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View Poll Results: How did you learn to drive and get your driving licence?
By sneaking out alone to drive our car 13 19.12%
I was taught to drive by a friend / family member 29 42.65%
I learnt to drive with a local driving school 31 45.59%
Read a driver training manual 4 5.88%
I never appeared for a driving test, but still got my driverís licence 4 5.88%
I had appeared for a lame driving test and was passed 14 20.59%
Had to undergo a proper driving test 16 23.53%
I once failed a driving test due to poor driving 1 1.47%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 68. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 1st July 2005, 09:30   #46
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Interesting Thread!

Tutor : None (Me and my best buddy started out together and taught each other)
Car : Maruti 800 / Padmini
Location : Building compound, lane and around a local garden.

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Old 1st July 2005, 09:49   #47
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Pretty much like GTO used to move car back & forward in my parking space the aim was to be move the car(we had a padmini then & an Omni later) 7 place all the four wheels right wher they were so that my dad doent come to know that i moved the car
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Old 1st July 2005, 10:35   #48
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CAMRY 93, you should have added two more bars indicating 5-10 yrs & 10-15 yrs. This is really hard the believe, but needs to accept the fact. The reasons are obvious why you guys have such a passion on cars.

Guys who have learned car driving before the age of 13 : Have you learnt how to drive a two wheeler ( with gear) before you learnt car driving or your straight away took the car
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This is really hard the believe, but needs to accept the fact.
funny thing is that if you look at other topics you will see same people are talking about following law!
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Default Age:16 Car: Ambassador/Maruti 800

Car: Ambassador/Maruti 800
I actually TRIED to drive our Ambassador much earlier but it was just for a few meters!!!. I tried to bring the car out of the Portico down a slope..the car came down smoothly!!!...then came the toughest part..I hadn't opened the gate, so decided to put the car back in it's original position...but then guess how difficult it would have been to drive a ambassador over a slope for a first time driver!!!!...i stopped the car, placed some stones behind the wheels(The hand braked didn't work!!) so it won't move back and finally managed to park the car correctly.
But started driving regularly in my uncle's Maruti 800. No one actually thought me how to drive . I have been observing how others drive since childhood, so i just drove the car out on instinct.
I saw a Drivers Training Program conducted by Audi in TV. Would love to join such a program someday.

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Age: 20
Car: Maruti 800 (Driver), Ambassdor (Driving school)
Location: Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

My dad allowed me to touch his car only after I attended driving classes. Surprisingly, after I finished the classes, he allowed me to drive all by myself.

I was pestering his for more than 3 years before that but asked me to control my temperment first... That was good lesson for me.
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Old 1st July 2005, 12:57   #52
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Thumbs up umm at the age of 25

Learnt driving in Ghana ( West Africa) on a left hand drive when i was there for about an year as a bankin consultant in 2001. . all of em were left hand drive cars.

Car: Maroon Toyota Carina SC ( looked similar to an opel astra)

My driver ( michael) used to train me early in the morning for about an Hour and after 1 week or so of training, i used to drive the car in the evenings while he used to judge me. He was pretty pleased with me. He was a gud driver and always used to follow the rules be it night or any time. He used to stop for pedestrians and never used to do rash overtaking..

He would say if someone wants to overtake you let him have it and let him think he has won..

Hurry Home

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huge majority of members (including me) learnt how to drive in the Premier Padmini ... tree shift was crazy i think i forgot how it works now ...
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Old 1st July 2005, 16:03   #54
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2 Wheeler
Age : 16
Model : Vijay Super
Location : In the streets of Lodhi Colony, took around 2 days to be an expert.

4 Wheeler
Age : 25
Model : Alto LX
Location : By doing rounds & rounds of Nehru Stadium in Delhi - with my Dad being my teacher ( PS : he had learnt it 1 month back )...
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Old 1st July 2005, 16:06   #55
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Teacher : Dad
Car : FIAT 1100 (1962 model)
Location: In a quiet township of Haldia.
Period : 1 week

Next session: 16years later 1 morning in driving school fo 20mins with driver and next was same evening to airport (around 23kms oneway) alone in own Maruti800 during evening rush hour traffic through the some of the notorious traffic jams of Kolkata!

