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I used to lend my bike to a few friends and until now (touchwood) nobody misused it or damaged it in anyway. Even, I used to borrow friends' bikes and used to return it safely.

But, the car is a different case altogether. I don't let anybody drive the car until I'm confident of their driving abilities. Obviously, it is only the very near & dear ones who are privileged enough to drive my car. I never would want to borrow any other friends' cars as well.
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Some relatives borrow our cars when they need it. Most of them always have our driver driving them around, however, sometimes when they borrow it without the driver, they are pretty careful.
I believe accidents can happen anytime, and as long as the person driving the car is careful, has experience, and will not make up excuses to not help repair the car if he damages it, we have no issue to give them a car.
Personally, I would like to have an extra car in the house just so that people can use that if they need it.
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I don't like to share my bikes/car either. If its between my brother and me, thats alright, because he's experienced and drove around even the Nurburgring in heavy rain, and is a pretty talented driver. This is why I still have a Kinetic GF-125, a year and a half back I thought of selling her off, but when the guy came to take a TD, I couldn't manage to let go of the keys!

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Originally Posted by coolclouds View Post
My friend and his wife took my car for a trip last month and returned in a very bad shape (Thanks, he rubbed!! see the snaps!!).

I understand that accidents can happen to anyone anytime, but what hurts is his response to my request for paying 50% of the repair cost!!

I still believe that there are friends who will not even show the vehicle to me in such a shape and get it repaired 100% at their cost.

It all depends on the person who takes your car!!
Man, this incident is making my bloods boil. What kind of friend is he? Is he still should be called a friend? I would write off such a person from my friend's list directly. Anyone with little self-respect should have taken the full responsibility and return you the car fully repaired.

If I let anyone else drive my car(and that's a very small number of people) then I'll have to be on the passenger seat. I'll never let my car out of sight, be whoever that person is. And they won't keep on driving for long as I eat up their head. Actually all of my friends understand the sentiment and never ask for my car. If someone can't understand that and hates me for not giving away my car then that person can't possibly be a true friend. I'm very possessive about my car and my friends know it and they respect my feelings. Probably I'm lucky to have such good friends.

Normally when I'm touring I allow some of my friends to take the wheel as I trust these people with their driving as I've seen them driving before with me and they drive quite well. They respect and love their own cars and do the same with other's car too. Normally I let them drive to take some rest but funnily I become more restless when I'm not in control. And then I end up taking the driver's seat on the next available chance.
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I'm guilty of crashing a good friends Karizma. Flashback to a cold misty morning in Jan '07. My friend was out of station and had left his bike with me for safe keeping (and safe keeping I did!!). It had been more than a week since I had run his bike and so thought of taking it to office instead of my Pulsar. Its early morning, about 5:45-6:00am, I'm riding on Inner Ring Road. Its misty and pretty cold, keeping to below 60kmph and on left lane. On the S-curve right after the bridge, I get side swiped by an Activa, who had run wide thanks to an Indica cab taking the turn too fast. No time to react, I brake, hit the footpath and fall face down

Thanks to my helmet and jacket, I was ok, a few scratches and nicks here and there, but otherwise ok. I was wearing half golves and to my shock I've lost my month old engagement ring. Searched around for a while, but the ring was gone for good. Well, as for omens, I didn't loose the girl. She is my wife now.

The bike had damage to the front alloys, faring had to be replaced, gear lever replaced, foot rest replaced and some paint touch up. No insurance was claimed and I paid for all the repair. We are friends to this day. Infact, even after the accident he used to leave his Karizma and Tavera with me.
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Thanks everyone..!!

Originally Posted by lohithrao View Post
...lastly i hope you have done a check on what happened you should get into the situation of Mr Krishnagiri...
Checked and found that it happened with a KSRTC. I also met the station master and confirmed that there is no police case/casualties

Originally Posted by kaushik_s View Post
Man, this incident is making my bloods boil. What kind of friend is he? Is he still should be called a friend? I would write off such a person from my friend's list directly. Anyone with little self-respect should have taken the full responsibility and return you the car fully repaired.
I was on tour for more than a week when this friend in next door requested.

My total damage was about Rs. 8000 and I learned a lesson.. which I will remember if I take/give a car.

..and my friend is not understanding that he is loosing a long time relationship/trust just for Rs. 4000 :(
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My close friends and relatives know how fussy I am about my vehicles so they never ask me. Any one else wanting to is politely told a NO. If at all it becomes unavoidable, well they get a chaffeur for free - me along with the vehicle!!
And because I take a lot of care for my vehicles, close friends and relatives do not hesitate to offer me when they feel that I need to borrow one. Except a very close friend and my FIL, I don't borrow anyone else's vehicle.
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I am known to be fussy about my vehicles, and so usually requests to use them are few and far in between. When the bike was new, i lent it to my best buddy, while it was just about 3-4 days old. I trusted him, and lent it.. and there was no need for me to repent. My buddy took great care of it.

Regarding my car, the very first time i lent it to the same friend, i sulked like crazy... its amusing to think of it now. Now, i have realized that in case of dire needs its okie to hand over the keys, provided you have an idea of how the person treats his own vehicles.

Regarding my own experiences borrowing others cars:

1) Post engineering, this is the final day in the town i studied. I have an urgent errand to run, and in desperation borrow my junior's new Pulsar. An old man jumps in the way without looking, and i jam the front discs to stop, resulting in a fall. The front mudguard takes a few scratches. I pay in full for a replacement. No issues between us.

