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Originally Posted by rm_arjuna View Post
My driver tried to overtake in a tight spot and ended up banging right OVRM and breakings the mirrors ,however the casing is still fine .Hyundai service claims i need to change entire set with the casing costing 1800/- and only mirror not avbl. . Have been hunting only for the glass without any luck since 8 months . Somehow have managed to learn driving only with rear view mirror .
I go to a local guy dealing with car locks, seats etc. who custom fits a mirror in my ORVM. I haven't bothered to buy the complete set as it gets hit by bikers and pedestrians very often. I don't know why but pedestrians in Kolkata at least have a strange habit of brushing the ORVM with their arms while walking as if they didn't exists and then even looking back not to apologize I think but to question why they did exist .

I always keep my ORVMs open while driving as it is cheaper to replace the glass than to repair scratches or damages to the body.

EDIT: If any of you are in Kolkata and need to custom fit a mirror, let me know, I will PM the contact.

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People like these should be brutally thrashed and humiliated in the public and we should always keep a 360 degree watch when waiting on the traffic lights. I've been doing so and thrash up anybody coming performing a dangerous maneuver to get to the front row at the lights, dangering safety of you and your priced belonging.
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Lost mine to a Buffalo hit, ANHC 800 rs to paint the outer cover (Skull) can be used from the old ORVM 4,200 for the mirror assembly.
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Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
You forgot the leaders here, Tata Safari and Skoda Octavia lead them all.
Rightly said...Both the ORVMs from my Safari were stolen about a month ago.

I am reposting bits from that thread requesting everyone not to buy ORVMs from un-authorised vendors.

Here's how this system works.

A Safari looses its ORVMs in an accident or theft, the car owner goes to an unauthorised service center or a street side vendor rather going to TASS, as the street side vendor will sell the same ORVMs for probably 1500 or 2000 a piece, about 50% of what it will cost at the TASS. Ever wondered how these vendors manage to sell the ORVMs at 50% of its actual cost??

They are able to becuase they never buy it from Tata Motors. The street side vendor will sell you ORVMs which have been stolen from some other unsuspecting Safari owner. A vicious cycle which can be stopped only if we the Safari owners stop buying the so called "second hand" ORVMs.

I would request all fellow BHpians to discourage every one within their friend circle from buying these second hand ORVMs. I know as honest citizens, anyone from T-BHP will never go to such vendors, but we form a very small percentage of all Safari owners. As the catch line for Tiger conservation says: "If the buying stops, the killing will stop." Lets try and do whatever we can to help ourselves.
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My Ikon has had a few close encounters with Sumo's , bikers etc but thanks to the ability of the ORVM to completely fold in either direction no damages in the last 4 years (touchwood)
Believe me, you have been lucky. Even though Ikon ORVM's are flexible, I had lost my driver's side ORVM to a stupid Zen which tried to overtake when there was not enough clearance. This happened a few years back on OMR, 100 Ft road crossing, when Metro work had not started yet. Co-incidence was that I was headed to drop my car off for a service, so you could say it saved an extra trip for repairs.

Back to the topic, I seriously think that someone should invent a pointed, spiked, midly-sharp ORVM. When these brainless bikers and others pass by hit it, without a second glance, they should also feel the pain!
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It happened to me a very long time back, I was no more than 6-months into driving and got ambitious on Aarey road - Goregaon. Not fully conversant with the petrol-diesel difference I kept driving in the opposite lane (empty) to overtake an 800, but it was taking way too longer than usual as it was a short downhill section. Being a curvy road, an auto-appeared in front of me, about 50 meters in front, and I faced a dilemma - whether to give up overtaking or just go for it. I went for it - no downshifting nothing, just adrenaline. Got the reward a broken front-right wheel bumper and a shattered OVRM mirror. The OVRM did fold, but the impact of that fold was enough to break the glass.

At the Service center, the folks not only replaced the mirror, but also installed a mirror protector to prevent mirrors from simply falling off. As for the broken wheel bumper it stayed right through till I sold my car a few days back.
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Originally Posted by ASHISHPALLOD View Post
Lot of like me.
I lost 4 times right orvm of my alto during last year.
All caused by bikers.
once again!!!!
I lost orvm fifth time ,
this time caused by a car on narrow stretch between pargaon khandala and lonand while coming back from mahabaleshwar last friday.

I will celebrate it during sixth time with a grand party!!!!!

Btw, do anyone know wholesale dealer in pune who supplies alto orvm?
I will get half a dozen orvm at a time.

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