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...and here I don't have a ride for tomorrow's meet!

<jealous. tres jealous>
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Originally Posted by iceman91
you are soon becoming my god!!!!!!!!!!anything else left or can i place you on the altar already!!!!
Hey Hey Hey

I am not god - anyone can do these courses. I have learnt a lot but that does not make me a qualified teacher. Please hold on for the reports next week.

You probably have more hands on experience in actual racing than I have in high speed "nannied" conditions
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Here's something i made using your rally pic. Will post a few if i get better results.

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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Ajmat, after you return i want ashirwad from you ok , that is something eveyone will want
really JJJJJJJJJ that you did it,
great going man
post some more pics if you have tried out other beasts
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a ferrari, an evo,...what next??

man, its nice to have someone like u on the forum . will surely tread ur path someday.
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After that short but exhilarating blast in the Ferraris, got into the Merc and drove down to the Rally Centre. It was getting quite hot. Lon the straights, I took the Merc upto 100 km/h and hit the brakes, boy the brakes really worked and stopped the car without kicking in the ABS.

Parked the car and looked around. It was 12.15 and my session was to begin only at 13.00 with the briefing. Signed in and we were told that with the heat, the racing overalls were not necessary except for karting.

Agenda was as follows:

Gravel Stage
Loose Stage
Tarmac orientation

Prior to the briefing, had lunch and took some pics of the cars

VW Polo Group N


Getting the cars ready for the afternoon

The Scooby engine

Scooby again

Briefing covered the tracks and the cars. Track was a disused rough part of of concrete. On certain stages, the track led onto gravel and loose stages. The loose stages was pure powdery mud. The tarmac consisted of chicanes and slaloms. The rougher stages consisted of slaloms, tight bends designed to make you spin.

The cars:

Gravel – While Peugeot 205, Toyota Levin _ Special corolla rally car in the late 80’s – again I got the pug
Loose – Yellow Peugeot205, VW Polo N – I drove the Pug
Tarmac - Evo V

I first went on the gravel. Cars are set up with a higher suspension and are a bit slower – with higher ratios. They seat you and belt you up and check for proper operation. You canno adjust anything. Steering was a bit higher set on this car. Was like being back home in my old Pug.

Started the engine – sounded like a world war plane – drove on the tarmac – guy told me to floor it (car built for going off road). We then halted at the bravel stage where the yellow pug was spinning wildly and the instructor cursing him. Waited for them to do three rounds and then get back onto the tarmac. I took off – did okay, car held well but my cornering was untidy as I was not shuffling my hands. Unlike the track where you maintain firm hand grip, the steering here was kicking back.

Back onto the tarmac for the loose stage and boy I really kicked up dust – got a bit confused due to the cones and visibility. Came on out okay and hit the tarmac to go onto the loose car.

Was allocated another Pug. This car was lower gears and lower set. Was warned that this was faster. Sounded exactly like the drag Pug. Took off – car was more responsive and responded well to the slalom. Waited at the gravel stage for the Toyota to finish then the instructor puts his right hand on the hand brake.

“I’m going to make this car spin and you got to hold the line”.

This was going to be fun. We took off, sharp left and suddenly the car drifted, my prior training told me to lift off and steer towards the skid, Continued and did okay. Back on the tarmac for the loose stage and repeated the same. Did okay but missed the line due to visibility and over corrected, spun and stalled the car.

“A wild ride” was the comment as written by the instructor.

On return, three of us piled into the Subaru for the high speed tarmac orientation. I really saw what that car is made of – we were demonstrated slaloms at 60km/h and some wild turns. And then it was into the Evo V.

Felt like it was back in India – dash was exactly the same except that there was no interior. It had a really sexy thrum from the engine. Being the last event for the day, I was determined to really put my foot down on this. It took off like a Ferrari 328. On the slalom, it just held on. Brakes were amazing. Keep going around the circuit, pushing it hard and gaining speed except the last chicane where I went too in too fast and clipped a cone. It held on corners hard. Steering was direct and the traction was amazing – would love to try it off road. One lady was too short so they gave her the Impreza.

That was a great finish – there was the karting session which was fun but an anti-climax after all that.

Then into the Merc for a long trek home. The Merc was so relaxed after those cars that I felt drowsy and kept stopping to have a coffee or take a walk.

The rally session had more fun/pound factor. Being older cars, they really let you push them

Well, I'm done with the reports so rtech - BAN ME !!!!!!

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ajmat sir this course you are doing is in london can you give some details about it because i have my cousins in london and i am gonna go there after 1 or 2 years so i also wanna do this course so please can you help me with it
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woahh ...i envy you man ..

the EVO V must be a complete rage to drive eh ...

so the course was all in one day ??

great pics ...

life is unfair !!
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man....i dont know what to say now~!!!!!
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ajmat nice report....was that like a track day or rather a rally day type thing ? :-)
nice cars and rallying has to be one of the most fun experiences ...good job!
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