2) My car is given for service, and i need to take my wife for a checkup. Ask my friend who lends me his Wagon R. To top it all, he even drives down to my place and after handing me the car rides back home on my bike. I was bowled over by his actions! Needless to say, my car is ALWAYS available for his use, coz i sincerely feel that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

With my car being close to 3 years old now, i do lend it to my relatives in case of emergency. However, knowing quite well that they are good drivers, else i offer to drive.
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My mother used to take my things for granted. If anything happened - Tough! was her reply. I do not lend anything to her but if she needs a drop, i give her a drop. i must admit, I do use her car if she is away but it is put back in top condition.

My cousin used to lend his cars to me, only way, i could repay the favour was to ensure the cars were cleaned up and various small things sorted plus a full tank of petrol.

Have lent cars to people who return car with no petrol in it and there are folks who fill it to the brim and then insist I go for a meal with them.

Nowadays, I am picky. The skoda is not lent to anyone unless I trust them totally. Actually, only person who gets to drive the Skoda is my wifes best friend who is a decent driver. The swift only to the occasional family member.
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No one uses my vehicles except me- period. That has been my ground rule since my first bike in college till date. All my friends know this and are now fine with it since they now how possessive i am about my vehicles. The only person other than me who can drive my car is my wife and that too because she is a better driver than i am.

In turn, i never drive someone else's vehicles (ok, short test drives are not included ). Again the only exception is my mom's car (technically partly mine since i paid the down payment) and my father in law's cars since he is really lazy when it comes to driving and by his own admission, is a useless driver since he is in the habit of multi tasking (never a good thing while driving).
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Originally Posted by himanshugoswami View Post
my father in law's cars since he is really lazy when it comes to driving and by his own admission, is a useless driver since he is in the habit of multi tasking (never a good thing while driving).

i see,

jamairaja taking revenge of sasura on this forum.
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Exclamation Good thread...

2000 Dec'
College Fest
Me : Students Assn Leader

I am on Dias, welcoming the cheif guests Et all... Suddenly my friend/classmate comes over and asks me my Bajaj Boxer bike's Key. I dont have time to think - hand it over. May be for some last minute logistics emergency...!! I get the key back from a 'different' person a few hours later.

Late evening, after the party I walk to the College Bike stand to find my bike half dipped in Slush on 1 side. The Front Fork is bent towards one side. Foot-rest has got a 'erection'. Both mirrors missing.

I drive over to my friends home (No Mobiles back then) and he walks out as if one of the Walnut is Cracked. He smiles as if the other walnut is swelled. Walks over to the gate and asks 'whats up dude' as if both the nuts are intact. I get the message that he is never going to own up. I blast him and seldom met him again.


2006 Sep'
Best Friends MUM Expired (Midnight Heart attack)
Me : In Bangalore
Mum/Dad/Alto : In hosur (1-2 hours away from Bangy)

(Friends family had recently vacated Colony in Hosur & moved into new Apt in blore. Both families were close for many years...)

I make a early call to mum/dad @ 5AM saying 'aunty' passed away. It was a very rude shock to all of us. I am @ friends place on my Pulsar. Dad/mum know zilch of driving. No time to hire a 'per day' chauffer. (I do that job on weekends).

Milkman anna' shows up. He has been the colony milkman Since God knows when. He is very close literally to every home @ the colony. Mum cant stop crying @ 530 and milkman thinks his milk is causing it. He finds out 'aunty' is no more and offers to 'chauffer' the Alto to Bangy and back.

--I didnt know about all this till the MOMENT--

Before 730AM mum-dad-milkman-alto are in Bangy. I had rushed to office early that day with the promise to be back early for the last rites in even.

Around 11AM I get a call from 'buddy' saying thanks for arranging dad/mum to come over. I was like ok.

He told me my 'dad' fainted due to low BP - lack of early morning brkfast. I was like 'WHAT'.

------- I call 'dad' who has already left --------

Me : Dad, are you ok?
Dad : I am ok, the rider looks bad.
Me : Who, driver?
Dad : No, the 2 wheeler rider.


Brilliant milkman 'anna' has driven out of apt block, and approached JP nagar signal. He thought signals as just colorful diwali lights and cooly drove thru Red/magenta/violet - whatever it looked to him.

Moped was T-Boned
Rider run over - small fracture
Alto underbody needs ICU
Rider needs a ATM. Yes - after 5K and crowd nearly vigilanting my Aged parents to the road - they made a getaway and lived to tell the tale.

-----------Saturday morning------------

Me : Yawn, who is it
Door : Milk, milk
Me : boil, boil, boil
Door : opens
Me : Grrrr
Him : Sorry 'thambi' (young bro) - dont know driving that perfect.

@Brkfast table
Me : If you both want to die, let me do the last rites. Anyways I have the right to it...

------------Till date--------------

No dog/cat/horse/homosapien Has EVER touched ANY of my RIDEs.


The End.
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Ashish, this is a riot.. ROTFL

Originally Posted by ASHISHPALLOD View Post
i see,

jamairaja taking revenge of sasura on this forum.

This a double riot....

Originally Posted by svsantosh View Post
2000 Dec'
College Fest
Me : Students Assn Leader


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I never even give my pen to anybody at banks, post offices, ATMs, or any other place as I use fountain pens (Mont Blanc).

I have lost a cross pen trying to help someone in similar situation and now have stopped giving even ball pens .
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One of the worst decisions after relatives are team mates at your work place. You could face absolute boycott in terms of co-operation required at work.
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