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View Poll Results: What's your cruising speed??
30-60kmph 5 1.13%
61-80kmph 65 14.74%
81-100kmph 182 41.27%
101-120kmph 140 31.75%
121-140kmph 36 8.16%
141-160kmph 11 2.49%
161-180kmph 1 0.23%
181-200kmph 1 0.23%
201-250kmph 0 0%
251 and above 0 0%
Voters: 441. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 1st March 2013, 22:59   #196
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

On 4L roads I maintain 100-120Kmph. However on stretches like Bangalore-Krishnagiri, I try to be within 80Kmph due to the traffic. If its a 2L state highway then its around 70-80Kmph.
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Old 1st March 2013, 23:48   #197
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

I agree with RJK, it is impossible to drive at a constant speed in India, you never know what might suddenly appear in front of you even on highways, cattle, pedestrians, bikes coming against the flow of traffic, trucks changing lanes without indicators etc. I dont exceed 120km on highways. On highways you mostly find some trucks driving on tha fast lane in slow pace and slower trucks in the left lane, you have no choice but to zigzag your way out of the cluster of trucks and buses.
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Old 2nd March 2013, 11:50   #198
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

In my Alto... about 80kmph is comfortable, on my TB 500 about 90-100kmph is perfect and in my Safari 2.2, anything below 100kmph is more taxing to mantain, she cruises beautifully at 120kmph/2500 rpm eating up miles, so the average cruise speed would be 120-140kmph....
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Old 4th March 2013, 16:25   #199
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

My comfortable cruising speed depends on the conditions and vehicle. In my alto on Indian roads, it is between 80 and 100 if the traffic is light. On south African highways in my brothers celica it was 160 to 180. Have rarely pushed vehicles above that but the right vehicle and road I would be comfortable at 200 to 220 or so I guess.

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Old 4th March 2013, 16:36   #200
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

I think 100-120 is best and safest cruising speed for any car. I generally stick around this limit only but sometimes push little harder if road and safety conditions permit.
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Old 4th March 2013, 17:05   #201
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I used to maintain a speed of 80-100 kmph in my swift on four lane highways, in my duster am comfortable maintaining a cruise of 100-120 kmph.
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Old 5th March 2013, 12:57   #202
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

Hariya is most comfortable cruising at speeds of around 110-120kmph all day.
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Old 5th March 2013, 15:23   #203
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

I feel good around 70-80 KMPH with my car. You never know when any stray cattle, or an urchin decide to cross the roads at the last moment. Believe it or not, this is the actual status of our highways.

Does not means I do not exceed this speed, but going by the objective of this thread, I feel relaxed, comfortable and enjoy the drive at around 80. I also feel that the engine is relaxed at this speed and delivers the best FE as well. Not to mention that I feel less tired after reaching my destination if driven at these speeds. Don't know if there is a logic to explain this, may be less stress & being mentally relaxed on the road helps.
There are occasional bursts when on 4 lane highways like NH-2 when I have taken my car past 145 KMPH, but that was some 6-7 years ago.
With time, I have mellowed and in the recent past, the max I have gone on the same road is 130.

I shudder to think what comes along Indian Highways at these speeds, so I don't feel particularly safe at anything over 120.


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Old 5th March 2013, 16:16   #204
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

Between 90-100kmph is where I can drive relatively stress free without invoking the prying eyes of the better half.
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Old 5th March 2013, 17:01   #205
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

80-120 depending on the road condition.

However in India we cannot maintain any constant speed. Even if cruising at 60, there will some Tom who wants to break your speed
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Old 5th March 2013, 17:58   #206
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

Anything above 120 in India is not "cruising" but asking for trouble. The sense of quiet relaxation associated with cruising is best at around 90-110 kmph that too only on a really good highway like GQ.
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Old 5th March 2013, 18:29   #207
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I feel comfortable cruising at 90 - 110 KMPH in my innova also there is lesser stress on my mind ,body and car at this speed however once in a while on open stretches those bursts upwards of 130-140 are fun !!!!

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Old 5th March 2013, 19:06   #208
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

Though I voted for 101-120, the comfort level is based on factors which are already stated by many of the posts. 1) Tenure and expertise of the driver 2) Road Type & Quality 3) Traffic Conditions on that specific moment 4) Hour of the day etc

I frequent HYD-BLR-HYD as well as BLR-MLR-BLR, in my Scorpio and normally am above 100, locked at 110 most of the times.

Between HYD-BLR, I usually start after 11pm and for most of the stretch, I never come below 100, nor go above 120. With the cruise locked at 110. Airport to Airport it takes 5 hours +/- 20mins with 3 stops for tea, pee and fuel.
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Old 5th March 2013, 20:51   #209
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

I thought discussions on speed are banned on this forum and I've had posts deleted without any notice for merely mentioning how comfortable is my Ertiga at a particular speed! And here goes an entire thread with votes upto (250 and above kms?)!

What if I voted for "250 and above" as my choice? Isn't that propagating dangerous cruising speeds that goes against all the safety posts of this forum? So much for all the safety tips on the home page? Very disappointed after having my post deleted and to see an entire thread discussing this topic!
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Old 5th March 2013, 21:34   #210
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Default Re: Whats your comfortable cruising speed?

I voted for 60-80. I want the mind and machine in total control and the most comfortable state in a journey. Personally I prefer the driving comfort than the speed.

At the present state of the roads in the Northeast India does not permit cruising at 140-150. But the scenario is improving as the road widening projects are going on at different locations.

At some stretches in the Highway Number 37 between Guwahati to Nagaon I clocked 120 kmph in my Alto but often the average speeds drops to 60-80 due to the numerous diversions and work-in-progress sections. I often cruise at 60-80 in the NH 37 to simply enjoy driving by the scenic natural beauty although there is always a scope to increase the speed to 80-110 in this Highway.

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