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Thumbs up The youth DOES have sense!

Hi team

Had this rather nice encounter today.

I was returning home from a friend's house at around 7:20PM tonight, getting seriously late but to my utter horror, saw a VERY large traffic jam around this small round about.

This round about happens to be on the dividing road of sec-34 and sec-44 in chandigarh. I'm sure anyone who lives in chandigarh knows what a mess this particular dividing is at peak hours.

Those who don't, well imagine about 100 young BOYS in their SWIFT D's, Ikon D's, Verna D's etc etc. Diesels on a gedi, more than double this returning from their offices, and ofcourse the general traffic equalling both. This dividing is an absolute nuisance. And today, I got a proper big sized cut of the cake! about About a 100 vehicles(being very very modest with the number) trying to go in every direction possible around a round about the size of a fist.

For a full 15 minutes traffic was SIMPLY STRANDED! And then I saw this young sardar guy stand on the small round about and shout out as if his back was on fire. And to my surprise people did stop honking and shouting. Then I saw 3 of more young guys trying to clear the traffic. Saw them fumble for a minute to handle those pesky bikers and some gedi guys but after that, VOW! In 3 minutes flat those 4 LADS manage to clear the whole mess.

I didn't know them. Neither will I ever get to meet them. Neither had I the fortune to say hello to them. But what I will do is give a STANDING OVATION to those 4 blokes. I know this is small but it just shows that we(the modern youth) aren't that bad and have managed to get some sense in us.

Round of applause to those guys.

P.S. If any of those blokes manage to read this, PM me.
or give me a call at nine eight seven six seven six zero zero seven zero

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There are still some guys left, who want to help. Hats off to them.

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All I want to say, CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!
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Good job. Need a few on Bangalore as well. But who will risk getting mowed down by cabbies ?
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Clap Clap Clap!! indeed!! Hats off to them to take the initiative and clear the traffic pile up. Good work , but why does it happen at the first place , if only everybody can show some patience on the road, it will be a lot smoother to ride.
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Nice. I remember there was a person in Bangalore who used to voluntarily manage traffic.

The person also roped in neighborhood kids and taught them the same. Noble.
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Old 6th September 2009, 10:12   #7
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Way to go! Sense still does prevail, doesn't it!
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Keeps happening all the while in Mumbai. Idiots behind the wheel will come in from all directions and jam the whole road. Then a few good people will get down and direct traffic.

Have done this personally with another guy at the Lilavati signal in Bandra West.

All I can say is that if only we apply that little logic to our driving........seems like am wishing for too much. Sigh !
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Old 8th September 2009, 22:44   #9
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Totally agree with you guys! The darn jam was there because of idiots driving like idiots!
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Usually these are the people who like to act instead of just keep waiting for the jam to clear up. I have seen many instances in Delhi when people who've been stuck in a jam for sometime take charge of the task of clearing the mess. Albeit till the time their vehicle comes out but still very helpful. I applaud such people.

But hats off to those who do that without any self-serving reasons.
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These things happen everyday in Agra, a few people would get out of their cars and clear the jam within minutes, Traffic Cops looking at them doing nothing. The Cops should learn from people like these.

Imagine the savings our govt / us would do if traffic jams are sorted out in our country. There would be Crores worth of Fuel saved every single day if not for Jams in this country of ours having millions & millions of vehicles.

A huge applause to people like these !
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