But I follow all rules .. and am normally a cautious driver.
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Old 1st July 2005, 16:23   #56
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Teacher : Self (Theory from Dad/Elder Bro and hands on 'scootering')
Car : Amby Mark II (1972 model)
Location: Burnpur (steel colony), WB

The entry to the garage was a pretty tortuous one and dad used to reverse the car in. He used to hate the approach to the garage.
So I volunteered and soon became a master of the 1st and reverse gears Subsequently ventured out occassionally in the township.
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Old 2nd July 2005, 00:48   #57
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Age : 15
Teacher : Myself
Car : Esteem.

dad never used to let me drive before i turned 18.so i had no other alternantive but to sneak it out at times and drive around in a private compound.i got the hang of it soon and used to take it for a spin accasionally on saturday nights.then when i turned 18 started driving my friends lancer for a while untill he got caught one day while sneaking his car out.that was the end of it all.the next time i got behind was when i turned 18 when my dad started teaching me the finer points.

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Age : 10
Tutor : My dad's x chauffeur
Car : M 800 (what else?)
Location : A huge garden .

I remember it was summer holidays and my brother who is 3 years elder to me used to go somewhere(i was not told due to some reasons) with the chauffeur in the afternoon ! so i decided to give some bribery to my driver and was told instantly that he is going for the driving lessons .

Now why i was not told coz even when i was 7-8 years old i used to pressurize my mom to make me learn driving .
However ,after a little argument i was allowed to go with my bro as i had promised my mom that i will just be a rear seat passenger and nothing more than that , now after a week or so the scenerio was that my brother is lying in his bed(as it was too hot ) and i am going out to learn driving every afternoon and the funniest thing is that it woudnt 've been possible without the help of the pillows .....

So it all happened incidentally and by the time i was 14 years old i was having the U.P license with me .

Originally Posted by Surprise
Guys who have learned car driving before the age of 13 : Have you learnt how to drive a two wheeler ( with gear) before you learnt car driving or your straight away took the car
In my case NO , i was never allowed to ride a two wheeler cos my brother had a minor accident at my uncle's place when he was barely 8-9 and this is one of the reasons i had started driving at early stage . The fact is i still dont know how to ride a Two wheeler
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Old 2nd July 2005, 09:12   #59
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My first hand fell on the car when I was in 2nd standard. The story goes like this...

I was alone at home with my Mom. We stayed in Chadigarh. Mom had called the servant to wash the car which was barely a couple of months old. It was a Maruti Van 86 model. As the servant did not know how to drive, mom told him to push the car out of the Garrage and wash. The Garrage had a lot of space outside as well as is the case with all defence setups.
I took the keys from this guy and told, him I will sit inside and guide so that the car comes out straight. Sitting inside my opinion of pushing the car changed to too much work for the poor servant.......

So I started the car, put the reverse gear and stepped on the Accel. The car sprinted out much faster than I thought it would and I just stood on the brakes. It stopped much before anything it could have run into but also switched off as the clutch was not pressed and the vehicle was in gear. Adventure came in after that

Second fiddle: One day dad told me to go and park the car in the garrage which was a little distance away in another block. He knew this is the first time I would be driving but still did not listen to Moms protests. I took the keys...went and parked the car with full confidence. That was the day I considered myself as have learnt driving. This was in class 9th. Thus:

Tell everyone about your first driving lesson. Details you might want to include:

- Age : 14
- Tutor : Dads confidence
- Car : Maruti Van
- Location in India : Arjun Vihar New Delhi
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Teacher : Dad
Car : maruti omni 1987
Location: backroads of malad which is now a township.
Period : a month
got some real spanking never use to leave the steering after taking a u turn,so the vehicle kept turning even after the u turn was over.
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