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Angry How Much More Should We Endure?

I park my cars below my house in the parking area within the apartment complex.

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My wife reached home from work at 4 pm and called me to inform that our Uno was missing from the parking lot.I had taken the Bolero and she had taken her M800. I ran from office to find where did the car go, when on my way home, I find my car standing almost in the middle of the road near Somajiguda Circle (Rajiv Gandhi Statue) where the MERU cabs are parked about 400-500 metres from my place. Reached home to find from the Building caretaker that the CM had visited someone in my apartment complex and hence the Police towed all vehicles from the complex without anyone's permission and parked them whereever they could find space.

I got my car back and saw that the Bumper had come off.

Now my question is, how long do we endure these nincompoops who we elect as our representatives and their self serving behaviour. I'm really cheesed off with this incident and intend to write to the local newspapers for whatever it is worth.

What do you guys think?

P.s.: I stay within the 500m metre radius of CM's residence. Is that my fault?
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This is totally atrocious behavior and purely stems from their power arrogance. I think you should write to the local news papers and hope that someone does take these morons to task.

Also, I would ensure the guest who lives in the apartment is also updated about this and he should own up this issue. After all, it is because of his visitor, you were made to suffer and go through anxiety and live with damage to the car, which was parked.

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thats really disgusting bro..yes you should resort to local newspapers..but i fear if they will be of much help..we are just helpless in front of these politicians..
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If you take this issue up with local newspapers, news channels,etc. for a few days things will be good for you. After that things will be bad for you, literally.

After the initial energy is used up, nobody will really care about you, generally they just want news.

Rather than writing to media/papers and giving rise to trouble for yourself, sell off your house and go to some place that is not as much notorious.

We are helpless in front of the system that has gone from bad to worse.

The problem is this : If some other country has bad system, the world knows about it, but we have probably the worst system on earth and still we have to pretend that we are not having such a bad system.
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@Milecruncher, Full sympathy towards you. But let me clear some air here. I'm talking any sides, but it is their PAs and security incharges ('Z' I think for CMs) who do the arrangement. I'm sure the Honourable CM would not have ordered his men to, 'Just get me a parking spot no matter what' kinda command.
So its these folks under the bigger fish who create the trouble for us citizens in order to please their masters. It is not something new. This has been going on since the age of kings and emperors.
But, should this happen? No way it should not.

EDIT: I think any local newspaper will take up this issue for you, and if you are lucky, you might land up on the front page for us to see you.

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That is plain stupid man.
They have no right to tow the cars out of the apartment complex, which is basically private land.

Please try filing a complaint here.

Grievance Redress Mechanism in Government

It has an option to file a complaint against "Government Of Andra Pradesh"

and as mustang89 already suggested on the local paper.

PS: I've been able to fix my bsnl phone using the link mentioned which was dead for a month and bsnl people refused to repair.
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This is just stupid! Why does the CM need to have his car parked, when he's being driven around? Can't the driver & the police escort just hang around the area (without obstructing traffic) ?
Big bunch of morons!!
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Simply Atrocious. File a case, write to the newspapers, and take whatever route possible!
Whatever be the category of security, no one has the right to damage anyone else's property.
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Hope you are compensated and an apology is received from the powers that be.

If it wasn't the parking space inside the apartment, I wouldn't be surprised to see a no-parking board magically appear in the next few days.
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hope these guys die in a gruesome road accident. the thread title is very apt. sad but true. you can't fight city hall. get over it and move on.
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I know that this sounds improbable, but you might want to try and write to the CMs secretariat and let him know about your ordeal. The point is, many a time the boss doesn't really know about the ground reality. The "chamcha-party" read DSP/SP in this case, in his over-zealousness to do everything "right" generally crosses the line. The grievance portal suggested by yxfrj is also a good idea.
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It is totally disgusting. The police are to be blamed, as they are the ones doing this unlawful towing and worse, dumping.
Highlighting this in the media may help but people would forget soon. I really cannot think of a permanent solution. It is the mindset of the cops that needs to be changed. If you are lucky the judicial system may favour you. But then question is, then what? Would the police change and respect other people's property? Sadly, i doubt it.
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Default Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

thanks guys for all the support. I intend to write to the local newspapers but the irony is the largest daily is edited by a Congress Stooge and TOI and IE are useless for various reasons and to top it all the CM's son runs a news channel which got all clearnaces within 15 days.

The CM came to my building complex sometime around 11 am when hardly very few people were at home or had their vehicles parked. Those who were there in the Building removed their cars/vehicles to some other place. Those who weren't but had their vehicles parked (which was only me) had their vehicles towed out at the mercy of the Police and just dumped wherever they found place. And all this to sanitise the place to remove security risk and help these politicos with their paranoia and self-indulgence. Even the Queen in UK doesn't have security arrangements that inconvenience the general public.
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Default Depends on the frequency of the issues and when weighed against any advantages

You stay within 500 Mts of a politician's house . Man, if I were you I would shift quicker than you could say "what the...". Or get pally with the CM.

On a serious note, yes get away. easier said than done, especially the security that the locality would provide by default. Difficult decision, I guess it depends on the frequency of the issues and when weighed against any advantages.
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Long live Indian Politician and the our System
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