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View Poll Results: How often do you get challan'ed?
Never been challan'ed! I'm too good a driver 25 22.52%
Rarely/less than once a year. I'm super-careful driver 59 53.15%
Once a year on average. I'm a careful driver 17 15.32%
Twice a year on average. I drive well, but sometimes... 8 7.21%
Thrice a year on average. Mistakes happen... 1 0.90%
More than thrice a year. The cops are biased... 1 0.90%
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Old 7th September 2009, 14:29   #31
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Remember the fellow may be just trying to fill his daily quota, and you happened to come by!
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Old 7th September 2009, 15:57   #32
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In last one year of driving no challans ,however had to pay twice because of my driver mistake 1) bcos of Jumping signal 2)not wearing seatbelt .

In bike have paid on numerous occasions .

Chennai : 4-5 times for PUC , licence , expired insurance .

B'lore : once Font of number plate not as per MV rules (very crooked cops )

Mumbai : 3-4 times No Noc for Ka reg bike and once without licence ( my bad forgot to carry wallet just got caught right in front of my society )

Hyd : 4-5 , once for expired PUC and rest for No NOC for KA reg. bike.

In all these only once i got a challan , others were all pocketed by Morons in uniform
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Old 7th September 2009, 16:14   #33
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1) 2009 - Illegal parking opposite MS Ramiah hospital gate (New BEL road) near wrangler showroom- I was buying tender coconut
2) 2009 - Illegal parking on the same road near Corner house when we went into Corner house

Nowhere did I see a no parking sign. both of these incidents happened on Sundays.

3) 2008 - Fine on expiration of PUC during a routine check.

I drive around 600-800 kms per month.
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Old 7th September 2009, 16:32   #34
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Default # no of challans in 13 years of 2W and 7+ years of 4W driving life

Till now i have been challaned as below

for 2 wheeler (1989-90)
1. Jumping the signal : the day i got my driving license, just warned and let go. this happend at the Alka talkies signal in Pune
2. Exiting from a no entry: near Prabhat road/Garware bridge in Pune.
Settled with the Mama for RS 50/-

For Four Wheeler (all with FIAT Palio)
1. Jumping the signal : at Anderi-Kurla Road sigal below Anderi fly over (Mumbai). Fined RS 100/- got the receipt
2. Crossing Speed limit : in frint of MS Ramaiya College of Engg on Mysore road. i was not aware the limit is 50 KMPH, i turned from Global village campus and was accelerating and speed gun found me at 62KMPH.
Fined RS 300/- got receipt
3. Not carrying the Insurance policy original: Below Hebbal Fly over, i could nto produce the insurance document, Policeman retained my DL. I went home, got the original insurance copy, paid the fine of RS 100 and got the DL back along with receipt.

So far none with Honda ANHC, i have become more responsible driver now.

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Old 12th September 2009, 12:59   #35
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only once in 2007 for seat belts. Rs.50
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Old 17th September 2009, 17:13   #36
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On the subject of challans, here's an interesting article about the way things are in the capital city of India!

Delhi's love for bending road rules is infamous.

So what does the traffic cop do? Issue challans. And what does the Delhiite do with the challan? He visits the nearest court where the fine can be paid and dutifully hands the challan over to touts, who make sure the offender has to pay only half the sum. The guilty saves money, the government loses crores and road rage continues.
Reportedly, the traffic police and court employees, including lawyers, are involved in the racket.

Caught red-handed
In an undercover sting operation, MiD DAY found out how touts help offenders recover vehicle documents impounded by the traffic police at a much lesser sum than the original fine amount outside the Saket Traffic Court in south Delhi.
Quoted from this news article: Got a challan? Hire a Tout.

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Old 17th September 2009, 17:31   #37
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Been challaned 4 times since 1992.
Once in 1992 for driving w/o DL.(was got dropped by the city SP)
Once in 2000 for wrong parking(Rs 100 + 100 towing charges though the car was not towed)
Once in 2004 for over speeding(Rs 400).
Once in 2009 fro over speeding (Rs 400).
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Old 17th September 2009, 17:42   #38
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four times so far in the last 6 years, all were parking tickets,

- First for Pulsar as some bugger moved my bike outside the parking while I had parked it well within the line

- Second with RTR in Deccan when I forgot the date & parked in P1 instead of P2 :|

- Was waiting in car for wife in KP & the moment I stepped out to give her something a cop came along.

