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View Poll Results: What's your cruising speed??
30-60kmph 5 1.13%
61-80kmph 65 14.74%
81-100kmph 182 41.27%
101-120kmph 140 31.75%
121-140kmph 36 8.16%
141-160kmph 11 2.49%
161-180kmph 1 0.23%
181-200kmph 1 0.23%
201-250kmph 0 0%
251 and above 0 0%
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Old 19th May 2012, 09:57   #181
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

I have put the speed buzzer on my Punto to go off at 90 kmph. Since mine is a non-ABS/airbags vehicle, I try to limit myself below 90.
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Old 19th May 2012, 10:48   #182
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

On open highways, it’s around 80-100 kmph for me. Always try not to exceed that – for my own safety, and for the safety of other road users.

And yes, on speed controlled zones I try to maintain 80 kmph or less (as regulated).

I am not sure if there is anything stress-free speed for driving in city/traffic conditions. For me, it’s the speed in which I can maintain sufficient distance with the vehicle in front.

Above all, another key point for stress free driving is to know your car’s limits – which could be high speed stability, tyres, safety features etc.

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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

Depends on an individual's personal preference really. I find 5th gear highway cruising at 100-120 kmph, without music to be the most enjoyable and stressless method of driving, as opposed to redlining.
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Old 19th May 2012, 11:33   #184
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

I find that in most cases the stress-free speed of driving on any road, on any condition, seems to be the one that I am already naturally doing without needing to slow down or pace up using my decision making to do so.

Having said that, this same speed varies even under similar conditions from one day to another.

The secret is to not force yourself.
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Old 19th May 2012, 11:44   #185
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

In my opinion one of the most important aspects to be considered in this respect is the car you are driving, as has been mentioned in a few posts earlier. Based on this, a lot of the other parameters can vary. Considering that for many people FE is one of the most important things, a Maruti 800 being driven at 90-100 will definitely not provide the FE or driving experience, while a Fiat Punto at the same speed or slightly higher will give excellent FE and be an absolute gem to drive.

But then again, it all comes down to what speeds a person is comfortable of doing, the road dynamics, etc. In Goa where there are not a lot of wide 4 lane highways, I prefer to stick to 70-80 if I am driving my Alto. With the Accord or Captiva this can easily go upto 120 without any hassles. I would attribute this to the different handling capacities of each car. If I am going over 100 in my Alto, I would be extremely wary and alert as I know the limitations of the car (esp. brakes). However, in the Captiva, I would be completely at ease since I know I can handle most situations (provided I don't drive rash) that may arise.

Plus, I find that listening to some quality music (definitely not FM!!) or indulging in some pleasant conversation with the passenger always helps. However, phone calls, (even with bluetooth equipped) causes a major distraction and I try to avoid it as much as possible. Hence I never use the bluetooth in the car and if there is a call I must take, I stop by the roadside.

Better to be safe than to be sorry!!
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

Stress free motoring is a myth, one has to be attentive at all times. Probably, on a deserted highway one can take it a little easy. City driving is akin to a treadmill test and can test your skills and patience the most.
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Old 19th May 2012, 12:49   #187
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

Daytime 4/6 lane highway: 100-120kmph.

Daytime 2 lane empty National Highway: 80-110kmph

Nighttime highway: 80-100kmph (assuming empty roads)

In traffic: go with the flow
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Old 19th May 2012, 19:14   #188
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Default Re: What is a stress free speed of driving

For me the speed of stress free driving depends on 2 factors
1. Traffic Conditions.
2. Which Car you are driving.
To clarify further When I am driving an i20 on a free way with 4 lanes each side, the most economical & stress free speed is 80-100 kmph but when I am driving a Honda city on a similar road, 100-110 kmph is the ideal stress free speed.

Originally Posted by NinadJoshi View Post
Forgive my ignorance, but do highways in India have posted speed limits, or is it pretty much autobhag autobahn out there?
Yes we do have, I have seen speed limits boards all over Hyderabad-Bangalore express way & the highest speed limit I have noticed is 158 kmph which I believe is a decent speed looking at Indian road conditions.
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Old 20th May 2012, 12:06   #189
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Default Re: What is a stress-free speed of driving?

On highway, the so called stress free speed for me is 100 kmph! I use Ahmedabad - Vadodara express highway quite frequently, even though early morning drives are really tempting, I normally stick to 100 kmph most of the time.

Ahmedabad - Vadodara has the speed limit set as 100 kmph but the fact is if you are driving in that speed, you might have to stick to the left most lane most of the time unless you have a city bus or another car in front which is slower than you as there are folks hitting very high speeds on this route.

Within the city, I never really had a stress free speed. You better go with the flow and make sure that you are maintaining the same speed along with the traffic. I'm stressed most of the time either with "Honking Morons" or those crazy "Autowallahs" and "Bikers" who'd like to dodge and overtake within the bumper to bumper traffic.

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Old 20th May 2012, 12:26   #190
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Default Re: What is a stress-free speed of driving?

For me stress free speeds depends mainly on what I'm driving.

Basically, whatever I'm driving, for a relaxed drive, I try to stick to the power band in top gear. Whatever the speed is (Usually most of which is ~90-100). ie, you should get power on tap for swift overtakings without any gear changes. Lesser gear changes reduces stress a lot, and also adds to the overall FE.
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Default Re: What is a stress-free speed of driving?

Originally Posted by syravi View Post
There is one particular speed of driving which gives the optimal, stress free drive.

typical highway with its unpredictable traffic but which allows any amount of speed
92 kph running average

Ref: The Punto GQ record thread
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Old 1st March 2013, 14:32   #192
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

Majority of my highway drives had been on Mumbai Pune expressway. Therefore, my cruising speed of my Accent should be viewed in this particular context. I used to cruise between 130-150 kmph during my first year of ownership. With passing years, I have sobered down considerably (kept a regular tab on accidents thread which had significantly altered my road behavior).
Now, I try not to exceed the cruising speed of 100 kmph even if I am on the expressway.
On my yamaha R15, i try to restrict myself south of 90 kmph while cruising.
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Old 1st March 2013, 16:37   #193
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80 kph on the state highways seems to be the speed for stress free driving with minimal overtaking manoeuvres and braking required. And my car feels perfectly in control and emergency braking effective at these speeds.
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Old 1st March 2013, 16:42   #194
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

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Please read our rules before proceeding any further.

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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

This definitely depends on the car.

When i'm driving my Zen I cruise around 90-100 kmph, whereas in the Punto its around 120.

The Bolero is so damn scary with the super sensitive steering that I barely cross 100.

I've been lucky to drive a few Audi's (including being driven in an A8L) on the expressway and in those german biggies, cruising at 140 - 160 feels very comfortable and one feels in perfect control.

I think the key here is "NOT TAKING RISKS". If the road is empty and the car allows it, there is no harm in cruising at higher speeds.
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