours stress free. Besides speed what can we do to make the driving experience stress free?

Listen to soothing music?
No mobile calls?
Having scents in the car?
Not thinking of work?

Anything else?

Your views will be welcome.
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Old 18th May 2012, 18:29   #158
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

I cannot vouch for others, but my safe speed for driving on highways is 80kmph.

At this speed, I am very relaxed and I get the best FE as well. I usually travel between Mysore and Bangalore. I cover the distance in approx 2hr 30min. I also travel at off peak hours usually very early in the morning at 4 am or late in the night i.e after 11PM.

This way I avoid the traffic, have a safe drive and also enjoy the driving.
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Old 18th May 2012, 18:41   #159
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

As you rightly said, it all depends on traffic, road conditions and mood, but given the choices in the initial post i would say in city when there is moderate to heavy traffic i am comfortable at 40, When there is very less traffic i would say 50-70.

On the highways with 2 lanes each side i and good barricades i am comfortable at 80-100 depending on which section i am in and the highway manners of others living on either sides of highway.

On Jawahar Lal Expressway (In HYD) where i remember seeing speed limit saying 140. Me going at 120 seemed slow as the highway is elevated and has 4 lanes each side.
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Old 18th May 2012, 18:57   #160
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

Forgive my ignorance, but do highways in India have posted speed limits, or is it pretty much autobhag autobahn out there?
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Old 18th May 2012, 19:01   #161
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

Bangalore like traffic: 40-50kmph where possible.
Delhi like traffic: 50-60kmph where possible.
Typical 4 lane/6 lane highway: 90-110kmph.
DND/8 laner/NE-1: 110-120kmph where possible.
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Old 18th May 2012, 19:40   #162
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

On highways the most comfortable speed i find in my car is 100kph. Sticking to 100kph means lesser braking and acceleration, on absolutely empty stretches i do increase the speed for small periods. I find high speeds more tiring as it requires very high level of concentration.

Sticking to 100kph has monetary rewards too, both my cars deliver 20-22kpl when driven consistently at this speed.

For city driving i prefer to go with the flow, whatever speed the traffic is moving at. DSG has made my city commute absolutely stress free.

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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

Safe stress free speed depends upon many factors. Condition of road surface, and configuration, time of the day, type of vehicle and vehicle dynamics, Nature of road - 2 lane/4lane/6lane, pedestrian & cycle intensity etc etc.
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Old 18th May 2012, 20:09   #164
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

A lot depends on how comfortable you are behind the wheel at a particular speed for a long duration. I have seen a lot of drivers have the urge to overtake a fast car and in the end, drop dead because they cannot sustain the speed for over a few minutes. It gets too exciting for them, make drastic moves with the steering, acceleration, deceleration and 15 minutes down the road, they get tired or worse.

During the 90s, when traffic was pretty much a fraction of what it is today, I was very comfortable at the 100-120 mark. Even though the roads were much narrower, they were not dead straight with long curves like today. This made you much more attentive and alert. I listened to music all along the 320 km drive between Tirupur and Bangalore, every 2 weeks.

Today, I stick to the 80-100 mark and never try to go over that. I rarely listen to the radio since it is mostly crap. I enjoy the music of the engine much more.
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Old 18th May 2012, 20:26   #165
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

On open highways I do anything from 80 - 100 km/hr.

I find these speeds comfy and economical, at least if I can maintain these speeds for a while.

Within the confines of the city however, I do keep the speeds down , say around 30 - 40 km/hr.
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