- Fourth was in Aundh when again I was in Hurry & since lot of cars were parked I didnt bother to check P1/ P2 (My mistake) when I came back, I found the lock on the wheel of my Alto.
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Old 18th September 2009, 13:15   #39
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Once : Parking my bike in no parking area near cool joint in Jayanagar 5 years back. Paid 100INR.
Once : By interceptor for speeding my SX4 between Hennur and Nagawara signals. Has to shell out 300INR as fine.I was in right lane doing 76 (The exact speed came in the print out they gave me.). I asked the thulla who stopped what the speed limit was and he said 40. They asked me to go get the print out. In the picture I was in the right lane. I did not argue with them as I dint know about the Right lane having 80 speed limit.

I think you can argue with them after seeing the print out. They stop everyone doing above 50. Dont just pay them the money. Just check that which lane you are in and the speed and let them know if you have broken the rule or not.

I am still not sure if I have heard it right. Please someone confirm the following:

Rightmost lane : Speed limit 80KMPH.
Middle lane : Speed limit 70KMPH.
Left lane : Speed limit 60 KMPH.
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Old 26th October 2009, 15:20   #40
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I got used to get challaned almost everyday when I had a MP passed bike in MH.
The NOC was expired and I still used the bike.
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Old 26th October 2009, 15:58   #41
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Aha, let me see
Around 1995-200
One challan for taking left turn. Chd made this new rule of no free left turn and advertised in local newspaper. Me not from chd, took left turn on red light. I thought I was playing by the book, and according to MV act unless there is a notice saying "No Infiltration left" or "No free left turn" you can take left turn.
Tried arguing, but to no avail.
After that around 1999 I got challaned while exiting Delhi. Doing 65 in 50 zone on NH1
If its any consolation, there were 20 cars stopped.

Then in Ludhiana, police got new interceptors, again 55kmph in 50 zone.

After that couple of years back on DND flyway.
Doing 81 in 80 zone. Now the radars with police have 5% accuracy(if they are using the best equipment), how can they legally challan upto 84kmph is strange. But Delhi Police=Thief, so nothing can be done

After that once in Harayana, was doing 100kmph in 90kmph zone. My mistake. Paid up.

I guess, in 15 years of driving, around 5 challans, not too bad
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Old 26th October 2009, 21:26   #42
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Once for parking at ORR opposite to Staples shop... I was not alone. More than 20 cars parked were also challaned. There is no No Parking board at all and when I went to pay up the fine asked the officer politely why I was fined, when I did not see any No parking board. The Officer replied tongue and cheekily, "Did you see a Parking board??"" Paid up Rs.100, paid Rs.60 as parking fee for the car as I had to park it in the airport parking.

Apart from that none.

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Old 26th October 2009, 22:04   #43
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I got challan once during 1996 when I drove my TVS champ without my license. I Was fined 50 rs. with a challan.

Since then, I have passed, TVS scooty, Splendour, P180DSTi, Discover 100 DTS-si. Well I plan to get P200 / p220 DTS-si for my week-end biking :d
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Old 26th October 2009, 22:20   #44
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never got fined in india till now (almost 15 years of driving), touch wood. Once I was caught by police in pune for allegedly jumping a red signal. It was yellow when I crossed and there was a volvo bus behind me so I wouldn't dare stop. But when I started coughing badly in the signal due to the pollution levels, the cop was good enough to advice me to go get checked for swine flu and not fine me. He said, please take care of your health and drive carefully in future.

Been over defensive from then.
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Old 26th October 2009, 22:38   #45
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In all of my 12 yrs driving, I've got two tickets.
1. for entering a one-way which was created near Bangalore City railway station just that morning.
2. Is this month on 2nd Oct on a trip to Goa. This is the best ever...
I was taking the NH63 route from Hubli. I had just entered this highway from NH4 and had just settled down to make up some lost time due to the bad roads on NH4. I just overtook a truck and as I merged back into my lane, I saw someone waving at me. This guy was wearing a khaki raincoat and looked like a cop. So I pulled over and this cop walks up to me and very politely points me to a speed limit board which reads 40 and says that I was doing 62KMPH. He also told me that the leeway is around 3-5Kmph over the limit and since I was doing 62, I had to cough up the fine. I didn't argue or question. He had a speedgun and he was right about the speed. So I paid the fine of Rs.300 and got a receipt. The offense on the receipt reads "Found speeding at 62Kmph which is an offense"

For the next 5 kms I tried to drive at 40Kmph and realized that I'd never make it to Goa on my life at that speed!!!
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